33×3 Manifestation Method:3 Easy Steps To Do Right Now

Looking for a proactive way to invite change into your life? Then grab your manifesting journal and give the 33×3 manifestation method a try. It’s an easy, fun, and effective technique for your manifesting bag of tricks!

What Does It Mean To Manifest Something In Your Life?

When we talk about manifesting, it simply means you are setting an intention to invite something specific into your life. This can be a physical thing like more money or romance. Or, you may want to experience more happiness or better health.

Either way, 333 manifesting can help you to focus your thoughts and feelings on what you want, which will help to usher that desire into your life.

To help you understand this concept better, we need a quick recap of law of attraction.

33×3 Method and Law of Attraction

You are always manifesting, whether you realize it or not. The law of attraction is a universal force that brings you experiences that match your strongest beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.

So, if you’ve been spending a lot of time noticing what’s not working in your life, chances are you’ve also noticed that situation is getting worse and worse.

But there is good news here! The worsening of that situation you’ve been stressing about is proof that law of attraction is working. Trust me, you are not being punished, nor do you have terrible luck. It’s simply law of attraction, holding up a mirror to what’s going on inside you. This is how life works, and as soon as you change your focus, your experiences will change, too.

This is where manifestation techniques like the 33×3 method can help: they are tools to help you redirect your focus, so that law of attraction will start working in your favor.

If you’d like to read up more on law of attraction, you can read this: What Is Law of Attraction? Your Easy Beginner’s Guide

What Is The 33×3 Manifestation Method?

The 33×3 method (sometimes called the 333 method) involves writing down an affirmation of your choice 33 times in a row, for 3 straight days. Here it is in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose your affirmation
  2. Write it 33 times
  3. Repeat step 2 for two more days, for a total of 3 days in a row
3 steps of 33x3 manifesting method

If repetition isn’t your thing, that’s perfectly okay! It just means this particular manifesting method isn’t for you. Check out some of these out instead:

What Do You Say When Manifesting with 33×3?

An affirmation is a positive statement about yourself that you want to become true. You’re going to pick 1 affirmation for this exercise, and stick with it for 3 days.

So for example, you may say something like: ‘I attract abundance into my life with ease’ or ‘My home is a beautiful haven’.

The only criteria is that it needs to be positive, and about you.

Be sure to choose wording that doesn’t resist what you don’t want, but instead affirms what you do want.

In other words, let’s say you’re focused on attracting more love into your life.

Don’t say this: ‘I am no longer lonely’

Say this instead: ‘My life is filled with loving people who care about me’

Notice how each of these statements makes you feel. See how the first statement is phrased to deny what you don’t want? Statements like this aren’t the best vibrational match to your desires. As a general rule of thumb, keep words like no longer, not and don’t out of your affirmations.

Remember, law of attraction is going to bring you what you focus on, whether you want it or not! So don’t talk about what you don’t want. Focus strictly on what you do want for the sake of this exercise.

If you’d like some examples of affirmations, I have tons of them! Here are a few of my most popular affirmation lists:

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What’s Special About 333?

In numerology the number 3 has deep spiritual meaning. It represents divine guidance, solutions, and personal power. So this is the energy you’re tapping into with the 33×3 method.

In addition, 333 reduces to the master number 9 (3+3+3=9), which carries the energy of successful completion. So as you do you 333 manifestation work, you are sending a signal to the universe that you’re ready to close old chapters and move forward.

These are powerful messages to back up your intentions for manifesting! You can read the full spiritual meanings for angel numbers 3 and 9 here:

Does The 33×3 Manifestation Method Work?

Yes! If you consider this a practice in improving how you feel about you desire, then your manifestation techniques will work like magic.

The whole point of these the 333 method is to feel good about bringing your affirmation to life. When that happens, your vibration rises, which will make you a perfect match to your happy outcome. As your positive emotions build, law of attraction takes ahold of them, and that’s when everything changes for the better.

Is 33×3 or 55×5 Manifestation Better?

You may have read my post on the 55×5 manifestation method. This essentially involves the same steps as the 333 method, but you repeat your affirmation 55 times, for 5 days.

So, the 333 method is basically an accelerated version of the 555 manifesting method. Here’s my rule of thumb for deciding which one to use:

If you already believe it’s possible to manifest your desires, then you’re ready for the 33×3 method. But if you have doubts about your worthiness or ability to create positive change in your life, start with the 55×5 method. This is because you’ll need the extra couple days to start retraining your brain to accept a more positive way of thinking.

If you’re dealing with serious energetic blocks about your abilities or worthiness, then you need solar plexus healing, too. You’ll want to work on this as part of your manifesting work.

It’s much easier to create upgrades in your life when you feel confident and strong! These post will help you: The Best Guide to Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

So when it comes to 33×3 vs 55×5 and which is better, only you can say, based on where you are emotionally on the subject. Let me give you a quick example of what I mean here. My friend did the 55×5 manifesting method using this affirmation:

“I will be secure in all aspects of my life”.

By the end of day two, she texted me to say she had subconsciously started writing

I am secure in all aspects of my life”.

How cool is that?! This is a clear sign that her brain was beginning to accept her affirmation, and that the process was working. But she needed that time to build her belief and ‘buy in’ to her affirmation. If she had stopped after 3 days, it probably would have been too soon.

So there’s no one answer on which manifesting technique is better. These tools are available for you, based on what feels right to you in the moment. Trust your intuition and you’ll be totally fine.

33×3 Manifestation Method Example

Right now I’m focused on decorating my house. I’ve already manifested my dream home (yay!), but I’m still working toward making it look and feel like a true reflection of me. Interior design doesn’t come naturally to me, so this is a topic that’s easy for me to get stuck on. If I’m being perfectly honest, we’ve lived in our home for over 7 years and I’m just starting to decorate now.

So, I’m going to use the 33×3 manifestation method to help dissolve some blocks I have around my ability to create the space of my dreams!

Here’s what my notebook looks like so far. As you can see, my handwriting isn’t terrific and I just used a notebook – you don’t need anything fancy!

Tip: if you start at the very top line of a standard spiral bound notebook, you’ll have just enough room for 33 lines:

333 manifesting example

You can use the 333 manifestation technique for something small, like my example, or for something bigger. As Abraham-Hicks often says, law of attraction works the same if you’re manifesting a feather or a castle. So have fun trying this out for all sorts of scenarios.

If you haven’t heard of Esther/Abraham-Hicks, she is the queen of Law of Attraction! Check out some of her best quotes here: 46 Best Abraham Hicks Quotes to Change Your Life Now

How Long Does The 33×3 Method Take To Work?

The amount of time it takes you to manifest your desires will depend on how good you feel about them. The less resistance you have on a subject, the better you’ll feel when you think about it. And the better you feel when you think about something, the closer you are to manifesting it.

Everyone’s timeline is unique, based on what you’re working on, and where you are on the emotional scale. But there are signs that will let you know you’re on track. You can read about them here: 6 Strong Signs Your Manifestation Is Close


Once you’re done with your 3 days, try to surrender this to the universe. Your job from here on out is simply to choose the best emotions available to you in each moment.

So if you catch yourself feeling frustrated or impatient, focus on a different area of your life that’s flowing with ease – don’t be afraid to let it go for a bit, because the better your mood, the greater your manifesting power.

Did you have fun learning about the 33×3 manifestation method? I’d love to hear some of your affirmations! Leave me a comment below and share!

XO, Andrea

33x3 manifestation pin

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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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