Angel Number 1: Set Intentions For a Fresh Start

Does the number 1 keep showing up for you everywhere? Angel number 1 carries a very specific message from your spirit team. Keep your mind and heart open as you read!

Angel Number 1 Meaning

What does it mean when you keep seeing the number 1? This very special angel number is all about setting positive intentions for your new beginning. What comes to mind when you think of starting something brand new? This is the situation that your angels are sending you a message about. 

Angel  Number 1 is a clear message to remain positive because you are in manifesting mode. Your thoughts, beliefs, and words contribute to how your situation will play out. So make sure what you say and think are in line with what you want because this is manifesting rule #1. 

When your angels send you the number 1, it’s their loving way of reminding you to release all those old, negative thought patterns, so you don’t drag them in to your “now“. They want to see you assert yourself here, and use your creative talents and imaginative mind in order to manifest the fresh start you so very much deserve.  

Angel number 1 also means it’s a perfect time to upgrade your expectations. Set your intention to focus only on what you want, not what you fear. Don’t be afraid to get your hopes up because your high vibes are an important ingredient to your successful outcome.  

Angel Number 1 in Love

When it comes to love, angel no. 1 represents newness. So this can represent a brand new relationship or a reboot of a current one. What comes to mind when you think about new beginnings in the romance department? This is a brand new chapter for you, a clean slate! Through the number 1, your angels are advising you to focus on what you want out of your relationship and then look for evidence of that unfolding. 

Through law of attraction, the universe will deliver you a partner who is a reflection how much loving car you give yourself. So be aware of your self-talk, and love yourself at this time as much as possible. Number 1 carries the energy of independence and self sufficiency. So as you learn to love yourself first, you’ll begin to attract upgraded romantic partners, as well. 

PS – don’t be afraid to make the first move! Angel number 1 is all about taking the lead and being confident. You’ve got this!

Chakra Healing + Angel Number 1

The energy of number 1 is associated with your 1st chakra, which is all about feeling stable and secure. So if you’re attracting this number, do a quick check to see if you need root chakra healing. You can learn more about it in the Ultimate Guide Root Chakra Healing

The quickest and easiest way to balance your root chakra is with You’re Grounded root chakra spray. Grab a bottle if your intuition is telling you that you need more stability:


Do these messages apply to situations in your life? Share your comments below – I’d love to hear from you.

XO,  Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea is a certified Aromatherapy and Reiki Master in Central NY. She’s been featured in publications such as Energy Magazine and Forbes.

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