50 Positive Morning Affirmations for The Best Day Ever

Consider the very first thoughts that come to mind when you awaken. Do you feel refreshed and eager to start a new day? Or do you start reviewing yesterday’s issues and drama? Today I’m sharing positive morning affirmations to start your day right!

These uplifting statements will raise your vibe so you can attract the very best from life.

Do Morning Affirmations Work?

Yes! Morning is the absolute best time to say daily affirmations because your mind hasn’t had a chance to start going down a negative path yet. Your thoughts are powerful, so it’s important that you catch them early in the day, so you can choose thoughts and words that support your intentions.

Most people simply react to what’s going on around them. But that makes you highly vulnerable to negativity. On the other hand, when you deliberately choose your thoughts from the moment you wake up, your day will unfold in a much more positive way.

As you move through your day, your naturally high vibration gets weighed down by stress, worry, dramatic people, and so on.

So when you try to say an affirmation at that point, it’s not as effective. This is because the way you’re feeling (stressed, annoyed, angry) doesn’t match the vibe of the affirmation you’re saying (joyful, peaceful, positive).

When there’s a mismatch between how you’re feeling and what you’re saying, affirmations aren’t very helpful.

This is what makes positive morning affirmations so powerful.

While you sleep, all that momentum behind your negative thoughts and feelings stops. As a result, your vibration naturally rises.

So in those first moments of waking, before you grab your phone or interact with family, or start thinking about work, it’s the perfect time to start affirming that your day will unfold beautifully.

In a way, you’re getting out ahead of every situation that you’ll face during the day, and directing positive energy to it. Positive morning affirmations have magical power!  

Benefits of Daily Affirmations

Positive affirmations really only benefit you when you say them on a regular basis.

In addition, they work best when you say them before you’re in a state of stress. This is all about momentum: if you are already annoyed or anxious or feeling down on yourself, law of attraction will keep delivering you more things to feel negatively about. It’s just the way the universe works.

On the other hand, when you say your affirmations first thing in the morning, while your emotions are still neutral, you will be much more successful. This puts you in the driver’s seat by enabling you to choose how you feel, instead of allowing your feelings take you over.

Most people have very little power over their emotions, and have never even thought twice about it! This is why more people than ever before are unhappy: we are exposed to way more stimuli now that we all have devices and social media.

This fact, combined with the inability to control how you feel is going to cause your emotions are going to bounce all over the place as you react to your environment

But there is another way, you can learn to choose how you want to feel. And that’s exactly what you’re doing when you say positive morning affirmations. You are exercising a remarkable power that’s severely underrated! When you master your own emotions, you truly do become unstoppable.

Imagine how life would be if your day wasn’t ruined by a negative interaction with someone else. What if you could choose to not let it get to you because feeling good is just too important to you? Talk about life changing! This is the ultimate freedom!

When you practice morning affirmations daily, you begin to care deeply about how you feel, and you’re less likely to allow others to throw you off your game. In a way, you become addicted to thinking positively, and once you experience that level of clarity, you never want to give it up.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s best to say positive affirmations in the morning.

When you’re getting ready in the morning is a perfect time to repeat your affirmations. Try saying them while looking in the mirror. It’s a powerful practice! It may feel uncomfortable at first, but that just means you need the practice. Keep at it!

Make a habit to think positive.

Repetition is key when you’re forming a new habit. In fact, it takes about 2 months of repeated behavior before it becomes second nature.

So if you want your morning affirmations to stick, you need to integrate them into your daily routine. Plus, the earlier in the day you say them, the less likely you are to run out of time or forget.

Morning routine sets the tone for the day.

We already covered this a bit, but the time to use your positive affirmations is before you need them.

Instead of considering them a tool to dig yourself out of an emotional rut, use positive daily affirmations as an ingredient for creating the best version of each day.

Affirmations are just one thing you can do to boost your morning routine. Here are some other things to consider adding to your morning ritual:

  • Drink some lemon water – I pour myself a glass at night and put it on my end table for morning
  • Practice mindfulness – as you shower, make your bed, and prepare yourself for the day, stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Stretch – your body deserves a warm-up before serving you all day!
  • Make this a sacred time for practicing solitude
  • Pull an oracle card – it’s nice to have a theme in mind as you go about your day. If you don’t know how to use oracle cards, follow me on Instagram or Facebook @thehavenshoppe. I post one for you daily as part of my morning ritual.

What else do you do as part of your morning routine? I’d love to hear, so leave me a comment at the bottom of this post!

You have the most positive energy when you first wake up.

When you sleep, the momentum behind all of your thoughts comes to a halt.

So when you first wake up in the morning, you have the best chance of resonating with your affirmations. In other words, your affirmations will feel good to you at this time of day, because you’re already in a relaxed state.

When the affirmations trigger positive emotions within you, that means they’re working.

Note – when I refer to ‘morning’ I really just mean when you wake up for the day. So if you work 3rd shift and wake up in the afternoon, that’s totally fine.

What Is A Good Morning Affirmation?

There are several examples below of morning affirmations, but you should feel free to make up your own, if you want to. Here are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with your own. A good morning affirmation will:

  • feel good and ‘right’ when you say it
  • focus on YOU (not anyone else)
  • be about the present moment or the day ahead (the past has no power – stay forward focused!)

If you need more detailed guidance on how to write your own affirmations, check this out: What Are Affirmations? Definition + Examples for Self Care

Powerful Morning Affirmations To Say Daily

  1. Today is filled with limitless possibilities.
  2. I will let my positive emotions lead the way today.
  3. I choose to make the best of everything today.
  4. Today is going to be magical.
  5. I have plenty of energy to accomplish all my tasks today.
  6. I can’t wait to see what this day holds for me.
  7. All events are unfolding in my best interest.
positive morning affirmation: Today is going to be magical.

Morning Affirmations for Happiness

  1. I’m grateful for the work my body does while I sleep.
  2. I wake up feeling energized and eager to start a new day.
  3. My vibe is high, and I intend to keep this positive momentum going throughout the day.
  4. I will focus on good things today, which will make me a magnet for positive experiences.
  5. I’m feeling playful and look forward to having fun today. 
  6. There is so much to be grateful for.
  7. My life is beautiful.
  8. I greet this new day with open arms. 
positive morning affirmation for happiness: I will focus on good things today, which will make me a magnet for positive experiences.

Morning Affirmations for Self Love

  1. I will keep my self-talk loving and positive today, as if I were talking to my best friend.
  2. Today I will nourish my body.
  3. I’m doing my best and that is enough.
  4. I intuitively know which foods I need for fuel today.
  5. The universe is always sending me signs that I am loved and supported.
  6. I love myself unconditionally.
  7. I enjoy my own company.
  8. I am beautiful just as I am.
  9. I’m so proud of the progress I’m making. I’m doing great.
  10. I am a unique work of art.
  11. I attract people who appreciate me.
positive morning affirmation for self love: the universe is always sending me signs that I am loved and supported.

Positive Morning Affirmations for Anxiety Relief

  1. I’m feeling peaceful, calm, and relaxed.
  2. There’s nothing too serious going on here.
  3. I’ll go with the flow and take one step at a time.
  4. I am safe, protected, and loved.
  5. All of my power is in the present moment, and in this moment.
  6. I am safe and content.
  7. I keep my thoughts focused on my tasks as I groom my body and prepare for the day.
  8. There is no need to worry; all is well.
  9. I am securely grounded into Mother Earth at all times.
  10. I always make good decisions for myself.
  11. All I have to do is follow my feelings that guide me toward relief.
  12. Today I go with the flow of life.

For a deeper dive into soothing anxiety with affirmations, read this next: 101 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety Relief Now

positive morning affirmation for anxiety relief: There is no need to worry. All is well.

Positive Morning Affirmations for Success + Abundance

  1. I connect with others easily.
  2. The right words to say always come to me at just the right time.
  3. Each day I get closer to achieving my goals, and I’m having fun along the way.
  4. I am a magnet for exciting new opportunities.
  5. I meet challenges with confidence. I’m always learning and moving forward.
  6. I am well prepared, organized, and capable.
  7. I am naturally confident and powerful.
  8. Success comes easily to me.
  9. Everything is always working out in my best interest.
  10. I attract abundance wherever I go.
  11. I’m perfectly capable of managing my growing wealth.
  12. I am worthy of more.


Did you enjoy these positive morning affirmations? You deserve to squeeze every drop of success and enjoyment from each day!

Leave me a comment with your favorites.

XO, Andrea

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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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