Best Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday for Self Growth

Today I’m sharing a list of positive questions to ask yourself everyday. Carving out time for self reflection can really fast track your personal growth, and prompting yourself to answer mindful questions is an excellent way to do it.

Why Daily Self Reflection Is Important

It’s no coincidence that regular self reflection is a behavior you’ll find among the most successful people – and that’s true no matter how you define success (happiness, abundance, etc). The reason for this boils down to one thing: law of attraction. Daily self reflection helps you to manifest with purpose and intention.

Self reflection builds awareness of where you’re spending your energy on a daily basis. This is so important because what you focus on grows! So as life pulls you in countless different directions, it’s your job to bring yourself back to center on a daily basis, to make sure you’re creating the beautiful life you desire and deserve.

If you aren’t familiar with law of attraction, it’s a universal force that brings you experiences to match your dominant feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

Law of attraction is always in effect, whether you’re aware of it or not!

But life becomes so much easier when you really start getting picky about what you think and talk about, because then law of attraction starts working in your favor.

When you have a list of questions to ask yourself every day reminding you of this, your world will begin to change for the better, from the inside out.

Benefits Of Daily Self Reflection

Nurtures mindfulness.

As you become more self aware, it’ll get much easier to catch yourself when you aren’t being mindful. Mindfulness just means that your attention is focused on where you are, and what you’re doing in the present moment.

Boosts intuition.

You were born with intuitive abilities, but the hustle of daily life can make you forget to use them. Plus, I seriously feel the concept of intuition and psychic ability is majorly sensationalized. Nothing could be more natural, and you can absolutely reconnect with your gifts, with the help of a daily self reflection ritual.

In reality, intuition is just another word for clarity. So when you start checking in with yourself daily, you’ll more often begin to think, feel, and act in ways that reflect your goals.

At that point, you’ll be amazed to see how often you’re in the right place at the right time. Synchronicities, signs from the universe, and catching glimpses of future events are all evidence of your intuition at work.

If you’re interested in reawakening your intuitive abilities, read this next: How Do You Open Your Third Eye? 13 Best Ways

Rituals are healthy.

We humans take great comfort in our routines! If you ask yourself questions for personal growth in the morning, you’re starting your day out with clear intention, which means you’re going to experience the best possible version of that day.

When you ask yourself questions while lying in bed, you’ll be setting yourself up for better sleep and better dreams.

In fact, this practice will help you fall asleep faster, too, since your mind won’t be darting all over the place. Reflecting on your day can be a form of meditation.

You can also record your answers in daily journal entries, if you enjoy writing.

Time to reconnect with yourself.

I’m willing to bet you spend a big part of your day serving others. But in order to truly show up for your family, friends, and co-workers, you need you to be aware of your own priorities, preferences, and boundaries.

When take a few minutes of quiet time to ask your daily questions, you’ll have time to reflect on how to best approach situations. This will help you move toward the best possible outcome for all involved. Have you ever wished you’d seen something coming and acted differently? I know I have! Your daily questions are the perfect remedy to this.

Helps with chakra balancing.

If you know me, you know that I’m all about chakra healing! If you don’t know what chakras are, you can read more here. But in a nutshell, there are 7 energy centers in your subtle body, which record every experience that affects your emotions throughout the day.

So for example, here are some common emotions and the chakras they affect:

EmotionChakra In Need of Healing
Scattered, spacey, disorganizedRoot
Bored, sluggish, conflict in your partnershipsSacral
Insecure, unworthy, disempoweredSolar Plexus
Unforgiveness, guilt, grief, heartacheHeart
Afraid to speak up, not living your truthThroat
Confused, pessimistic, impatient3rd Eye
Disconnected, lonely, lacking purposeCrown

Your chakras need regular care and attention, just like your physical body! When you don’t tend to your energy, physical illness happens.

So, your self-reflection time should focus on soothing any negative emotions you’re holding onto. In this way, your daily questions will help to heal your mind, body and spirit.

What Are The Best Questions To Ask Yourself?

The best questions to ask yourself ones are help you to feel good about where you are, and excited about where you’re headed. In fact, that is the goal of every personal growth or self care practice you adopt. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

Asking yourself the right questions each day can nudge further up the emotional scale, as Abraham Hicks calls it.

In other words, if you’re feeling distressed or anxious, this process can help you feel a bit more calm. If you’re doubtful, it can shift you into feeling hopeful. Wherever you are on the love-fear spectrum, asking yourself positive questions everyday can buoy your emotions.

Do not ask yourself questions that make you feel discouraged, regretful, or unworthy! It never serves you to indulge in negative self talk, my friend.

Questions To Ask Yourself In The Morning

These questions are great for starting your day. Be sure to take your time in answering them, because that’s where the magic happens.

If you plan to do this exercise at night, you can skip down to the next section, but I recommend you at least try asking the morning and evening questions, at least for a couple of days. Then you can reduce it down to whatever works best for you.

You may want to write your answers in a daily journal, to keep track of your progress. Or, you can just do this in the privacy of your mind – whatever works for you.

How is my body feeling?

It’s such a powerful practice to check in with your body when you first wake up. Think of this question in terms of gratitude. What positive aspects can you mention as you answer this question? Perhaps you slept really well or maybe you feel super cozy wrapped up in your favorite blanket.

What am I looking forward to this morning?

This can be as simple as your morning cup of coffee to a special event that’s scheduled for later in the day. Let your mind explore as many reasons it can find to build enthusiasm to start your day.

What is my intention for today?

Your answer to this question will depend on what’s going on in your life. Some days, you may simply intend to hold onto your inner peace for as long as you can. Other times, you may set intentions to have a super productive day at work. Whatever you come up with is absolutely perfect.

If you need help thinking up positive statements for your morning, check this out: Positive Morning Affirmations for The Best Day Ever

How can I honor my intention for the day?

Now that you’ve identified what your intention is, what are some ways you can support it?

Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, here. These should be fairly small, attainable action items. You want to feel good about yourself when you self reflect at the end of the day. So set yourself up for success!

Questions To Ask Yourself At The End Of The Day

Okay! Now it’s the end of the day and it’s time to reflect. Think of the answers to these questions in terms of the intention you set in the morning. How did you do?

What did I appreciate about today?

Be generous with your answers here, no rushing! In fact if you only pick one daily question, this should be it. Gratitude is a magnet for blessings!

Your answer will of course include things that went well, pleasant surprises, delicious meals, time with loved ones, and goals you achieved. But it should also any lessons, opportunities for growth, and challenges that you handled as best you could.

No one is listening but you (and the universe), so toss humility out the window and praise yourself for making the very best of your day. Name everything you can think of, as you scan your entire day from the time you awoke, to the present moment.

Questions To Ask Yourself About The Future

I recommend including this question at the end of the day, while you’re mentally reviewing your experiences.

What do I want to experience more of?

Focus on what you liked best about your day, and ask for more of it. You can be general or specific, as long as the answers you come up with are soothing and uplifting.

For example, let’s say you made a mistake at work. Instead of beating yourself up about it, affirm that you want to experience more clarity in the future. Or, if someone was rude to you, then ask for more kindness in your life. In other words, make sure it doesn’t turn into a list of complaints, because law of attraction is turning your thoughts to things!


That’s it! I wanted to keep this list short so they’re all doable on a daily basis. You will be amazed by how uplifted you feel once you’re in the habit of answering these 6 positive questions everyday. Here’s a recap for you to pin!

Please leave me a comment below with your thoughts on this post! I hope it helps you on your self growth journey.

XO, Andrea

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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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