112 Positive Affirmations for Women

Hey, woman! Over the years, I’ve noticed recurring themes among my hundreds of female clients and followers. These affirmations for women are broken out by the biggest hitting topics. You deserve a life that fulfills, inspires, and supports you in all ways. 

What Are Affirmations for Women?

If you’re not familiar with how affirmations work, you may want to check this out first: What Are Affirmations?  

But in general, a positive affirmation is a statement that you want to want to become true in your life. Positive affirmations can help remind you of your goals, and bring you powerful mindset shifts. The best way to understand what women’s affirmations are, is by looking at examples. I’m sharing over 100 of the best affirmations here, but I encourage you to tweak them, or come up with your own. It’s important the positive affirmations you use feel authentic to you.  

Affirmations work best when they’re repeated often, and there’s a lot to take in here! So I strongly suggest you take a second now to save/pin this for easy reference in the future. These  positive affirmations also make great quotes for vision boards. 

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Affirmations for Self Love

1) I forgive myself for past mistakes

2) Every experience holds a blessing for me 

3) I’m so happy to be me

4) Healthy relationships flow to me with ease 

5) My life is filled with people who care for me

6) I am lovable

7) I’m beautiful in my own unique way

8) My heart is healing

9) I love using my natural talents to help others

10) Other people don’t determine my worth

11) I deserve to be happy

12) My soul is growing and learning

13) It’s okay that I’m not perfect

14) I feel proud of myself  

15) Nothing about me needs fixing.

16) I am not damaged or broken

17) Joyful experiences flow to me with ease 

18) I take loving care of my body

19) It feels good to think loving thoughts about myself

20) My life has purpose

21) I love who I am

22) I love who I’m becoming

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Calming Affirmations (for Anxiety)

23) I am safe

24) Everything is okay

25) I’m feeling anxious but it will pass

26) My spirit team is always helping me

27) All is well in my world (from Louise Hay)

28) Inhale peace, exhale stress

29) This situation is manageable 

30)I am grounding my energy and finding stability with every breath

31) The universe has my back (from Gabby Bernstein)

32) My soul is always at peace

33) I’m in control of my emotions

34) My senses are picking up sights, smells, and textures that are soothing to me  

35) I’m becoming a bit more relaxed with each second that goes by 

36) Soon I’ll return to my natural state of calm. Negative emotions are always temporary.

37) This isn’t as dangerous as it feels

38) I focus my thoughts on the present moment

39) Worst case scenarios in my mind aren’t real

40) There’s nothing going on here that I can’t handle

41) It’s okay to not feel okay

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Empowering Affirmations for Success

42) It’s safe to embrace my personal power

43) I deserve upgrades!

44) My actions are divinely guided

45) I’m eager to take on new challenges 

46) I’ve totally got this

47) Making decisions comes easily to me

48) I’m perfectly capable of creating positive change

49) I set healthy boundaries for myself

50) The universe supports me in all ways

51) I feel free

52) It’s okay that I can’t please everyone

53) My opinions have value

54) It’s fun to pick and choose where I direct my energy

55) The resources I need will always find me at the perfect time

56) I’m turning my thoughts to things through my focused intention

57) Opportunities flow to me from all directions

58) I’m a powerful creator

59) Every day is an chance to learn something new

60) I am ready to step up

61) My work is deeply fulfilling

62) I say yes to new opportunities because I’m a capable, intelligent woman.

63) Everything is always working out for me (by Abraham Hicks)

64) I’m crushing my goals

65) Watch out world!

Affirmations for Women’s Health

66) My body is a healing machine

67) I love my body. It’s a spiritual gift to be a woman.

68) Every cell in my body responds to my loving care

69) My natural state is one of vibrant health 

70) Food is my friend, and I use it as medicine

71) My body loves me and is in full cooperation with my healing goals. 

72) It feels wonderful to be alive

73) I think of my body as a precious child that I lovingly care for

74) There’s more going right in my body than there is going wrong

75) I am a strong and healthy woman

76) Every breath I take brings me healing 

77) I am always discovering new ways to support my wellness 

78) My body heals naturally while I sleep 

79) Every day I bring my wellness back into balance

80) As I focus on joy and emotional healing, my body heals too.  

81) Every time I laugh my immune system gets stronger

82) I am open to receiving miracles

83) Illness is an opportunity for me to know myself on a deeper level

84) It’s safe to let dis-ease leave my body

85) I thank my illness for the lessons and release it

86) Every illness holds a valuable lesson; it’s my body’s way of point out where it needs more love

87) I am ready to embrace radiant health

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Weight Loss Affirmations

88) My body is precious and I treat it well  

89) I naturally crave foods that nourish my body, mind and spirit

91) My body loves me and responds to my thoughts

92) I deserve to feel my best

93) I find healthy outlets for my stress

94) Its fun to move my body

95) My body is a sacred temple

96) I’m taking the time to take care of me

97) Change is safe 

98) I’m getting stronger every day

99) I feel more energized than ever before

100) There’s more to me than my weight

101) I only say positive things about my body, because my words become my reality.

102) I’m enjoying the process of reaching my ideal weight, and there is no rush

103) My metabolism is coming back into balance

104) I’m learning new ways to take care of myself

105) My outer self is a reflection of my inner self, and both are healing

106) I value my wellness

107) I’m making positive changes for myself and the people who love me

108) My wellness needs are top priority

109) I release limiting beliefs about my ability to change my body  

110) My wellness journey is part of my spiritual path. It ushers joy into my life.

111) I’m so proud of my progress

112) I do my best every day, and that’s good enough

Love & Romance Affirmations

Affirmations for love is hugely popular that I broke it out into a separate post. Read 5 Powerful Love Affirmations for Lasting Results. It covers the best affirmations for a women to attract romance into her life, and with the mindset shifts that go along with each one.

Money Affirmations

Money means more support to carry out your life purpose! So many women struggle to manifest abundance for themselves. Read 7 Best Affirmations for Money (and how to use them) to start experiencing the financial freedom you deserve.

Sleep Affirmations

Big magic happens during sleep time. Check out these affirmations for sleep and bedtime rituals.


I hope you soak up the healing power of these words and use them to create the positive changes that you deserve. If there’s an area of life you’re working on that you don’t see here, leave a reply and I’ll add it to the list!

XO,  Andrea

Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea is a certified Aromatherapy and Reiki Master in Central NY. She’s been featured in publications such as Energy Magazine and Forbes.

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