New Moon Rituals for Manifestation in 2023

Today we’re talking about how to perform a new moon ritual for manifestation! The full moon tends to get the spotlight when we think of moon rituals. But the new moon has it’s own, gentle energy that can help you to set intentions for your future.

Isn’t it amazing how our emotional and physical bodies are so in sync with the moon? The moon represents divine feminine energy. This means it can help you process emotions tap into your intuition.

Spiritual Meaning of the New Moon

Manifesting Themes: Fresh Starts, Planning, Creation, Rebirth

Each moon phase offers special gifts. But the new moon focuses on starting fresh, getting creative, and hatching new desires. So if you’re focused on beginning a new chapter, a new moon ritual will support you perfectly.

This is is the ideal phase to start a project or set new goals. Creativity is high in this phase, so pay extra attention to any ideas and impulses that pop into your head. In fact, insights may even come to you in your dreams, so you may also want to keep a dream journal.

Note: If you struggle to remember your dreams, or if you’re interested in dream control, here are some affirmations to help: 40+ Lucid Dream Affirmations To Stimulate Your Subconscious Mind

New moon energy will also support your intentions to break any bad habits or unhealthy patterns. Whatever your desire moving forward, consider this phase your clean slate!

You can think of the new moon as a time for planting seeds for your future. And you’ll help them grow with the power of your thoughts, words and actions. 

This is your fresh start; a time for bright, new beginnings – and you get one every month! What could be more comforting?

To get a better feel for how important your mindset is when it comes to manifesting, check out these quotes. Reading through them will put you in the perfect mindset for manifesting your new beginning!: 45 Best Manifestation Quotes for Powerful Co-Creating

New Moon Manifestation Themes pin

New moon is the perfect time to let go of the old, and set intentions for your future. Use your imagination and think big!

When To Perform Your New Moon Ritual for Manifestation

The best time to perform your new moon ritual is within 2 days before or after the new moon.

As far as time of day, I prefer to do my moon rituals after sunset, but that’s not a requirement. Mama moon is out and about all day long, we just can’t see her!

How To Perform A New Moon Ritual for Manifestation

Your new moon ritual can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. So don’t get intimidated, especially if you’re a beginner! A ritual is really just a set of actions you take, with a specific intention in mind.

In fact your, the intentions in your heart are the most important ingredient for your new moon manifestation ritual. So feel free to be creative and tweak each step as you see fit. This is a time for you to connect to your emotions and intuition, so do what feels right.

Here are the basic steps to follow to manifest on a new moon.

1. Prepare For Your New Moon Ritual

The first thing you’ll want to do is prepare for your ritual, both physically and mentally. This is your special, sacred time! You should feel relaxed and focused from beginning to end. So it helps to prepare everything you need up front.

Here are some tips for getting ready to do your new moon manifesting.

Gather Supplies

You have several different options when it comes to how you’ll cast your new moon intentions. So all the items on this list are optional, based on your personal preference.

Sage or smudge spray.

The new moon is all about starting fresh. Since smudging clears away negative energy, it’s a beautiful way to begin your new moon manifesting ritual.

If you’re not familiar with how to smudge your space, you can read all about it here: How to Smudge with Sage

woman smudging with sage
Smuding with sacred herbs such as sage is a gentle way to raise your vibration and sweep away negativity. Just light your sage bundle and allow the smoke to curl and waft around you. Breathe.


Crystals can help you manifest your new beginning because they amplify your intentions. You do a full crystal grid, or simply place one atop your journal. Anything that will remind you of the magic taking place to bring your intentions to life. Be creative!

Here are some of the best crystals to work with during the new moon. But it’s by no means a full list. Your intuition will tell you exactly which ones to include!

  • Clear Quartz amplifies your intentions, and is good for every moon phase.
  • Citrine is all about success and abundance. Use it to support your new intentions.
  • Labradorite taps into your intuition and creativity. It protects your newly set intentions and ushers in perfect timing. 

Depending on your intention, consider adding any of these:

For more ways to use your crystals, read this next: How To Use Crystals: 6 Ways to Put Healing Stones to Work

Journal + Pen.

You’ll definitely want to grab a paper and pen, or your manifesting journal so you can write down your intentions. There are no firm requirements here, but you’ll be writing down your heart’s desire. This is sacred stuff, so don’t use the back of your grocery list, lol.

Essential Oils or Flowers.

It’s nice to bring a bit of the earth element into your new moon ritual. If you have a favorite essential oil blend or some wild flowers that catch your eye, they’ll make perfect companions for your sweet new moon ritual.

Moon Water.

Have you ever made moon water before? If you have some on hand, bring it out! Or, you can make a batch as part of your new moon ritual, and sip it throughout the month to remind yourself of the intentions you planted.

You can read how to make a batch of moon water here: How To Make Moon Water: Try This on the Next Full Moon


No moon ritual would be complete without the fire element! Fire naturally raises the vibration of your space and really sets the mood for your sacred self care rituals.

Tarot or Oracle Cards.

If you work with cards, grab your favorite deck! You can do a one-card pull after setting your intention, to get insightful messages from your spirit team.

Choose Your Space

Choose a quite space where you won’t be interrupted. You may want to set yourself up outside so you can soak up the moon vibes. Or you may choose a quiet room in your home, or perhaps the the bathroom, if you’re going to make sacred bathing part of your ritual.

The only criteria is that you won’t be distracted or disturbed. This is a private event! You can include your closest friends in your ritual, but you don’t want anyone else wandering in and killing the vibe.

With this in mind, I also suggest putting away your phone. Or, if you’re going to use it to play soothing music, you can put it on DND.

Ground Your Energy

Working with moon energy can feel wonderful. But sometimes it can leave you feeling a bit spacey. If you’re highly sensitive to moon energy, consider this quick grounding exercise before you begin:

Stand with arms at your sides, facing the direction of the moon, if you can. Say aloud, or in your mind:

I now ground myself deeply and firmly into Mother Earth.

Stand still for anywhere from a few seconds to a full minute, as you imagine the soles of your feet growing roots into the ground or floor. Once you feel feel stable, connected, and grounded, you can break the pose.

As an alternative, you can do this 5 minute body scan meditation: Body Scan Meditation to Ground Your Energy

woman laying on a blanket outside
This queen is going straight to the source to ground her energy. The earth element can soothe away stress and help you focus.

2. Set Your New Moon Intentions

Okay! So at this point you should have gathered your supplies, set them up in your chosen space, and grounded your energy.

Now it’s time to set your new moon intention. You can set as many intentions as you want, but I prefer to focus on one per ritual.

Here are some prompts on what to manifest on a new moon, in case you need help getting started:

If you’re choosing to write your intention down on paper, now’s the time.

You can also use a new moon affirmation that represents your intention: 57 New Moon Affirmations to Create Your Fresh Start

New Moon Ritual for Letting Go

Typically, the new moon is about opening a new chapter. But of course, that often means you’re closing an old one. So you can absolutely focus on letting go in your new moon ritual, but I want you to be mindful of your phrasing.

Your intention should focus on something new that you’re looking forward to. So phrase your intentions in a positive way, using words that trigger peace, happiness, excitement, and forward motion.

In other words, if there’s something you want to move away from, don’t mention that in your intention. Instead, talk about what you want to move toward. For example,

DON’T SAY: I want to cut ties with my ex.

SAY THIS INSTEAD: I want to feel free to focus on myself and grow in new directions.

As long as you follow this rule, you are good to go!

New Moon Prayer

If you’d like to open your ritual with a prayer, or a message to the universe, now would be the perfect time to do so. You should feel free to use anything that carries meaning for you. But here’s a little something to get you started.

Under the powerful energy of this new moon, is my intention to attract […] into my life. I am open to any changes required to allow for this unfolding. Please guide me in the coming days toward inspired action. Thank you for this gift.

3. Choose Your New Moon Manifestation Ritual

Now it’s time for the main event. Pick the activity below that you find most enjoyable.

The magic of rituals comes from raising your vibration – and your vibration is determined by your dominant emotions. So you want to focus on all the wonderful feelings you associate with your wish coming true. Allow your imagination to flow freely during your manifestation process.

Planting Seeds

If you want something simple and sweet, this is a powerful gesture that only takes a few moments.

Write your intention down on paper, fold it up, and bury it in the ground to symbolize planting this seed for your future. You can place a quartz crystal underground with it, or on the surface of the earth as a marker for your ‘wish garden’.

If you don’t have a yard, don’t worry! Instead, place your paper at the bottom of a flower pot. As you water your plant and watch it grow, you’ll be reminded and encouraged about your goals.

woman watering potted plants
How cool would it be to have a plant for each thing you want to invite into your life, like love, confidence, abundance, and joy? Then you’d have something tangible to nurture into being! As your plants grow, your life will flourish as well.

New Moon Bath Ritual

Sacred bathing is an excellent choice for any moon ritual. The moon’s magnetic pull has the power to affect the ocean tides, so the water element is way to call on moon energy to support your intentions.

Light candles, play relaxing music, and maybe toss some salts, flowers, or crystals into the tub. As you rest in the water, do some visualization work. Here are some prompts to help guide your thoughts:

  • What will your life be like once you manifest your desire?
  • How will you feel? Can you conjure those emotions now?
  • What details do you see in your mind’s eye?

Once you’re done with your visualization, clear your mind by focusing on your breath, or a candle flame. This is the time to surrender and allow the universe to do its magic. Notice what thoughts, feelings, and impulses come to you.

When you feel ready, drain the tub and imagine all negativity, limiting beliefs, and obstacles going down the drain.

Manifestation Box

A manifestation box, or wish box is a lidded container that holds anything that represents your desire. So if you’re working toward a new car, you might place items like this in your new moon manifestation box:

  • magazine cutouts of beautiful vehicles
  • an oracle card with a message of abundance
  • a piece of jade or green aventurine for prosperity
  • your written intention

If this idea appeals to you, you don’t have to wait for a new moon to do this. I go into a lot more detail here: Best Manifestation Box Ideas To Make Your Dreams Reality

Scripting New Moon Ritual

I adore scripting, and it’s such a powerful way to tell the universe exactly what you want, on no uncertain terms.

Grab your manifesting journal or a blank piece of paper. In this exercise you’re going to talk about your desire as if you already have it. The sky’s the limit, so use your imagination and think big! Here are detailed instructions on how to do it: How To Use Scripting To Manifest Your Happy Future

4. Close Your Ritual

Once you complete your chosen activity, take a moment to consciously close out the ritual in your mind. You can say “and so it is” if that resonates with you. Or, something like “my new moon ritual is complete and I’m so grateful and excited for what comes next.”

Then place your supplies back where they belong, for safe keeping.

5. Journal Your Progress Throughout The Month

Once your new moon manifestation ritual is complete, it’s time to surrender and let the universe work its magic. Your work is done: you have set clear intentions and have begun to build positive momentum around your desires.

It’s important to notice and acknowledge every sign from the universe, new idea, learning experience, and milestone along your journey. So I strongly recommend starting a manifestation journal to keep track of it all. That way you can look back on all of your beautiful progress!


To recap, here are your new moon ritual steps:

  • Prepare for your ritual by gathering supplies, choosing your space, and grounding your energy
  • Set your new moon intention
  • Perform your ritual, such as a sacred bath, planting seeds, a manifestation box, or script manifesting
  • Close your ritual
  • Track your progress

Now that your new moon ritual for manifestation is complete, all that’s left for you to do is keep your positive emotions going.

So check in with yourself every day and make sure you’re reaching for the best feelings and thoughts available to you. The higher you are on the emotional guidance scale, the faster your desires will unfold.

I would absolutely love to hear about your new moon ritual for manifestation! Did you pick up any tips here? Leave me your comments below.

XO, Andrea

PS – There are rituals for every moon phase! Explore these throughout the month:

Waning Moon Ritual for Cleansing

Full Moon Rituals for Letting Go

First Quarter Moon Ritual for Manifesting

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