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How to Manifest Your Desires

Don’t feel guilty for wondering how to manifest your desires. It’s human nature to grow, expand, and create. In fact, it’s your birthright. Manifestation can be a deeply spiritual practice.

Law of Attraction

The universe operates by law of attraction. Your thoughts, believes, and emotions broadcast a signal to the universe. The universe replies by sending you experiences to match your signal. This happens every time, without fail. So, if you have a strong belief that you’re unworthy or incapable of creating the life you want, you become a magnet for experiences that reinforce your belief. You are not being punished! If you can’t seem to manifest your desires, you’re simply sending out the wrong signal. 

The Secret to Manifesting What You Want

The great news is that you can turn things around fairly quickly, by practicing two things: appreciation and expectation. 


Make it a daily practice to express authentic gratitude for what you already have, and know that more is on the way. The key to manifesting what you want is to experience the positive emotions of having it, before it actually shows up in your life. We tend to think that when we get what we want we’ll be happy. But really, it’s the other way around. When you get happy, you become a magnet for all the things you want. Your thoughts and emotions really are that powerful! It’s just your doubt that’s getting in the way. The more you learn to expect good things to come, the faster you’ll manifest them. 


Do you actually believe you can attract what you want, or does your doubt outweigh your desire? The second key to manifesting is to actually believe what you want will show up for you. Make it a practice to clean up negative self-talk. Start thinking of your thoughts and beliefs like seeds planted in the ground. Nourish the ones you want to grow, and stop feeding the weeds.  


Think of it this way: when you buy something online, that item becomes yours the moment you click. You know without a doubt that it’s just a matter of time before it physically appears on your doorstep.  You don’t keep reordering it because you’re afraid it won’t be delivered. Life experiences work the exact same way. Set your intention and feel the positive emotions as you anticipate it’s arrival. The universe will have no choice but to match your upgraded signal with delightful new experiences. 

Law of attraction is such a powerful concept, yet it’s super simple. If you need more convincing, check out this article containing 6 facts that show the science behind Law of Attraction


Here are some of my favorite inspirational and uplifting books on manifesting with Law of Attraction.

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