40+ Lucid Dream Affirmations To Stimulate Your Subconscious Mind

Lucid dream affirmations can help you become aware that you’re dreaming – this is such a fun topic and I can’t wait to get started.

Have you ever had an experience where you were able to control you dream? I have, and let me tell you, it feels absolutely magical!

Lucid dreaming is a powerful expression of freedom. Today I’m sharing my favorite lucid dream affirmations to help you experience them more often (or maybe for the first time ever!).

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming occurs when you become consciously aware that you’re in the middle of having a dream. When this happens, you’re often able to control your dreams, or at least influence the direction they take.

Lucid dreaming is fun! But it can also help you to overcome fears (especially if you suffer from nightmares), feel more empowered, and explore new areas of your subconscious mind.

The biggest challenge for most people is how to trigger a lucid dream. Only about 55% of people ever have one. But these experience doesn’t have to be random. There are techniques to encourage lucid dreams, and affirmations are one powerful way to do this.

How Affirmations Can Stimulate Lucid Dreams

Think of a time when you had something important on your mind while falling asleep, and then ended up dreaming about it. This is one of the building blocks for lucid dreaming. You carried a bit of your waking thought into your dream with you.

So when you fall asleep fully focused on the intention of having a lucid dream, you’re far more likely to experience one.

Saying lucid dreaming affirmations can:

  • serve as a focusing tool so you can fall asleep faster
  • increase the likelihood of remembering your dreams (dream recall)
  • create a connection between your conscious and subconscious minds
  • soothe fears about having bad dreams
  • break through mental blocks that keep you from lucid dreaming

How Often To Say Lucid Dream Affirmations

You’ll want to repeat your lucid dream affirmation as you’re falling asleep. This is going to be your mantra that you carry into your dream world!

If it helps, you can use crystal mala beads to help you stay focused. Plus the energy of the crystals will help with your dreamwork, too.

You can read more about mala beads here: How To Use Mala Beads Color Meanings for Manifesting

The 9 best crystals for lucid dreaming are here, along with more tips on how to stimulate lucid dreaming: 9 Best Crystals for Lucid Dreaming + How To Tips

Learning to lucid dream at will takes practice, so I recommend falling asleep while repeating your affirmations every night for at least a few weeks. It’s a good idea to keep a dream journal to keep track of your progress.

How To Tell Your Lucid Dream Affirmations Are Working

If you don’t have a lucid dream night one, don’t worry. This process can take time, but there are telltale signs along the way that you’re making progress. Here are some things to look for:

  • Dream recall becomes easier
  • You sleep deeper than usual (even if you dont dream)
  • You’re remembering more detail in your dreams
  • Dreams feel more realistic
  • It becomes easier to fall asleep, and stay asleep
  • Your dreams clearly reflect activities and thoughts you had during the day
  • You start to awaken naturally at the right time

These are all signs that your conscious and sleeping minds are communicating with each other! You should feel very encouraged if you can check off one or more of these bullets.

Lucid Dream Affirmations

I’ve broken out these lucid dream affirmations by category. Scan through them and choose a few that feel good to you. Positive affirmations work best when they trigger positive emotions within you! So pick one that sparks your curiosity.

I recommend sticking with one affirmation per night, but feel free to switch them up throughout the week. Here are some sample affirmations to get you started, but tweak them as you see fit.

Affirmations for Lucid Dreaming

  1. I intend to lucid dream about […]. Let it be so.
  2. I have full control over my thoughts at all times.
  3. I look forward to carrying my conscious awareness into my dreams.
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  1. Even during sleep, a part of me is awake and aware.
  2. I am perfectly safe and secure as I explore my dream world.
  3. I create beautiful dreamscapes for myself to explore.
  4. My mind is powerful, and I can direct it at will.
  5. I am a powerful creator, both awake and asleep.
  6. Every time I go to sleep, my awareness grows stronger.
  7. I fully expect to become lucid during my dreams tonight.
  8. My spirit team is welcome to visit my dreams.
  9. Being aware that I’m dreaming is perfectly normal and natural.
  10. I look forward to meeting various versions of myself as I dream.
  11. Every dream I have is my own personal creation.
  12. Lucid dreaming is a new skill that I’m getting better at everyday.
  13. It’s nice to be consciously aware that I’m dreaming.
  14. I intuitively know how to tell when I’m dreaming.
  15. I lovingly ask my subconscious mind to meet me in dream land.

Affirmations for Dream Recall

  1. I remember my dreams with ease.
  2. Each time I dream, it becomes easier for me to remember.
  3. My dreams hold loving messages for me and I am open to receiving them.
  4. My memory is clear and strong.
  5. Memories from my dreams flow to me with ease.
  6. I can always access my dreams after I wake up.
  7. The dreams I’m about to have will be recorded in my memory.
  8. I trust my mind to keep dreamtime memories safe, until I have a chance to fully wake up.
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  1. Tomorrow morning I will reflect on the dreams I’m about to create.
  2. Everything I need to know is available to me.
  3. My mental clarity is becoming stronger every day.

Affirmations for Controlling Your Dreams

I wanted to give controlling your dreams it’s own section because believe it or not, lucid dreaming and controlling what happens don’t always go hand in hand. I remember trying to get a character in my dream to go along with me on something and she refused!

This is kind of ironic, considering everyone you meet in your dream world is a part of your own subconscious. But sometimes there’s still resistance to work through, and that’s okay.

So even when you get to the point of knowing you’re asleep, you may still have to practice controlling exactly what happens. These affirmations will help:

  1. I have the power to create my own adventures in my dream world.
  2. My dreams are my own creation, and I decide what happens.
  3. I’m excited to [insert activity here] while I dream.
  4. My dream world is supposed to be a fun, safe place for me to have adventures.
  5. I can directly my thoughts and instantly manifest my desires in my dream world.
  6. Controlling my dreams is a tool for personal growth, and I’m open to the experience.
  7. I release resistance on all levels, and embrace new possibilities.
  8. My dream world is a wonderland of my own creation.
  9. Everyone I meet in dreams is a part of me, and I control everything that happens.
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  1. It’s easy and natural for me to direct how my dreams play out.
  2. My dreams are a sacred and I will direct them with love and respect.
  3. I create my own reality through my thoughts and intentions.
  4. My mind and heart are open to this new ability.
  5. I welcome new levels of consciousness into my experience.


Which lucid dream affirmations do you like the best? Leave me a comment below and let me know how you do! Remember to be patient with yourself as you develop this new ability. It can take time, but you can totally do it.

Sweet dreams to you!

XO, Andrea

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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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