The Best Ever Oracle Decks + How To Use Them

If you’re researching the best oracle cards then look no further. Here are the best oracle decks on the market, plus the easiest way to give yourself a 1-card reading. Let’s get started by finding your perfect oracle deck. This is going to be fun!

What Do You Do With An Oracle Deck?

Using an oracle card deck couldn’t be simpler! Simply think of a question and then pull a card from your deck. The card you pull will provide answers, insights, and new ideas to consider.

Think of oracle cards as the ‘lite’ version of tarot cards. They require no special skills whatsoever, and thanks to law of attraction, they work every time. Oracle cards are are a tool to help you connect with your own inner wisdom.

How To Choose An Oracle Deck

The most important factor when choosing an oracle deck is not to overthink it. Notice the images, wording, colors, and theme of the deck. What emotions does it trigger within you? If it feels good to focus on a particular deck, then you’ll have a good connection with it.

To be honest, it’s hard to go wrong when picking an oracle deck. Most of them are appropriate for all levels of experience and sensitivity. So keep your deck selection process light and fun!

Below I’m going to list some of the best oracle card decks out there, and they’re all available on Amazon. I have links to each, to make it easy for you to check pricing. Let me know which one you choose!

Best Selling Oracle Decks

Moonology (#1 Best Seller)

20 thousand 5-star reviews can’t be wrong! Moonology oracle cards help you to tap into the power of the moon to read the energy of any situation.

This is such a clever take on oracle cards. The moon has a profound effect on our world, and each phase throughout the year it’s own special meaning that can provide insights into your life.

This deck is organized into 4 main sections, based on the phases of the moon. If you love following the moon phases and have familiarity with astrology, then you’re going to be right at home with this deck.

But if not, don’t worry! Each card displays a brief message, and the guidebook goes into further detail. You’re going to learn so much from this deck! Plus you can always come back here and read up on the zodiac signs and mama moon, if you want to dig in more.

I don’t have this deck myself yet, but it’s next on my list! Reading through all the Amazon reviews convinced me.

Moonology Highlights:

  • Swoon worth imagery
  • Fosters your connection to the moon cycles
  • Teaches about moon phases and astrology
  • Medium weight card stock
  • Matte finish, but still easy to shuffle
  • Gentle, loving messages

Work Your Light

This deck has a dreamy, modern, fantasy vibe to it. I work with it often and it’s images are light, bright, and beautiful!

This deck shines with divine feminine energy. In fact, just about all the cards depict women.

The Work Your Light deck is divided into 5 categories: confirmation, inquiry, action, activation, and transmission.

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to find your card in the guidebook, because the cards don’t indicate which category they’re in. But it only takes a minute to find, and sometimes it’s obvious.

Work Your Light Highlights:

  • Main themes are soul path, healing, and personal growth
  • Otherworldly/interplanetary references
  • Non-reflective matte cards make picture taking easy (although cards can stick while shuffling)
  • Strong female influence
  • Short card descriptions invite you to use your own intuition
  • Matte finish, can be somewhat hard to shuffle at first
  • Limited (gender and racial) diversity

African Goddess Rising (#1 Best Seller)

This deck is dedicated to – you guessed it – African Goddesses!

The illustrations are blowing my mind, they are so gorgeous. Each card displays a female African deity, ancestor, or queen, along with a word or two about what she represents.

Then, the guidebook goes into detail about her, and explains how you can embody her spiritual gifts.

Women are raving about how incredibly powerful the African Goddess Rising deck feels.

African Goddess Highlights:

  • Made especially for women of African descent
  • Strong divine feminine energy
  • Lightweight, glossy cards make for easily shuffling
  • Teaches about African spirituality
  • Bold, rich art work
  • Powerful energy

Angels And Ancestors

People are loving Kyle Fray and this beautiful Angels and Ancestors oracle cards!

This deck is broken out into four categories: guardians, sacred ones, seasons, and warrior symbols. 

While they seemed somewhat unrelated, Gray explains that the cards in each of these four categories can be used independently as decks of their own. So that makes us these oracle cards unique.

This deck gets a lot of praise for its inclusion and diversity, as it showcases wisdom for all corners of the globe.

Angels and Ancestors Highlights:

  • Offers diversity across age, race, and creed
  • Thick, matte card stock – some note the cards tend to stick together and can be tough to shuffle if you have small hands
  • Beautiful artwork, primarily in earth tones
  • Focuses on connecting to the wisdom of those who have come before us.
  • Perfect for beginners or advanced users

Wisdom Of The Oracle Deck

One of my absolute favorites, Wisdom of the Oracle offers inspiring messages with over-the-top gorgeous artwork.

Wisdom of the Oracle draws on several divination tools from history, and boils them down into this easy to use deck. Card descriptions are minimal, so if you prefer to use your own intuition for meaning, this deck is perfect for you. But newbies can always reference the guidebook, so no worries! 

Wisdom of the Oracle Highlights:

  • Gorgeous, fairytale style artwork
  • Clear, simple messages
  • Thin, glossy cards shuffle smoothly
  • Guidebook offers ‘protection’ message for reverse (upside down) cards
  • Highly recommended by beginners and pros

Best Oracle Decks For 2023

These oracle decks are brand new. Some are already available, others are open for pre-order.

The Rose Oracle

Rebecca Campbell gave us the Work Your Light deck and now she’s back with The Rose Oracle.

This deck is all about connecting with your inner goddess, while also tapping into the healing power of the rose.

So you’re going to see cards like ‘the bud’, ‘the thorn’, ‘morning dew’, ‘release the petals’, and so on. This deck honors the seasons of a woman’s life, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Rose Oracle has only been available since March, but nearly 800 5-star reviews have already rolled in.

Rose Oracle Highlights:

  • All cards have a pink wash
  • Focuses on women + feminine energy
  • Perfect for those who connect with flowers
  • Cards are not numbered, so looking them up in the guidebook takes an extra few seconds
  • Thick, matte cards, but still have a bend to them
  • A nice choice for beginners

Spirit Mamas

Spirit Mamas oracle card deck is brand new as of July 2022. Don’t you just love the name?

This 44-card deck focuses on women’s growth, empowerment, intuition, and energetic healing. I’m on Amazon’s notification list for this one and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

I love the artwork of these cards, too. What do you think?

Spirit Mamas Highlights:

  • Meant for women
  • Perfect for moms
  • Chakra suit for energy balancing
  • Goddess suit raises your vibration
  • Restore + Renew suit reminds you to practice self-care
  • Growth + Expansion suit encourage you reach for new heights
  • Divine connection suit offers prompts for affirmations, journaling, and more

Best Oracle Decks for Beginners

Most of the best sellers are perfectly appropriate for beginners. In fact, all oracle cards are, in my opinion. This is because they’re a much easier alternative to tarot cards. All you need to do is find a deck that resonates with you, and pull a card!

But these decks have done a nice job of allowing you to get messages without even looking at the guidebook at all. So that’s why they made the list of best oracle decks for beginners.

Shine From The Inside

Shine From The Inside is a very youthful, modern deck for women. It focuses on self-care and empowerment, and offers very clear guidance.

This is a very positive, motivational deck of cards that will fit perfectly into your self-love practice. The reviews are pretty much unanimous – everyone adores the uplifting energy and beautiful images of this deck. I think I’m going to have to buy this one for myself too!

Shine From the Inside Highlights:

  • Heavy focus on women’s empowerment, confidence, and self love
  • Healthy mix of body types and ethnicities
  • Thick matte cards with silver gilding
  • For teens and up: one card has a swear (exhale the bullsh*t)
  • Super clear guidance
  • Upbeat and positive messages

Oracle Of The Fairies

The Oracle of the Fairies deck is beautiful and highly descriptive, which is why it’s a great pick for beginners.

Each card displays a few sentences of guidance, which offers insights and suggestions for navigating your situation. People love the supportive, high vibe energy of this deck!

Oracle of the Fairies Highlights:

  • Uplifting, inspirational messages displayed on each card
  • Features a fairy on every card
  • Life-like artistry
  • Glossy cards are easy to shuffle
  • Great for connecting to elemental energy
  • Perfect for beginners or anyone with fairy vibes

Best Oracle Cards for Love Readings

Whispers of Love

The Whispers of Love oracle deck by Josephine Wall is dedicated to building strong and lasting relationships. It’s perfect for sensing how to bring more loving energy into any situation.

So if you’re focused on attracting more love into your life, then this deck is for you! Or, if you’re a professional reader and get lots of romance questions, this will make a nice addition to your toolbox.

Whispers of Love Highlights:

  • Soft, gentle energy
  • Fantasy-like artwork depicts fairies, dragons, animals and flowers
  • Focuses on attracting and radiating love
  • Thick, matte cards may stick a bit while shuffling
  • Informative cards display a heading + full sentence
  • Great for beginners and anyone working on heart chakra healing
  • Perfect for love bugs!

Lovers Oracle

How cute are these heart shaped cards? The Lovers Oracle deck focuses strictly on attracting and maintaining harmonious romantic partnerships.

Each card has a unique image on one side, and a message on the other.

Lovers Oracle Highlights

  • Heart shaped cards
  • Perfect for couples
  • Focuses on love and romance
  • Helps to bring more love and kindness into relationships
  • Dual sided
  • Colorful, almost anime-like artwork
  • Extensive messages bring more detail to love readings
  • Great for twin flame and soul mate work

Most Accurate Oracle Deck

Like everything else in life, law of attraction comes into play when you’re pulling cards.

This means that one deck isn’t more accurate than another. Instead, you’re going to pull the card that matches how you’re feeling and what you’re expecting.

In other words, if you’re not loving a particular deck, it’s going to seem inaccurate because it just isn’t a vibrational match for you. And that’s OK! It’s just your signal that you should try another deck.

So to ensure an accurate reading, you need to start with a deck that feels right for you.

With that said, I’ve found the deck below gives very specific answers that don’t leave much room open for interpretation. So if you’re looking for straightforward, no nonsense advice, grab yourself a copy.

Angel Answers

I am a sucker for Radleigh Valentine! His Angel Answers oracle card deck provides clear and direct guidance and advice. There are cards in this deck like “yes”, “no”, “within the next few months”, or “you’re ready”. Super specific!

However, you have to know how to use this deck in order to have success with it.

It’s divided into three sections: yes/no, timeframe, and pure reading cards. So you need to work with the cards that makes sense for the type of question you’re asking. If you do this, you will get very clear answers, every time.

Radleigh suggests pulling more than one card per reading. So if I have a question that requires a yes/no answer, I like to pull one card from that pile, and then I’ll pull a pure reading card to add more detail.

Give this deck a try and let me know what you think!

Angel Answers Highlights:

  • Perfect for yes/no and timeframe questions
  • Direct, clear answers
  • Best to divide the deck and only work with cards applicable to your question
  • Glossy cards for easy shuffling
  • Great for beginners
  • No guesswork

Best Oracle Cards for Shadow Work

Soul Truth Self-Awareness Deck

Soul Truth cards focuses on helping you deepen your connection to your authentic self.

It prompts you to ask yourself questions that can help get you to the root of why you may be struggling to manifest the upgrades you deserve.

These cards directly target your soul, so you can grow, heal, and step into the very best version of yourself. I love that they encourage you to know yourself better, but still feel loving, light, and safe.

This is my preference and recommendation if you’re drawn to shadow work: it never serves you to stay focused on thoughts that hurt you. So always be sure you’re asking yourself how to move up on the emotional scale.

Soul Truth Highlights

  • Focuses on soul work and self growth
  • Very long narration on cards
  • Each card has a ‘soul action’ activity
  • Lovely artwork
  • Thought provoking questions
  • Offers spiritual guidance so you can live your best life

Heal Yourself Reading Cards

The Heal Yourself Reading Cards deck will call you out on your negative emotions. So if that’s your vibe, you’ll appreciate this straightforward deck.

Cards such as “take off your mask”, “temptation”, “inner child”, and “rejection” highlight areas where you need to practice more self-love. With that said, there are plenty of cards that are positive as well. This deck captures both the light and dark sides of life

Heal Yourself Highlights:

  • Encourages self healing with shadow cards
  • Perfect for meditation and self-discovery
  • Straightforward, no sugar coating
  • Minimal ethnic diversity
  • Guidebook invites you to meditate on negative cards
  • Comes in handy when reading for others, to get a feel for their energy
  • Victorian style art

Unique Oracle Decks

Yogic Path

If you’re a yogi, then you’re going to adore the Yogic Path oracle deck by Danielle Noel.

There are 5 types of cards in this deck: Spirituality, Ayurveda, Chakras, Yoga and Deities. So you’re going to have a nice exposure to all the branches of yoga. This is so great, since we usually just focus on the yoga poses – yoga is so much more than exercise!

This deck comes as a box within a box. So you can carry your cards with you, or keep them in the larger keepsake box, which has room for the guidebook.

The artistry of the cards and their packaging is second to none. It even comes with a ribbon to easily get your cards out of the box. They did not skimp on attention to detail with this deck!

These cards focus on inspiring you to answer your own questions by encouraging self-reflection and intuitive connection, which is what makes them unique.

The guidebook recommends you ask questions that begin with the words ‘what’ or ‘how’. This helps you to get into the mindset of being open to what you need to know about the situation.

In keeping with this theme, each card displays a just single word for you to reflect upon. If you’re not familiar with eastern deities, formal chakra names, etc. and you’re definitely going to need the guidebook.

Yogic Path Highlights:

  • Focuses on inner reflection and self discovery
  • Teaches about all branches of yoga
  • Perfect meditation tool
  • Shuffling is easy with medium weight, slightly bendable cards
  • Generous 54 card deck
  • Bright and colorful artwork
  • Matching Yogic Path Journal also available

Moon Witch Oracle

The Moon Witch Oracle deck is special. Not only is it especially beautiful with its black, gold and cream color scheme, but it also offers a ritual or spell for each card.

Each card displays a heading, followed by a short explanation of its meaning. So, they’re very easy to use and an excellent choice for beginners. Especially those who like to channel their inner witchy woman from time to time!

Moon Witch Highlights:

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Buttery soft cards made for smooth shuffling
  • Visually stunning
  • Teaches about moon phases
  • Focuses on divine femininity
  • Perfect for moon sensitives
  • Guidebook suggests rituals and spells to support the cards

Spirit Animal Oracle

If you’re an animal lover, then you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deck than Spirit Animal Oracle.

Each member of the animal kingdom offers unique wisdom aligned with its own special magic. Plus the imagery is breathtaking. I love how all the animals are adorned with flowers, feathers, and crystals!

This deck also comes in a beautiful box with built-in ribbon that makes it super easy to remove the cards (there are 68 cards in this deck, which is unusually generous).

Spirit Animal Highlights:

  • Extra generous 68 card deck
  • Each card showcases a member of the animal kingdom
  • Thick, matte cards can be a bit tricky to shuffle (I just cut the deck a few times)
  • Magnetic close box with ribbon is a high quality touch
  • Teaches spirit animal wisdom
  • Gorgeous artistry
  • Helpful captions on each card

I pulled a card for you from this deck, since it’s my favorite. This sweet creature wants to share her message with you! Can you relate? Leave me a comment below!

Recap of Best Oracle Decks on Amazon

Best Selling Oracle Decks:

Best New Decks:

Most Accurate Oracle Decks

Best Oracle Decks for Beginners

Most Unique Oracle Decks

Best Oracle Decks for Love Readings

Best Oracle Decks for Shadow Work

What Should I Ask My Oracle Deck?

You can ask your oracle deck whatever you’d like, but the phrasing of your question is important to ensure you get a clear answer. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

First of all, be sure you only ask one question per pull. If you’re asking a ‘this or that’ question, break it into two separate questions, pulling a card for each. That way, you can compare the results.

Next, be sure to only ask questions that have a clear answer that the cards can provide.

Finally, phrase your question in a way that empowers you. Your oracle cards are a tool to tap into your own inner guidance.

In other words, the answers are coming from within you, and your oracle cards are just reflecting that. So while you should treat your spiritual self-care tools with respect, the true power lies with you, not the cards.

Here are some examples of what to ask your oracle deck:

  • What do I need to know about this situation?
  • How can I attract a healthy relationship?
  • What can I do to get promoted at work?
  • What’s the energy around this option? (pull a card for each option)
  • What should I focus my attention on today?

The questions above focus on gaining clarity about your situation so you can adjust your perspective, take inspired action, and be prepared for what’s coming up next. This is the approach I take when reading for myself and others.

On the other hand, if you ask questions like these, you may feel like your results are vague or don’t apply (even though they always do!).

  • Should I quit my job?
  • Does this person love me?
  • When will my finances improve?

If you’re going to ask yes/no or timeframe questions, consider using the ‘most accurate oracle deck’, I mentioned above. That deck has specific cards for these types of questions. Otherwise, you may want to opt for a tarot reading with more detail.

But here’s what it boils down to: your oracle cards are going to respond to the vibrational root of your question. So keep that in mind as you interpret results.

How To Use Oracle Cards

Oracle decks will typically have around 44+ cards, and will come with a guidebook. All you have to do is select a deck with a theme and images that resonate with you. Choosing oracle cards can be overwhelming. So here are my top 3 recommendations: 

1. Prepare

Once you’ve got your deck in hand, there are just a few things to do before you pull a card, to ensure an accurate reading:

  • Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths to settle yourself
  • Clear the energy of your cards. Think of this as erasing the deck’s memory, so you can ask a fresh question. You don’t want to skip this step because it can result in a very confusing/inaccurate reading.

If you don’t know how to cleanse your cards, read this next: Cleansing Your Cards For The First Time + Between Readings

2. Craft Your Question

 The main thing to focus on here is to ask a question that’s specific, clear, and only has one answer. If your question has the word ‘or’ in it, rephrase it as two separate questions, and ask one at a time. 

3. Pull A Card

Once you’ve asked your question, shuffle the deck. Once you intuitively feel like you’ve sufficiently shuffled, you’re ready to pull a card. There are a few ways to go about this, completely based on your personal preference. Here are three options: 

  • fan the deck out on a table, and pull a card that catches your eye
  • Cut the deck and take a card from the top
  • Shuffle until a card jumps/sticks out (this is the method I prefer)

Sometimes, when your guides are super eager to communicate, a card will fly out of the deck and land on the floor. Go with it!

Shuffling Wisdom of the Oracle card deck

Interpreting Your Results

Keep your heart and mind open to the message your oracle card offers. Read the words on the card, study the illustration, and consult the guidebook.

What situation or relationship comes to mind? Do you sense truth and wisdom in the guidance the card offers? Ponder the message as you go about your day.   

A Change in the Wind card from Wisdom of the Oracle
This card is from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck. Isn’t it gorgeous?


I hope this answers all your questions about how to use your oracle deck, and how to choose one! Which oracle deck are you leaning toward? Drop me a comment and let me know.

Also, if you have a deck that you adore and think should be on this list, share it in the comments so I can update this list!

XO,  Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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