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woman laying on autumn leaves

10 Powerful Fall Equinox Rituals to Embrace the Magic of Autumn

Fall is a season that captivates our senses and beckons us to slow down and embrace its magic. It’s a time to celebrate the balance between light and shadow, and to connect with the natural rhythms of the Earth. Today, I’m sharing 10 enchanting little fall equinox rituals that can help you deepen your connection to the season and make the most of this special time.

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woman studying anatomy on tablet

100 Best Exam Affirmations for Successful Test Taking

Are you ready for exam season? Sometimes test taking can lead to feelings of overwhelm and worry. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Today I’m sharing 100 positive affirmations for exams to help build your confidence and retain what you’ve learned, so you do your very best on exam day.

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women laughing popping champagne cork.

How To Celebrate Yourself: 20 Fun Ideas to Try Today

It’s time to celebrate yourself because you are amazing! When’s the last time you took time out to honor yourself for simply being who you are? Today I’m sharing 20 simple ways to infuse self-love and appreciation into your day, so you can bloom in all areas of life.

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angel number 8 on purple background

Angel Number 8: Unlimited Abundance is Flowing to You Now

What does angel number 8 represent? In a nutshell, it’s your spirit team’s way of flooding you with personal power. Let’s take a look at this magical angel number and its meaning for love, career, twin flame, and more. Plus learn exactly what to do when you see this number, so you can harness its power.

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Affirm Your Upgrades

smiling woman in yellow shirt

85 Powerful Affirmations for Manifestation + How To Use Them

Today is all about powerful affirmations for manifestation! Whether you’ve set intentions for love, healing, joy, abundance, or career, positive affirmations can help attract magic into your life. So I’m sharing the best manifestation affirmations, and teaching you how to use them.

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smiling woman looking in mirror

85 Positive Affirmations For Self Worth + Unshakable Confidence

If you’re looking for affirmations for self worth, it’s a big, beautiful sign that a new version of yourself is ready to emerge. You’re being super brave by taking steps toward creating the life you want. So, applaud yourself for being here. You deserve good in all ways – let the healing work begin!

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happy couple sharing a blanket outside

50 Powerful Love Affirmations to Attract and Manifest True Love

You deserve a relationship that makes your heart sing! Love affirmations are a powerful tool to for manifesting a fulfilling romantic partnership. Today I’m sharing my favorite love affirmations and powerful mindset shifts to help you manifest love with ease. Plus, you’ll get my best tip to make your affirmations work faster. 

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Plan Your Next Moon Ritual

woman outside holding lantern

Powerful Full Moon Rituals to Let Go and Make Room

When the moon is full it’s the perfect time to release what no longer serves you and make room for your upgrades. Today I’m sharing my favorite full moon rituals to uplift your spirit and unlock your manifesting power. It’s time to make room for happy changes!

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two women holding flowers in a field

New Moon Rituals for Manifestation in 2023

Today we’re talking about how to perform a new moon ritual for manifestation! The full moon tends to get the spotlight when we think of moon rituals. But the new moon has it’s own, gentle energy that can help you to set intentions for your future.

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Explore Manifesting Techniques

manifesting journal and cup of tea

55×5 Manifesting Method To Shift Your Mindset Now

The 55×5 manifesting method (also called the 555 method) involves writing an affirmation on paper 55 times in a row, for 5 days straight. If you enjoy writing as well as using affirmations, the 555 manifestation technique is a perfect fit for you.

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manifesting notebook on table next to vase of flowers

How To Make A Focus Wheel For Manifesting

A focus wheel is a manifestation process that involves writing your desire down on paper, surrounded by positive statements that support it. As you brainstorm positive thoughts about your goal, your ability to manifest it gets stronger.

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Discover The Gifts of Your Zodiac Sign

woman doing yoga by the sea

The Best of Pisces Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

If you were born under the Pisces zodiac sign, you were blessed with a boundless imagination and keen intuitive awareness. Today we’re diving into Pisces strengths and spiritual gifts. Plus I’m sharing the hands down most important self-care tips for this deeply empathic sign.

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woman hiking a mountain

The Best of Capricorn Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

If you were born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, you are a master of self-discipline, and we could set our clocks by your schedule. Today it’s all aoout Capricorn strengths and spiritual gifts. Plus some self-care tips to help you de-stress!

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woman sitting on bed working on laptop

The Best of Virgo Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

If you were born under the Virgo zodiac sign you are always reaching for new heights and eager to learn more. Today we’re talking about all the Virgo strengths, most powerful spiritual gifts, and must have self-care tips for your sign.

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happy couple cooking dinner

The Best of Cancer Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

Cancer you are a dynamic combo of power and kindness! If you were born under the Cancer zodiac sign, you wrote the book on loyalty. Today we celebrate you by exploring Cancer strengths, unique spiritual gifts, and the best self care tips to keep you on your game.

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twin women in matching outfits giving the peace sign

The Best of Gemini Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

If you were born under the Gemini zodiac sign, then you’re a quick witted soul with flair! Today we’re exploring Gemini strengths and spiritual gifts. Plus I have a bunch of spiritual self care tips to help you shine your brightest.

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rebel woman in sunglasses flexing

The Best of Aquarius Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

Aquarius, you are everyone’s favorite rebel! You bring fresh, new direction to the lives of the people you touch. Today we’re celebrating Aquarius strengths and unique spiritual gifs. I’m also sharing custom, spiritual self care practices for your sign.

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All Time Faves

woman sitting outside holding a cup of coffee

45 Best Brene Brown Quotes to Overcome Your Shame

Powerful Brene Brown quotes on shame, vulnerability, and courage : “Guilt is good. Guilt helps us stay on track because it’s about our behavior. It occurs when we compare something we’ve done – or failed to do – with our personal values.”

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