How To Manifest With Abraham Hicks 17 Second Rule

Here’s your permission slip to daydream about your upgrades! The Abraham Hicks 17 second rule will help you to manifest your desires, simply by thinking happy thoughts.

Hit play the manifestation timer below and see if you can make it without starting over!

What Is The of 17 Second Manifestation Technique?

The Abraham Hicks 17 second rule involves focusing purely on one desire for 17 uninterrupted seconds.

The goal is to only focus on the positive emotions, images, and ideas that go along with your desire for the entire time. This means NO:

  • Distractions
  • Off topic thoughts
  • Negative self-talk or contradicting beliefs 

So how does the 17 second rule actually help you manifest? It’s because this is the length of time it takes for law of attraction to get in on the fun, and build momentum behind your thoughts.

Once you hold a thought for 17 seconds, law of attraction will bring you another that’s on the same vibrational wavelength. At this point, it gets easier and easier to keep your train of thought moving in a positive direction. The more momentum you build, the more easily you can bring your desire to life.

If you’re struggling to understand how this can be, it’s worth learning the basics of law of attraction.  

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She is hands down my all time favorite spiritual teacher, and the OG when it comes to law of attraction.

Law of Attraction Is Behind The 17 Second Rule

In a nutshell, law of attraction is a universal force that brings you experiences to match your dominant thoughts feelings and beliefs. Did you know your thoughts were so powerful? Now it’s time to start using this to your advantage!

If you’re interested, you can read about LOA in more detail here: What Is Law of Attraction? Your Easy Beginner’s Guide

So how does law of attraction apply to the 17 second rule? According to Abraham Hicks, the moment your original thought meets up with the next thought delivered by law of attraction, the energetic impact is as powerful as putting in 2,000 action hours toward your goals. How incredible is that?

And to take it even further, every additional 17 seconds you tack on, increases your manifesting power by 10 fold. So if you can make it to 68 seconds, your manifestation is basically a done deal.

Your ability to hold positive thoughts are so important to this process, because it will determine your vibration.

When you want something badly, but feel doubtful that it can come to you, you’re bouncing between two very different vibrations. As a result, you send a mixed signal to the universe, which makes it very difficult for law of attraction to determine what to bring you. This is usually the reason your desires take so long to show up in your life.

So if you’re struggling with a situation that feels ‘stuck’, the 17 second manifestation method will be helpful to you. It may be challenging at first, but it’s a great way to train your mind to focus on thoughts that serve you, instead of allowing negative self-talk to take over and sabotage your efforts.

17 Second Manifestation Timer

The main concept behind the 17 second rule is that if you can go this long without contradicting your thoughts, it means that you are a vibrational match to your desires (which also means law of attraction must deliver them to you!).

This is easy and fun once you get the hang of it, and it serves as excellent way to benchmark your progress!

I created this 17 second manifestation timer to help you concentrate. You can also use it to practice clearing your mind. After all, stopping thought entirely can be even more challenging than staying focused on one subject.

All you need to do is choose one thing that you want to manifest, and hit play. During the 17 seconds, allow yourself to think about what it will feel like when your wish comes true.

Notice the feelings, visions, and ideas that come to mind during the exercise. This is basically license to daydream! Just stay on topic.

If your thoughts stray, just begin again.

What Is The Significance of 17 Seconds?

The number 17 in numerology reduces to number 8. Number 8 represents infinite possibility and is a reminder that you are limitless in what you can create for yourself. So the powerful energies of opportunity and expansion are infused into this exercise as well.

If you’d like to read the full spiritual message behind number 8, you can do that here: Angel Number 8: You Have Infinite Possibilities

Next Steps + Conclusion

Once you master the 17 seconds, keep doubling your time until you can reach the 68 second mark. According to Abraham Hicks, you’re at whole new level of manifesting ability when you hold a pure desire without resistance for this long (that’s 17 seconds, four times).

It’s also important to note that once you’ve done this exercise it’s safe to let your thoughts go. You don’t have to be hyper focused on one subject in order to manifest it. The goal here is to focus with pure intent for a very short period of time and then let the subject go. You can repeat this every day if you’d like.

Leave me a comment below to me know how you do with the Abraham Hicks 17 second rule!



Manifest with Abraham Hicks 17 second rule

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  1. Is it okay to go over the 68 seconds? I found it came so easily and naturally to think of this one desire how it would feel, what I wanted, outcomes, etc. that it went over 68 seconds by 34 seconds. I just put on a timer and it just felt so calming, so I let it keep going and when I felt I was done, I opened my eyes to see it’s nearly been 2 minutes.


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