What Are Affirmations?

Daily affirmations aren’t new, but they’re hugely popular right now. Typically, when people refer to affirmations, they’re talking about using positive statements as a tool to manifest changes in life. An affirmation is just a statement that reflects your feelings and beliefs on a topic. So an affirmation can be positive or negative. 

What Are Positive Affirmations?

A positive affirmation is a statement about something that you want to become true. They are tools to remind you of the emotions you want to focus on, because what you focus on grows. Positive affirmations are powerful helpers for manifesting your desires.

You can repeat affirmations daily, in the privacy of your mind, aloud in front of a mirror, or even as reminders in your phone throughout the day. The goal is to reach for these positive words to remind yourself of your goals.

Examples of Affirmations

The best way to understand what affirmations are, is to look at some examples. It’s important to understand the power behind your words. Your core beliefs drive your experiences in life. So for example, take a look at these affirmations:

  • I never win anything
  • People always disappoint me 
  • Nobody cares about me
  • I look awful today
  • I never have enough money

How do you feel when you read those statements? Do you want them to be true? Of course not! So it’s important to retire any negative statements that you say out of habit on a daily basis. They’re powerful affirmations that are contributing to unwanted experiences in your life. Always use words that match up to the life you want.  

Now let’s take a look at some positive affirmations on the same topics as above:

  • I am naturally lucky
  • My tribe brings out the very best in me 
  • My family and friends care for me deeply 
  • I am beautiful
  • My needs are always met

Notice the positive emotions that are ushered in when you repeat these affirmations. Do you feel the difference? The whole goal of using affirmations is to improve your emotional state and ultimately your core beliefs on a subject. As a result, your experiences will improve as well. 

A belief is just a thought that you keep on thinking.

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Yes! Studies show that positive affirmation most certainly do affect the subconscious and can help change your perspective. When you upgrade your beliefs, the universe must deliver you upgraded experiences.  

To understand how affirmations work, we need to have a quick talk about the Law of Attraction. If you aren’t familiar with it, this is a universal law that says we create our experiences based on our beliefs. Since a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, affirmations can literally help you change your life. 

The key to success with affirmations is to choose ones that make you feel the positive emotions associated with getting what you want (peaceful, excited, happy, for example). This is because the universe responds to the way you feel about what you’re saying, not the words themselves. So if you read a positive affirmation and find yourself rolling your eyes, either wait until you’re in a better state of mind, or tweak it so that it sounds good to you. 

I think, therefore I am.

Benefits of Daily Affirmations

The benefits of adopting daily affirmations are more far reaching than you might think. They can help you:

  • improve self worth
  • relieve self sabotaging behavior
  • reduce stress
  • prioritize self care
  • boost your immune system
  • promote emotional awareness
  • encourage optimism
  • deepen your spiritual connection
  • offer motivation
  • improve the quality of your life

When to Do Affirmations

You can do affirmations throughout the day, or before falling asleep at night. There’s no wrong time! However your morning thoughts are especially important, because they set the mood for your entire day. It’s so easy to wake up, grab your phone and dive right into daily drama. Positive affirmations are a great way to upgrade your morning routine. Before you even get out of bed, say the affirmation you’ve chosen, or simply affirm that you’re stable, happy, and ready to take on the day. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes.

Daily Affirmation Examples

Here are some additional affirmations you can work into your daily practice. Or, feel free to create your own! 

Affirmations for Happiness

  1. Each morning I awaken eager to begin my day
  2. I find joy in everything I do
  3. Life is fun
  4. Things always work out well for me
  5. My relationships are fulfilling
  6. I meet interesting people wherever I go
  7. My heart is light
  8. All is well in my world

Affirmations for Success

  1. I’m open to learning new things
  2. Success comes easily to me
  3. I am naturally lucky
  4. I’m proud of what I’m accomplishing
  5. My opportunities for success are limitless
  6. I’m surrounded by helpful people 
  7. I deserve to prosper
  8. I believe in myself

Affirmations for Money

This is a popular one that deserves its own conversation! Here are the 7 Best Affirmations for Money (and how to use them).

Affirmations for Love

Romance is another area where affirmations can work their magic. Here are 5 Powerful Love Affirmations for Lasting Results and the mindset shifts that go with them.

Affirmations for Women

This list offers the top 111 Best Affirmations for Women and covers everything from anxiety to weight loss.  

Affirmation Card Decks

You can’t talk about affirmations without mentioning Louise Hay. If you’ve never heard of her, she was a motivational author and founder of Hay House Publishing. Traumatic experiences in her early life inspired her to teach others how to heal their lives through affirmations. She has created several affirmation card decks that are still wildly popular today. 

Just shuffle or cut one of these decks, and pull a card whenever you need an encouraging boost. Magically, you’ll always seem to get just the right message for what you’re going through. Here they are. Click the one you’re intuitively drawn to:


Life is always reflecting back to you experiences to match what you focus on most. So ask yourself, how are you reacting to the circumstances life throws at you? When you choose positive thoughts, and look for blessings and opportunities in your situation, you’ll flow through challenges with far greater ease than others. It would almost appear as if you’ve got some special magic going on –  and you do! Continue to affirm that all is well, because the universe is all ears. Leave a reply with your favorite affirmation!

XO,  Andrea

PS – Affirmations are just one way to manifest upgrades in your life. Read How to Manifest Your Desires to learn more about law of attraction.

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