Angel Number 5: These Changes Are A Blessing

Find yourself asking, why do I keep seeing 5s? Your spirit team is giving you a heads up about so happy changes! Let’s dive into the very exciting angel number 5.  

Angel Number 5 Meaning

Angel number 5 is all about positive change, so get ready to shake things up! First and foremost your spirit team wants you to know that you’re safe as this transition unfolds. When you see the number 5 it’s a reminder about how resilient, resourceful, and adaptable you are. Your angels want you to embrace change because it’s a result of your request for improvements. In order to make room for the new, something old has got to go. 

Number 5 is a reminder that your soul came here to enjoy a wide variety of experiences. What comes to mind when you think about trying something new or satisfying a curiosity? This is time to embrace adventure, take chances, visit new places, and try new things. You are becoming more authentically ‘you’ than you’ve ever been before! While change can feel scary, you will also earn a wonderful sense of freedom when you allow yourself to follow what lights you up. The energy around the number 5 is all about embracing the new. It’s also a reminder that you’re allowed to re-create yourself in any way that you see fit.

Angel Number 5 in Love

In regard to love, if you’ve been feeling a little restless or bored lately, here’s your written permission slip to make changes. Whether you’re ready for a new partner or just want to spice things up in your current relationship, your spirit team urges you to explore new ideas. Change is good! In fact, it’s better than good – change is sacred because that’s how all of your spiritual growth happens. 

Your spirit team is behind these changes, which means they’re absolutely in your best interest, even if it feels uncomfortable. They urge you to talk to them, offload your fears onto them so you are free to embrace this transition. These changes are good and you are ready!

Chakra Healing + Angel Number 5

The 5th angel number vibes with the 5th chakra. Your throat chakra is all about speaking your truth and sharing your authentic self with the world.  If you need help with this, Speak Your Truth chakra spray can help. Click ‘buy now’ below to grab a bottle. Or, read more about throat chakra healing in the  Ultimate Guide to Your Throat Chakra


Are you ready for your next chapter? I hope you loved your angel number message! Leave a comment below and share your reaction.

XO,  Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea is a certified Aromatherapy and Reiki Master in Central NY. She’s been featured in publications such as Energy Magazine and Forbes.

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