17 Best Manifesting Journals in 2023: Attract Your Dreams Now

Keeping a manifestation journal is a powerful and effective way to attract your desires. Here are the best manifesting journals to support you in bringing your dreams to life. 

What Is a Manifesting Journal?

A manifestation journal is a dedicated notebook that you use to capture on paper all the things you want to create for your future.  

It’s important for you to choose your journal with care, because it will serve as one of the very first tangible representations of your dreams, goals, and preferences for the life you’re building. 

Every time you write an entry in your manifestation journal, you plant a seed for your happy future. 

Use your manifesting journals to:

  • Record your goals and dreams
  • Track your progress
  • Practice written manifesting techniques
  • Raise your vibration
  • Build momentum behind your desires
  • Affirm your worthiness
16 best manifesting journals to create your dream life

How Do Manifesting Journals Work?

Manifestation journals work with the law of attraction to help you attract what you want.

Law of attraction works by delivering life experiences that match your dominant feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

Law of attraction is a universal law that brings you experiences that match your dominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

It’s paramount that you have a good handle on how the law of attraction works, so that you can bring your desires to life.

Your manifestation journal will serve as a focusing tool to help you align your energy with the energy of whatever it is you’d like to attract into your life. 

From that place of alignment, you can then take inspired action to move toward your goals.

Choosing A Manifestation Journal

There are several different types of manifestation journals:

  • Singular manifesting focus, like money
  • Specific manifesting method, like 555 or 369
  • Variety of methods for manifesting anything
  • Blank journals

I’m going to cover all of these, so trust your guidance on what’s right for you.

When you select your manifestation journal, be sure to choose one that is pleasing to look at and really sparks your interest. Your manifesting journal works better when you use it often.

The true magic of your manifestation journal comes from the loving energy you will pour into its pages!

Each of the manifesting journals below offer a variety of techniques to help make you an energetic match to your goals. 

The Best Manifesting Journals

1) Best Overall: Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal

law of attraction manifestation journal


  • #1 Best Seller
  • Explains Law of Attraction basics
  • Variety of writing techniques
  • Empowering and motivational messages
  • Roomy pages  

This journal honors the magical root of all manifesting techniques: the law of attraction. 

What I love most about this guided journal by Latha Jay is that it incorporates 3 different methods to help you manifest: 555, 369, and scripting.

I’ve found that variety is important in a guided journal, because depending on your mood, different manifesting methods will sound good to you.

Plus, there are plenty of blank pages so you can express yourself freely.

Finally, people have the most beautiful things to say about this author – she teaches manifesting courses, too, so you’re being guided by a pro.

2. Best Planner: Law of Attraction Deluxe 12 Month Planner

law of attraction deluxe 12 month planner and manifesting journal


  • Weekly + monthly planning
  • Habit tracker, vision board, motivational stickers
  • Weekly inspirational quotes
  • Success map template
  • Calendar feature
  • Comes in a variety of fun colors

This planner is bursting with tools to help you create your best life. There are literally too many features to list! This goes beyond journaling – it’s more like a life coach on paper. 

I think the best thing about this planner is that it comes in different colors like vanilla/gold, purple, and black crescent

No matter where you are on your manifesting journey, this planner offers something to keep you engaged, motivated and committed to your upgrades.

3. Best for Motivation: Do It For Yourself

Do It for Yourself motivational manifesting journal
  • Builds momentum behind your desires
  • 5 stage approach for achieving success
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Focuses on clearing mental clutter
  • Helps identify your personal motivators

This unique journal/workbook helps you to shift your mindset so that you can overcome blocks that hold you back from creating your upgrades.  It also fosters mindfulness, so you can focus your energy toward your goals.

This journal takes a straightforward, practical approach to getting you in the right headspace for success.

4. Best for Daily Reflection: Manifesting: A Day & Night Reflection Journal

Manifesting: A Day and Night Reflection Journal


  • Builds healthy manifesting habits
  • 90-day support system
  • Guided prompts and forms and checklists
  • Each day offers the same journaling prompts/templates
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Vegan leather cover
  • Part of a 3-book set: Gratitude, Self-Care

This beautiful journal holds space for you to focus on your desires for a full 90 days. This one is a good choice if you have a clear idea of what you want and how to get there.

One note: morning/evening reflection prompts repeat on each page.

Some people love working within the same context every day, so they can easily track progress. But if you prefer to mix it up, choose a journal with more variety.

5. Best for Beginners: Manifestation Journal for Beginners: Intro to Harnessing LOA

Manifestation Journal for Beginners: An introduction to harnessing the law of attraction


  • Reviews manifesting and law of attraction basics
  • Inspiring exercises and affirmations
  • Supports you in trusting your intuition
  • Touches on various manifesting techniques

If you’re new to the concept of deliberate creation, this is a great place to start. This journal was created for beginners, and will walk you through the process of using the law of attraction to attract your upgrades.

This book has a healthy balance of informative content, and plenty of blank space to do your journaling.

6. Best 555 Journal: I’m a Bad Ass Woman and I Get What I Manifest

I'm a Badass woman and I Get What I Manifest: 555 Challenge manifesting journal


  • Lined workbook for writing out your intentions
  • Focuses on the 555 method
  • Roomy pages for writing

If you love manifesting with the 555 method, then look no further. This journal is perfect for a 555 manifesting challenge to stretch your manifesting muscles!

If you don’t know what the 555 technique is all about, read this first: 55×5 Manifesting Method To Shift Your Mindset Now

7. Best 369 Journal: It’s Already Yours

It's Already Yours 369 Manifestation Journal


  • Prompts and exercises to stay on track
  • Focuses on the 369 method
  • Broken out into morning, afternoon, and evening
  • Soothing quotes throughout

This journal harnesses the sacred energy of the number 369 to help you affirm your desires and bring them into your life. This journal has a simple and straightforward style, without a lot of fluff. 

8. Best for Low Maintenance: 1-Minute Gratitude Journal

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal


  • Focuses on manifesting through gratitude
  • Write down 3-5 things you appreciate, daily
  • Room to enter the date
  • Comforting quotes throughout
  • Blank pages for sketches

Everyone’s got one minute, right? This journal goes right to the core of attracting goodness into your life: the practice of gratitude.

Appreciation makes you a magnet for joyful experiences! So if you’re focused on uncovering the magic that dwells in your everyday life, this is your journal.

9. Best for Money: Unleash Your Inner Money Babe

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe


  • Improves your money mindset
  • 21-day challenge to manifest $1000
  • Easy to follow steps
  • Fun and lighthearted approach

The Manifestation Babe herself walks you through a 21-day challenge to upgrade your beliefs about abundance and attract real money, fast. People are loving this one!

10. Best for Self-Discovery: The Book of Dreams Come True

The Book of Dreams Come True manifesting journal


  • Focuses on self-exploration and transformation
  • Encourages you to make a wish and guides you toward fulfilling them
  • Boosts creativity
  • Unique and insightful prompts
  • Lots of blank space for writing

If you’re in a phase of life where you find yourself doing some soul searching, this journal is a perfect fit.

It’s motivating and uplifting, with lots of blank pages for you to write from the heart.

11. Best for Healing + Reflection: Soul Therapy

soul therapy: a 365 day manifestation journal


  • Space for daily reflection
  • Supports stress relief and emotional healing
  • 365 days of prompts, quotes, and practices
  • Variety of techniques and approaches for self-discovery

This guided journal helps you to heal and reflect. It’s more indirect when it comes to manifestation, but truly, you can’t attract your desires into your life until you do the work on yourself.

If you need help being more mindful, grateful, and peaceful, this is the perfect journal for you. As you heal and come home to yourself, every area of your life will improve. 

12. Best for Goal Getting: This Year I Will…

This Year I Will... 52-week guided journal to achieve your goals


  • 52 weekly prompts to help you manifest
  • Focuses on celebrating you
  • Helps you identify and explore goals
  • Weekly check-ins keep you on track for success

People love this journal! It’s easy to use, empowering, and offers a weekly power statement to keep you moving in the right direction. ‘This Year I Will…’ has over 2200 glowing reviews on Amazon.

13. Best for Worthiness: The Self-Confidence Workbook

Self-Confidence Workbook: A guide to overcoming self-doubt and improving self-esteem


  • Focuses on boosting confidence and worthiness
  • 5-step program for self-acceptance
  • Encourages mindfulness and self-love
  • Interactive exercises, reflections and quizzes

Worthiness is a prerequisite for bringing your dreams to life. So, if you struggle with your self-esteem, this journal is a beautiful place to begin your manifesting journey. 

14. Best Blank Journal: Super Attractor

Super Attractor manifestation journal


  • Option to pair with prompts from Super Attractor book
  • Watercolor images offer visual journaling cues
  • Lots of room for freestyle writing

Are you a Gabby Bernstein fan? If you haven’t discovered her yet, you’re in for a treat.

Use this beautiful diary on its own, or use it to try out the manifesting techniques she covers in the Super Attractor book.

15. Best for Shadow Work: The Shadow Work Journal

The Shadow-Work Journal
  • Over 30 journaling prompts
  • Plenty of free space for your own thoughts
  • Helps reveal the ‘root’ of your shadow
  • Personal commitment contract

If you have a tendency to self-sabotage, then this journal is for you. So often we stand in the way of our own desires. 

This shadow work journal will help you to know yourself more deeply, heal, and move forward toward your dreams. 

16. Best for Gratitude: Good Days Start with Gratitude

Good Days Start With Gratitude journal


  • 52-week guide to an attitude of gratitude
  • Helps you find the simple joys in life your own thoughts
  • Simple and understated with minimal prompts
  • Easy to use

When you train your mind to pick up on things that are pleasant as you go about your day, it literally rewires your brain. 

When this happens, you start attracting all sorts of miracles into your life. No matter what you’d like to manifest, gratitude practice will shine the light on your best path forward.

This journal has over 20 thousand glowing reviews! Lots of people are getting one for a friend and taking the gratitude journey together, which is a really sweet idea.

17. Best for Moon Manifesting: Moon Rituals 2023

Moon Rituals 2023 manifesting journal


  • Connects you with lunar energies
  • Helps unlock your potential to create your best life
  • Worksheets and rituals for each moon phase
  • Hardcover or paperback option

If you’re a moon sensitive soul, then this is the perfect manifesting journal for you. Moon Rituals guides you through the manifestation process by helping you to align with the unique power of each moon phase.

This extensive year-long journal was created by UK-based life coach Dawn Bradley, who brings 20 years of experience to the table. Plus, purchasing this journal gets you 50% off a session with her – how amazing is that?!

What To Write in Your Manifestation Journal

There are lots of ways to manifest on paper! In this section, I’m sharing several manifesting journal methods to get started, especially if you choose a blank journal, without prompts.

These are all manifesting methods that are based on writing:

33×3 Manifestation Method:3 Easy Steps to Do Right Now

55×5 Manifesting Method to Shift Your Mindset Now

How To Make a Focus Wheel for Manifesting

How To Use Scripting to Manifest Your Happy Future


Which of these manifesting journals speak to your heart? Leave a reply below and let me know which one you’re going with. 

Or, if you fall in love with one that’s not on my list, please share it with us.

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