How To Make A Focus Wheel For Manifesting

What Is A Focus Wheel?

A focus wheel is a manifestation process that involves writing your desire down on paper, surrounded by positive statements that support it. As you brainstorm positive thoughts about your goal, your ability to manifest it gets stronger.

For this manifestation exercise, you’re going to draw a wheel on a piece of paper, divided into 12 parts. In the center of the wheel, you’ll write something that you want to be true in your life.

Maybe it’s something like ‘I have a successful business’ or ‘I am living in my dream home’.

This is your affirmation that you will work on manifesting throughout this process. Then, in each of the 12 sections surrounding your statement, you’ll write a positive statement that supports this desire.

By the time you’re finished with this process, you will notice a major shift in your energy – which is the entire point of the exercise. I’ll give you detailed instructions, examples, and a template below so you can create your own manifestation wheel.

Abraham-Hicks brought us this focus wheel manifestation technique. It’s powerful, easy, and fun! If you’re not familiar with Abraham/Esther Hicks, here are some of their best quotes, to give you a feel for their message. Abraham is my favorite spiritual teacher of all time! Take a moment to check these out: 46 Best Abraham Hicks Quotes to Change Your Life Now

Focus Wheel Purpose

As you may already know, law of attraction delivers you experiences that match your beliefs. So if there’s something that you want badly but you can’t seem to manifest it, it always means one thing: what you expect to happen is out of whack with what you want to happen.

This mismatch between your desire and belief is what’s delaying your manifestation. What a focus wheel can do is help you upgrade your expectations, making you a perfect vibrational match to your desire. When this happens, everything you want flows into your experience.

The focus wheel (or manifestation wheel – they’re the same thing) is a tool to raise your vibe and generate positive feeling thoughts about what’s coming next.

So you can use this manifestation process when you become aware that you have self-doubt, frustration, or impatience about receiving upgrades in your life.

If you’re brand new to these concepts – you’re in for a life changing treat! Read these to get a better handle on how focus wheels (and all manifestation methods) work:

Do Focus Wheels Work?

Yes! As long as you’re in the mood to create one and are open to the process.

In fact, these manifestation techniques should never feel like hard work. If they do, take a break until you’re in the right headspace. Life is supposed to be easy and fun! So don’t put any pressure on yourself about this. Think of it as a game.

You’ll be able to tell the focus wheel is helping you to manifest by comparing how you feel, before and after the process. So before we begin, let’s take a moment now to get a quick baseline:

  • Think about something that you desire. This is going to be the theme of your focus wheel.
  • How do you feel about it right now? What emotions come to mind?
  • Rate your emotions on the subject, where 1 is hopeless and 5 is totally pumped.

We’ll repeat this step at the end so you can see how dramatically your perspective shifts as a result of this process.

How Do You Use A Focus Wheel?

The benefits of the focus wheel are in the process of creating it. So you can use this method whenever you notice there is discord between how you’re feeling and what you want.

The entire key to manifesting is lining up your feelings, beliefs, and expectations with your desires. And that’s what the focus wheel helps you to do.

When Do You Do A Focus Wheel?

A focus wheel is an excellent tool when you want a proactive way to manifest your desires.

Of course, meditation is another effective way to manifest, because it stops not only your negative thoughts, but all thought entirely. Sometimes sitting in stillness doesn’t feel right, though.

So if you’re feeling restless or impatient, but don’t know what steps to take toward your goals, go through the focus wheel process. It will elevate your mood and guide you toward inspired action.

How To Fill Out A Focus Wheel

OK so exactly how do you make a manifestation wheel? To get started, all you need are:

  • Paper or your manifesting journal
  • Something to write with – it can be a pen or you can add color with markers or colored pencils
  • An affirmation that you want to manifest

An affirmation is any positive statement that you want to become true. You can come up with your own, or if you need help, here’s a bunch to choose from: I AM Affirmations for Success, Love, Wealth + More

Focus Wheel Instructions

  1. Draw a small circle in the center of the page that’s large enough to write your affirmation. Draw another, slightly larger circle around that. Then, draw an even larger circle around those two. So you end up with something that looks like this:

2. Draw lines through your circle, dividing your wheel into 12 parts.

3. Write your affirmation inside the center circle.

OK now comes the most important part! Abraham-Hicks instructs us to keep this little analogy in mind when working through the focus wheel process.

Remember those merry-go-rounds at the playground when you were a kid? It was so easy to hop on when it was spinning slowly, right?

Now think of how difficult it was to jump on while it was spinning super fast – almost impossible! This is because you weren’t able to match the momentum of the spinning wheel.

The vibration of your desire is like that quick-spinning wheel at the playground. It’s really hard to attract something if you don’t have positive momentum going on the subject.

In other words, trying to get yourself to believe your affirmation when you’re feeling doubtful and impatient is just like trying to jump on a merry-go-round that’s spinning super fast. Frustrating and painful!

So, we are going to build up your positive momentum gradually, by coming up with twelve statements that feel realistic to you, and also support your affirmation. Make sense?

4. Write 12 statements that supports your affirmation and feel true to you.

Focus Wheel Prompts

Coming up with supporting statements will help you build positive momentum. So start small and let your excitement build! Here are some prompts to get you started:

  • If the specifics of your situation are stressful, start with general statements
  • Draw on experience from your past successes
  • Note your skills and natural talents
  • Write about the positive emotions you feel when you daydream about your desires coming true
  • What evidence have you seen that you’re on the right path?
  • Think about what you’re excited to learn

Focus Wheel Examples

The magic of the focus wheel is all about going through the process of generating positive thoughts, to get you pumped up about your desires. But I’m including some examples here just to give you a general idea about what your focus wheel might look like when you’re done.

Your statements will be a unique reflection of your own dreams, passions, skills, and interests. Just know that you cannot get this wrong, so have fun and don’t overthink!

Here are four focus wheel examples to help get you started.

Focus Wheel for Money

Affirmation: My supply of money is infinite!

Supporting Statements:

  • I’m so grateful for every penny I already have
  • I look forward to learning more about money management
  • It’s exciting to think about all the good I could do with more money
  • I’m starting to understand that money is just energy
  • I can shift my energy to line up with the vibration of abundance
  • I am worthy of more abundance
  • My relationship to money improves every day
  • I’m looking forward to money flowing to me in unexpected ways
  • Good things are unfolding for me
  • When I feel my mood improve it means I’m a stronger money magnet
  • I’m open to gifts from the universe
  • I know I can do this!

For more money affirmations, read this: 7 Best Money Affirmations (and how to get fast results)

Focus Wheel for Weight Loss

Affirmation: I maintain my ideal weight with ease!

Supporting Statements:

  • I’m grateful for everything my body can do
  • My body sends me messages about what it needs
  • I’m becoming more intuitive as I listen to my body’s signals
  • I’m naturally drawn to nourishing, healthy foods
  • My body is a magnificent, complex work of art
  • I can feel my energy level increasing every day
  • It’s fun to learn new ways to improve my wellness
  • I love to celebrate my strength through exercise
  • I’m proud of my focus on self-care
  • As my emotions improve, my body heals
  • I deserve to feel confident and beautiful
  • I’m ready transformation!

Focus Wheel for New Job

Affirmation: My work is meaningful, fun and supports my lifestyle!

Supporting Statements:

  • I have many valuable skills to offer
  • My experience has prepared me for my dream job
  • I deserve to spend my day on fulfilling work
  • I’m worthy of higher pay and security
  • Others would be lucky to have me on their team
  • I’m proud of my accomplishments so far
  • It’s time to expand and learn new things
  • I’m excited to grow and stretch myself
  • My dream team wants to find me as much as I want them
  • The universe is leading me toward a perfect fit
  • I know I’m always safe as I venture out of my comfort zone
  • I am ready for my next adventure!

If you’re focused on making career upgrades and need a confidence boost, I strongly suggest you read through these next!: Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations to Feel Calm and Strong

Focus Wheel for Relationship

Affirmation: My life is filled with romance!

Supporting Statements:

  • I enjoy meeting new people
  • I practice self-love every day
  • My life is filled with love already and there’s always room for more
  • It’s fun to explore my romantic options
  • My relationships offer me clarity about myself
  • I’m getting good at sensing when someone is a good match for me
  • I know that my partner is a reflection of me
  • As I love myself more I attract better people into my life
  • I make an excellent partner
  • There’s no need to settle for less than I deserve
  • The world is filled with interesting, loveable people
  • My heart is open to love!

If you’re working on manifesting romance, you’ve got to read this next!: 6 Powerful Love Affirmations for Lasting Results


How are you feeling now that you’ve completed the focus wheel process? If you rated yourself at the beginning from 1 to 5, is your number higher now? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!

Remember, as long as you feel GOOD about what you want, you’re on the road to manifesting it. So come back and re-read your focus wheel whenever you need an emotional boost.

Also, this is just one of the 22 processes Abraham Hicks lays out for us in the book, Ask And It Is Given. You can see the rest here: Complete List of 22 Abraham Hicks Processes + How To Use Them

Wishing you all the best!



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