Easy Tarot Numerology Chart: The Best Hack For Readings

Did you know tarot cards use numerology? You can easily, at a glance understand the theme of any reading by using this tarot numerology chart.

Here I explain the numerology of every tarot card and share a handy dandy cheat sheet to make reading cards simpler for you. I hope these tools enrich your readings and helps you interpret the guidance you receive from your spirit team.

How Tarot And Numerology Work Together

Oh yes, tarot and numerology go together like PB & J! While usually just the major arcana cards will display them, every card in your tarot deck is assigned a number.

These numbers hold insights and messages for your readings. And the best part is, every number in the deck (well, in the world) can be reduced down to a single digit (0 – 9). This means instead of trying to remember 78 unique card meanings, you can start by getting familiar with these 10 themes. That’s the beauty of numerology and tarot!

We’ll talk about how to reduce the number of any card to a single digit a bit later. Plus I made a calculator for you, so you don’t have to do any math! Your card’s numerological number, combined with its suit, can paint a very clear picture for you.

Tarot Numerology Readings

There are many ways to use numerology in your tarot readings. Primarily, we’ll be focusing on the those 10 categories that every card falls into. But in addition to that, you may notice significant number sequences in your card pulls, like:

  • Sequence of numbers like 2,3,4 – this is your signal that everything is lining up just as it should.
  • Repeating numbers across suits like 5 of cups and 5 of pentacles. Whenever a number is repeated, it’s your spirit team’s way of amplifying that number’s message.

Tarot Numerology for Major Arcana

The cards in your tarot deck are broken out into categories.

First, there are always 22 major arcana cards that represent major life events.

Then, the remaining minor arcana cards are broken into 4 suits, each having 14 cards, Ace through King, just like a deck of playing cards.

During this post, I’m going to be using Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Cards. This is my favorite tarot deck because there are no negative, scary cards. Who wants to get a reading and pull The Fool or Death?

Actually, this was originally done to scare people into paying fortune tellers to interpret the cards for them. I’m not a fan of the scare tactics behind those original cards! So this deck suits me better, and I think you’ll love it too.

In the Angel Tarot deck, the suits are named after the elements. But here’s how they map to traditional tarot, so you can follow along:

  • Air (Swords) – Intellect and logic
  • Fire (Wands) – Passion, career, creativity
  • Earth (Coins) – Finances and home life
  • Water (Cups) – Emotions, intuition, relationships

So now let’s talk about the numerology of each major arcana tarot card.

Tarot Numerology Cheat Sheet

Here’s a little cheat sheet to give you the spiritual themes of each number. Pin this for later!

tarot numerology cheat sheet

0. The Dreamer (Fool)

In numerology, the number 0 is a powerful number. It represents eternity, and reminds us that life is a series of cycles where we begin, complete, and begin again.

That’s why some place the Fool card at the beginning of the deck, while others have it as the final card in the major arcana. The number 0 is that sacred space in time, between closing one chapter and beginning anew.

So when you see it in your reading, it’s an invitation to take a leap of faith. It also serves as a reminder that you’ll have company along the way! Notice the loyal companion at the dreamer’s side.

You can read the full meaning of this number here: Angel Number 0: You Are Not Alone

dreamer tarot card
The Dreamer card from Angel Tarot deck

1. The Magician

Number 1 in numerology is all about new beginnings! So when you see the Magician card, or any card that reduces to 1, it means a fresh start is in the works.

It also signifies independence and leadership, so the person who draw this card is receiving the clear message that they can create anything they desire, if they trust their own abilities.

Number 1 means it’s time to focus on what you want and set intentions to get it!

You can read the full meaning of number 1 here: Angel Number 1: Make Your Fresh Start Now

Number 1 also aligns with the root chakra. This energy center is all about feeling safe and grounded. So this may be a call to ground your energy, to get stable and clear minded before you launch your new beginning.

magician tarot card
The Magician card from Angel Tarot deck

2. High Priestess

The number 2 carries a comforting message of love and support. While it often represents companionship, it’s also a clear request from your spirit team to think positively.

There are two sides to every coin, two ends of every stick. So whatever situation you asked about, 2 cards let you know that you create your own reality based on your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. So expect the best and you’ll get it!

Here’s the full meaning of 2 in numerology: Angel Number 2: Everything’s Going To Be Okay

The number 2 also represents your second chakra, the sacral. This energy center records all of your experiences, feelings, and beliefs around your partnerships. When in balance, you experience harmony in your relationships and feel passionate about life.

high priestess tarot card
The High Priestess card from Angel Tarot deck

3. Empress

Number 3 is a highly spiritual number that indicates your manifestations are ready to pop into your reality! The Empress is the prefect card for this number, since she represents divine femininity, fertility, and abundance.

When you pull a 3 card in your tarot numerology reading, it means you’re receiving extra help and guidance from God/Universe/Source/Your Higher Self. So this is a powerful number that acknowledges your wisdom and spiritual maturity.

Here’s the full message of the number 3: Angel Number 3: Ascended Masters Are Helping You Now

Number 3 also represents the solar plexus chakra, which is your center for personal power. So now’s the perfect time to give yourself a confidence boost, if you need one. These affirmations for the 3rd chakra will help: Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations to Feel Calm and Strong

empress tarot card
The Empress card from Angel Tarot deck

4. Emperor

Number 4 is all about divine masculine energy, so the Emperor captures it’s essence perfectly.

Divine masculine energy focuses on leadership, organization, and decision making. The number 4 represents stability (think of the 4 legs of a sturdy table). So this card is all about making sound plans for the future that will bring long term success.

Here’s the full message of 4: Angel Number 4: Safety and Comfort Are Yours Now

Number 4 also represents the 4th chakra, the heart chakra. So during your reading, notice any matters of the heart that may be affecting this situation. Do you need to do any forgiveness work in order to move forward? Or perhaps this is the time to practice self love.

emperor tarot card
The Emperor card from Angel Tarot deck

5. Unity (Hierophant)

In numerology, number 5 represents change. This Unity card is all about coming together with like minded people. So if you pick this card, there may be a change in your social scene on the horizon.

Think of this card as a permission slip to question beliefs you adopted from others, especially where your spirituality is concerned. You’re allowed to change, grow, and expand!

Here’s the full message of number 5: Angel Number 5: You’re Going To Love These Changes

Number 5 also represents the throat chakra, which your center for communication. So it’s very important to speak your truth in regard to these changes. This is a opportunity to become more authentically you than ever before! So say yes to change and allow the unfolding.

unity tarot card
The Unity card from Angel Tarot deck

6. Lovers

Number 6 carries a couple of meanings. First, carries nurturing, loving energy, which is why it appears on the Lovers tarot card. It also represents material comforts, and a pure hearted desire for everyone’s needs to be met.

In addition, 6 represents balance. So when you see 6 cards, it’s a call to make sure you’re approaching this situation with both your head and your heart.

The third eye chakra also aligns with number 6, so this would be a good time to focus on boosting your intuition, so you can gain more clarity.

For more on number 6, check this out next: Angel Number 6: Your Material Needs Will Be Met

lovers tarot card
The Lovers card from Angel Tarot deck

7. Chariot

The number 7 in tarot numerology is a highly spiritual number that represents focus and determination. It shows a keen awareness of exactly where you belong on your path. So here comes clarity, riding in on this chariot!

Number 7 means you have a strong connection with your inner truth, and as a result, you’re becoming more spiritual aware. When this happens, you become a magnet for success and other wonderful experiences.

Read more here: Angel Number 7: Divine Magic Surrounds You

Number 7 also represents the crown chakra, which is your center for spirituality, wisdom, and connection.

chariot tarot card
The Chariot card from Angel Tarot deck

8. Justice

Number 8 in numerology carries quite a bit of weight. Since this number is the shape of the infinity symbol, it’s a clear sign of limitless possibility. So if the chips are down, keep a positive outlook, because there’s nothing you can’t do!

If you were to fold the number 8 in half, you’d have two of the exact same shape. So 8 also carries the energy of fairness, balance, and and karma.

A quick note about karma: while it’s true what goes around comes around, it’s not based on a punishment/reward system. Instead law of attraction is going to bring you experiences that match your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

That’s why it’s so important to believe in your abilities, be kind to yourself, and expect the best. Keep these things in mind if your reading includes an 8 card.

Here’s the full message: Angel Number 8: You Have Infinite Possibilities

justice tarot card
The Justice card from Angel Tarot deck

9. Hermit

The Hermit appears to us with number 9, the number of mastery and completion. It also carries the energy of humanitarianism.

If you think of the number 0 through 9 as phases of a journey, 9 represents the final chapter. So when you see 9s in your tarot readings, it’s a sign that you’ve gotten everything you can from a situation, and now it’s time to finish up this chapter so you can use your newfound wisdom in new ways.

The Hermit is a spiritual leader – he’s seen it all and now lights the way for younger souls. Here’s the full of 9 in tarot numerology: Angel Number 9: A Chapter Is Closing

hermit tarot card
The Hermit card from Angel Tarot deck

10. Wheel of Fortune

Okay, now that we’re into double digits, we have to start reducing the card numbers to a single digit. In this case 1 + 0 = 1, so Wheel of Fortune aligns with the number 1 in numerology.

Think about the Magician card, which is our other ‘1’ card. It’s all about starting fresh and manifesting your desires.

So when you see the Wheel card, it means once again you’re ready to start something new, and where you land will depend on your vibration. All the cards that have the same numerological number will be related in this way.

Read more on how your vibration affects your reality here: How To Raise Your Vibe

wheel of fortune tarot card
The Wheel of Fortune card from Angel Tarot deck

11. Strength

The strength card reduces to number 2 (1 + 1 = 2), which represents harmony, and assures us everything’s going to be okay.

In this image you see this unlikely duo in perfect harmony. Clearly Archangel Ariel couldn’t have forced the tiger into submission – instead, he sensed her high vibration and offered her a lift. Notice the caption talks about compassion and forgiveness. This is the perfect representation of number 2.

Our other 2 card is High Priestess, which is all about happy partnerships. Similarly, the Strength card is a reminder that your true power comes from love and allowing, not fear and force.

strength tarot card
The Strength card from Angel Tarot deck

12. Awakening (Hanged Man)

The Awakening card reduces to number 3, which means it’s related to our other 3 card, The Empress. While the Empress represents abundance and expansion, the Awakening card represents events or experiences that can lead you to these upgrades.

So this card is all about new revelations and expanding your point of view. Notice Archangel Gabriel appears here, upside down. She’s letting you know that as your perspective shifts, abundance will flow into your life.

So give yourself permission to upgrade your beliefs as you see fit. This can take courage, so again number 3 invites you to work on your solar plexus chakra for confidence. If you need help in this area, these affirmations will help: Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations to Feel Calm and Strong

Isn’t this energy of Awakening so much more clear and encouraging than Hanged Man? I just love this deck!

awakening tarot card
The Awakening card from Angel Tarot deck

13. Release (Death)

The Release card reduces to number 4, which is all about stability and protection. I’m so glad they did away with the ‘death’ label in this deck because it’s so misunderstood.

First of all, the fact that this is a 4 card tells you right off the bat that you’re perfectly safe. But it also tells you that it’s time to make some decisions and plan for the future.

Remember, number 4 also comes through with The Emperor card. It carries divine masculine energy, which guides you to use your head as opposed to your heart, to determine next steps. It’s safe to leave this situation behind and move forward!

Even welcomed changes can bring up a mix of emotions. Number 4 is also a reminder to do some heart healing. So if you feel guided, read through these next: 39 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Soothing and Inner Peace

release tarot card
The Release card from Angel Tarot deck

14. Balance (Temperance)

The Balance card reduces to number 5, which heralds lessons and change. Quite often life lessons will unfold in the form of challenges. But this card assures you that it’s nothing you can’t handle as long as you keep your mind and heart open.

In this image you’ll see Archangel Zadkiel pouring liquid from one cup to another. This represents the blending of old and new knowledge from your life experiences.

Our other 5 card in the major arcana is The Hierophant, who asks us to find our spiritual tribe. So look for opportunities for growth in this situation. What is it trying to teach you? How can it help you to change and expand?

balance tarot card
The Balance card from Angel Tarot deck

15. Ego (Devil)

The Ego card reduces to number 6, which is also appears on the Lovers card. So when 6 comes to us in the form of the Ego card, it’s a sign we need to love ourselves more.

Number 6 also carries the energy of material concerns. So this may be a sign you’ve been super focused on focused not having enough of something. The Ego card doesn’t necessarily mean ‘egotistical’, although it can. But rather, the illusion of separateness.

So a more loving connection, either with yourself or another person will bring relief to this situation.

Also notice the person in the image is wearing a mask. Is there an opportunity to listen to your intuition here, so you can see the truth of the situation? Bringing your 6th chakra into balance will help: Third Eye Chakra Affirmations To Unlock Your Intuition

ego tarot card
The Ego card from Angel Tarot deck

16. Life Experience (Tower)

The Life Experience card reduces to number 7. So just like the Chariot card, themes of spiritual wisdom, focus, and determination come up with this card. However the context is quite different.

When the Chariot card comes up, you’re at the top of your game, aware of your purpose and moving full steam ahead toward your goals. But when Life Experience comes along, it means events in life are going to challenge you to find your purpose.

Crown chakra balancing will help you through this situation – it’s your 7th chakra and your spiritual center. If this card comes up in a reading, it’s a perfect time to try some crown opening affirmations: 45 Healing Crown Chakra Affirmations to Nourish Your Spirit

life experience tarot card
The Life Experience card from Angel Tarot deck

17. Star

The Star card reduces to number 8 (1 + 7 = 8), which is all about infinite possibility! We saw this on the Justice card too, and in both cases, everything is in perfect balance.

The Star card is a sign that you’ve been choosing thought, feelings, and beliefs that serve you. As a result of your spiritual alignment, you’ve manifested a never-ending stream of abundance. The sky’s the limit right now, so make a wish!

The Star tarot card
The Star card from Angel Tarot deck

18. Moon

The Moon card reduces to number 9, which also comes through on the Hermit card. So once again, life is going to offer us spiritual lessons.

While The Hermit has already learned her lessons and is teaching others, The Moon represents a phase of life where it’s time to be the student once again, and that may feel a little scary. But number 9 offers assurance that you can master this, and tap into your personal guidance to overcome fear.

This isn’t an action card. Instead, number 9 invites you to go inward and do some soul searching so your intuitive wisdom can shine through.

The Moon tarot card
The Moon card from Angel Tarot deck

19. Sun

The Sun card reduces to number 1. So once again, the themes of new beginnings and individuality come up here.

We saw this number on The Magician and Wheel of Fortune, too. So all of these cards are signals that something new is about to unfold.

Number 1 shines through on the Sun card when you’ve figured out exactly who you are and what you want. You are beaming with confidence, and so it’s a great time to set new goals!

The Sun tarot card
The Sun card from Angel Tarot deck

20. Renewal (Judgement)

The Renewal card reduces to number 2, which puts it in the same category as High Priestess and Strength. These cards promise harmony through trusting your intuition.

In the context of Renewal, number 2 is an invitation to re-evaluate your situation. Is there something out of balance that you need to reassess?

You deserve peace! And the energy of number 2 that comes through with this card assures you a favorable outcome is in store. All you need to do is focus on love and let it guide your actions.

renewal tarot card
The Renewal card from Angel Tarot deck

21. World

Finally, The World card reduces to number 3, which means it’s related to our other 3 cards: Empress and Awakening. This number is all about abundance, expansion, and receiving!

Here, number 3 vibes come through loud and clear. You can interpret this card literally as being on top of the world. Your high vibes have paid off and you’re a perfect vibrational match to your desires. Well done!

The World tarot card
The World card from Angel Tarot deck

Recap of Tarot Number Meanings

  • 0 – Leap of Faith, Space Between Cycles
  • 1 – New Beginnings, Manifesting, Independence
  • 2 – Partnership, Harmony, Positive Thinking
  • 3 – Divine Feminine, Abundance, Expansion
  • 4 – Divine Masculine, Logic, Stability
  • 5 – Change, Life Lessons, Authenticity
  • 6 – Love, Material Comforts, Balance
  • 7 – Determination, Spirituality, Wisdom
  • 8 – Limitlessness, Strength, Karmic Balance
  • 9 – Completion, Closing Chapters, Fulfillment

Tarot Numerology in Minor Arcana

Court Cards

Court cards don’t typically have numerological associations in Tarot. However you can still use this process to gain additional insights for your readings.

At least for the Angel Tarot deck, the guidebook shares the numbers associated to the cards.

Remaining Minor Arcana Cards

The remaining cards in your deck are categorized into these 10 numerical categories, with no math required!

Ace cards are 0s.

All you need to do is consier the suit combined with the card’s number and you’ll have quite a bit of insight into the card’s message without even checking the guidebook.

So just as a recap, here’s what each suit means:

  • Air (Swords) – Intellect and logic
  • Fire (Wands) – Passion, career, creativity
  • Earth (Coins) – Finances and home life
  • Water (Cups) – Emotions, intuition, relationships

For example, if you pull the Ace of Water, that means a new relationship is about to begin.

Or, say you pull Five of Fire. This may indicate challenges you need to overcome in career.

It’s that easy! No need to memorize 78 card meanings.

You can practice now by grabbing your deck and randomly pulling a card. What do you know about the card based on it’s number and suit?

Tarot Numerology Chart

Here’s a chart that shows you every major arcana card along with it’s numerological number. This way, you don’t have to worry about doing the math to reduce them. Pin this for later!

tarot numerology chart

Tarot Numerology Calculator

If math isn’t your thing, that’s okay! I created this tarot numerology calculator to reduce any tarot card number down to a single digit. So all you need to do is find the card number, enter it below, and hit ‘calculate’.

Major arcana cards usually display the number right on the card. For the minor arcana, you check the guidebook that came with your deck to get the card’s number. Or, you can use the tarot numerology chart above instead of the tarot numerology calculator.

I hope this makes life easy for you!


I hope my tarot numerology chart, cheat sheet, and calculator provide you all the tools you need for your readings. Is there anything I missed? If you still have questions, just drop me a comment below!

Have fun testing out your new numerology skills!

XO, Andrea

Do you know your life path number? ✨Enter your birthday into my free calculator to find out! Life Path Number Calculator: The Hidden Meaning of Your Birthday

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