55×5 Manifesting Method To Shift Your Mindset Now

Today I’m sharing exactly how to do the 555 manifesting method to help you bring your desires to life.

What Is The 55×5 Method?

The 55×5 manifesting method (also called the 555 method) involves writing an affirmation on paper 55 times in a row, for 5 days straight.

If you enjoy writing as well as using affirmations, the 555 manifestation technique is a perfect fit for you.

The magic in this manifestation technique is about keeping you engaged and focused on your desire. So if this the 555 method sounds boring or difficult to you, then you should feel free to check out other manifestation methods instead.

Here are some other manifesting methods that also involve writing and affirmations, but no repetitive scripting:

These are all just tools for you to pick and choose from, based on your personal preference. So do whatever sounds like the most fun to you.

Law of Attraction and 55×5 Method

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle that brings you experiences in life that reflect your dominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Most people aren’t even aware they’re contributing to their futures in this way, and allow their minds to react to whatever’s going on around them.

You should be choosing your thoughts just like you choose your clothes or your meals: with intention, based on what you want!

Of course you are already aware of this if you found your way here – pat yourself on the back because this is rare.

It all boils down to this: what you focus on grows. The 555 method is one way to help you focus and get your subconscious mind used to the idea of attaining your desire.

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Manifesting With Number 555

In numerology, every number has spiritual significance (sometimes referred to as angel numbers). The number five represents change. When a number is repeated in a sequence, such as in 555, the message of the number gets stronger.

So when you tie the number 5 into your manifestation practice, it ushers in the energy of positive change and transition.

Why do we repeat 55 times?

As you honor the number five in this manifesting technique, you invite positive change into your life and encourage yourself on a subconscious level to remain open to upgrades.

Sometimes it’s easy to get in the way of your own manifestations because change can be scary. But the number five brings a soothing energy, reminding you that you’re safe as you make this transition.

You can find the full spiritual meaning of number 5 here: Angel Number 5: These Changes Are A Blessing

55×5 Manifesting Affirmations

So to start, let’s recap what an affirmation is. An affirmation is a positive statement that you want to become true. It should make you feel energized and uplifted when you say it.

If you want more detail, you can read up on affirmations here: What Are Affirmations? How To Make Them Work For You

Something special occurs when you write things down. The simple act of putting what you want down on paper makes it more real, and is a concrete step in the direction of manifestation.

Your manifesting journal or notebook is a tangible thing that contains your ideas and goals for the future. So the approach of 555 method is partially about that.

In addition, the 555 method helps you connect to your subconscious mind and plant a seed there.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between something you believe will happen and something that is actually happening.

So if you can get yourself to believe that what you want will come true, law of attraction will help you materialize it.

How To Do the 55×5 Manifesting Method

Here’s the 555 method in three simple steps:

1. Choose your affirmation

If your affirmation makes you feel excited, motivated, and hopeful, then it’s the perfect choice for 555 manifestation. You may want to choose a shorter affirmation since you’ll be writing it 55 times in a row! But it’s entirely up to you.

I provide examples below, if you need help getting started.

2. Wright it 55 times in your journal

Prepare a space for yourself to do your 55×5 manifesting and start writing. You may want to number each repetition as you go, or mark the 55th line of your journal ahead of time so you know when to stop.

Remember, this exercise is all about focusing on your desires, and planting seeds in your subconscious mind. So it’s important that you stay in the moment as you do your writing. Here are some tips to create a sacred space for manifesting:

  • Choose a time + place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Have a comfortable place to sit
  • Use a pen that flows well
  • Place crystals in your space to help you manifest
  • Play relaxing music
555 manifesting journal entry

It’s okay to let your mind wander to places related to your desire. If you have visions of what life will be like once your wish is fulfilled, or if ideas come to you as you’re writing, that’s a good thing! As long as your thoughts are on topic, you’re good to go.

3. Repeat for five days

Repetition is key with the 55×5 method! Once you get into a groove on day 1, you’ll know what to expect and about how much time you’ll need to complete this daily exercise. Journal every day for 5 days straight.

55×5 Method Examples

Any affirmation will do, but here are some examples for you to choose from. If you have others, I’d love to hear them! Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post.

55×5 Method for Money

Here are various money affirmations that will work well for 55×5 manifesting. Notice which ones you’re naturally drawn to:

  • I am a magnet for abundance
  • Money flows to me from unexpected sources
  • I am worthy of abundance
  • This is a generous world with more than enough to go around
  • I pay my bills with ease and joy

Manifesting abundance is a process that involves shifting your mindset around your own worthiness. To dive more deeply into how to manifest abundance, check out this out next:

55×5 Method for Weight Loss

Here are some affirmations to consider that will support your weight loss and wellness goals. Take what you need!

  • My intuition guides me toward healthy choices
  • I love my body
  • I naturally crave whole foods
  • My body is an incredible healing machine
  • I am naturally energetic and flexible
  • My body feel light, lean and strong
  • As my emotions heal, my body heals

What To Do After 55×5 Manifesting

At the end of the 5th day, you’ll have formed a habit of thinking positive thoughts on the topic of your desire. This is the goal! Just relax, release, and take inspired action as you see fit, moving forward.

You can keep your pages right in your manifesting journal (I like to add a date to one of the pages so I can look back later). 

Store your journal someplace safe – it’s a sacred representation of your heart’s desires!

Wondering if your manifestation is on its way? Check this out next: 6 Strong Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

Let me know how you do with the the 55×5 manifesting method! I’d absolutely love for you to leave me a comment below. Wishing you all the very best on your manifesting journey.

XO, Andrea

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