170 Positive I AM Affirmations for Success, Love, Wealth

I Am: Two little words with incredible manifesting power. What you believe about yourself becomes true! So today I’m sharing positive I Am affirmations to empower you in every area of your life. It’s time to upgrade your beliefs so you can attract your upgrades.

What Are Positive I AM Affirmations?

I AM affirmations are powerful! Simply put, they are positive, uplifting phrases that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis. By definition they begin with the words “I am” and are followed by a word or short phrase that you want to become true in your life.

Why Is I AM Such a Powerful Statement?

Your body listens and responds to every word you say. In fact, the entire universe responds to your words, beliefs and emotions.

This is what makes positive I Am statements so important: you will begin to attract experiences into your life that match your upgraded beliefs.

In fact, that’s what positive I Am affirmations are all about – upgrading your ideas about yourself.

Actually, you’re probably making ‘I Am’ statements all day long without even thinking about it (but they’re probably not all positive).

Most people don’t think of their words as investments in their future, but that’s exactly what they are! So pat yourself on the back for even being here because it’s a testament to your wisdom.

When you understand law of attraction, the more discerning you become with the words you choose to speak.

To make my point clear, these are all I Am statement examples:

  • I am always broke
  • I am so tired
  • I am not good enough

Eek! First of all, this is crazy talk because you are a beautiful, perfect soul who came here to have a human experience. So lighten up on yourself!

And for goodness sake, think twice before you shoot yourself in the foot by speaking words about yourself that you don’t want to be true. Making negative affirmations is a toxic habit that it’s time to retire.

A fun and easy way to kick the habit of negative I Am statements is to start thinking of your words as magical spells.

You would never cast a spell to make yourself unhealthy, unwanted, or unworthy of your desires, right? Then break the cycle today by choosing your words with purpose.

When you remove the negative I Am statements from your vocabulary, you’ll see powerful results. In fact, this is even more important than adding positive affirmations to your routine. Otherwise you’re just working against yourself.

How Often Do I Say I AM Affirmations?

In general, you’ll want to say your affirmations on a daily basis. But more importantly, say them when you’re in the mood to be soothed and uplifted. This is crucial because if you’re actively resisting the words as you speak them, they don’t have any power.

So if you find yourself feeling really angry or frustrated, and the words don’t FEEL good to you, don’t say them in that moment. Just give yourself permission to be where you are, and know that it’s temporary.

You should also take a moment to say your affirmations whenever you see evidence of things going well! That’s the perfect time to express gratitude and reinforce your positive statements. 

Do Affirmations Have To Start With ‘I AM’?

No. An affirmation is any positive statement that helps to improve your mood. The only rule of thumb is for the affirmation to describe yourself. In other words, it should be about something you’re doing or feeling (not anyone else). So as long as you keep that in mind, you can phrase a positive affirmation in a number of different ways.

Here are some examples of affirmations that don’t start with ‘I am’:

  • I feel strong
  • Everything is always working out for me
  • The universe supports me
  • I have perfect timing
  • My heart is full

These are all perfectly good affirmations that don’t begin with ‘I am’. If you want to explore other types of affirmations, read What Are Affirmations? Definition + Examples for Self Care. This is where I list all my affirmations lists by topic.

But in this post we are just going to focus on statements that begin with ‘I am’.

Here’s a list of I AM affirmations for every area of your life. Find one that feels good to you and repeat it often.

Positive I AM Affirmations for Success

These I Am statements will set you up for success! If you’re getting ready to make a career change, or just need a boost of confidence, these are good I Am affirmations to practice.

All successful people have one thing in common: they expect to succeed. In order to open the doors to success for yourself, you need to have a strong sense of worthiness. Do you believe you are worthy of achieving more? Many people struggle in this area, I know I did, for years.

But you can go beyond these I Am statements for success to help build your confidence. All of your feelings and beliefs of self worth and confidence live in your solar plexus chakra. So if you could use healing in this area, you should also check out this list: 29 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations: Claim Your Power

I also recommend you get to know Bob Proctor. He is a motivational speaker who focuses on success and wealth:35 Best Bob Proctor Quotes To Crush Your Goals

Here are the some powerful I Am statements for success – I hope they inspire you!

1. I AM ready to take on new opportunities.   

2. I AM confident and capable.     

3. I AM a valuable asset to my team.     

4. I AM closer to reaching my goals every day.       

5. I AM co-creating my upgrades with the universe.  

6. I AM always receiving clear guidance on next steps.    

Pinnable I AM affirmation 1

7. I AM learning lessons and gaining experience.    

8. I AM open to learning new things.

9. I AM on the path to realize my desires.

10. I AM growing, learning, and expanding.   

11. I AM open to new ways of thinking.      

12. I AM eager to take on new challenges.      

13. I AM making incredible progress every day.      

14. I AM grateful for how far I’ve already come, and excited about where I’m going.

15. I AM able to find creative solutions to any problem.

16. I AM looking forward to seeing how the universe delivers my desires.  

17. I AM graceful under pressure.

18. I AM a powerful creator.

19. I AM worthy of upgrades.  

20. I AM enjoying this adventure as I move toward my positive outcome.

21. I AM blessed with all the tools I need to be successful.  

22. I AM willing to tweak my plans as I learn new things.  

23. I AM always attracting helpful people into my life.    

24. I AM willing to venture out of my comfort zone in order to prepare for my upgrades.  

25. I AM manifesting success through my thoughts, words, and actions.

26. I AM energetic, motivated, and optimistic about my life. 

27. I AM confident that everything is unfolding in my best interest. 

Positive I AM Affirmations for Wealth

Abundance comes in many forms, but these I Am statements focus on money. If you’ve been focused on creating more financial wealth in your life, these affirmations can help you.

The most important mindset to adopt to attract wealth is to remember that money is just energy.

Just like everything else, your beliefs about how much money you deserve, or how much opportunity you have to earn is going to determine how successful you are with this.

If you want to dive into money affirmations further, read 7 Best Money Affirmations (and how to get fast results).

Do you catch yourself affirming why it’s impossible to make more money? After all there are only so many working hours in the day, and you need to pay your bills before you can save. So it’s easy to get caught in the trap of believing you can attract more money. If you catch yourself saying “I want more money, but…” then you’re in the wrong mindset for attracting more wealth into your life.

One trick I learned from Abraham Hicks is to replace the word ‘but’ with ‘because’. This will prompt you to talk about all the good things that extra money represents. And when you talk about all those wonderful things, you will improve your mood, and your I Am wealth affirmations will be much more effective.

So for example, instead of saying “I want more money but I’m not due for a raise until next year”,

try something like:

“I want more money because it’ll give me more freedom to travel.”

Get the idea?

It’s much harder to slip into negative talk when you eliminate the word ‘but’. So keep this in mind as you talk about money because the more you can clean up your language, the more wealth you’ll be able to attract.

If you do this in combination with your I Am statements, you’ll be manifesting more money sooner thank you think!

28. I AM a magnet for money 

29. I AM grateful for the wealth I already have, and eager for more. 

30. I AM a responsible manager of money.    

31. I AM worthy of more financial prosperity.      

32. I AM aware that money is just energy, and it flows to me as I improve my thoughts about it. 

33. I AM learning to love my relationship with money.  

34. I AM excited to see how the universe will guide me toward financial solutions.  

35. I AM releasing all limiting beliefs that hold me back from manifesting wealth.  

36. I AM using money as a tool to create a better world. 

37. I AM paying off debts with joy.  

38. I AM looking forward to more financial freedom.    

39. I AM managing my growing abundance with ease.        

40. I AM happy to share my prosperity with others.          

41. I AM learning more than I ever knew before about money management.  

42. I AM having fun learning how to manifest wealth.     

43. I AM aware that when I talk about money in a positive way, it helps to attract money into my life. 

I AM Affirmations for Abundance

When you’re in alignment with your true nature, the world feels like a generous, abundant place. This is how life is meant to be!

Abundance comes in so many forms: health, wealth, happiness, time, resources, and the list goes on. If you’re focused on attracting more abundance in your life, and you’re open to the form it takes, these I Am affirmations for abundance are perfect for you. Sometimes it’s nice to make a request for abundance and then let the universe surprise you.

Actually this is a brilliant form of manifesting your desires: just focus on the feelings you want to experience more of, and allow the universe to fill in the details.

Remember, you are a spiritual being and the larger part of you is in non-physical form (often referred to as your soul). That part of you knows what you want even better than you do!

So if you can’t find the perfect words to express your hearts desires, just start with these I Am statements for abundance, then sit back and notice what comes to you.

44. I AM naturally lucky.   

45. I AM living in an abundant universe, where there is more than enough of everything to go around.

46. I AM enjoying abundance in many forms already, and there is more to come.

47. I AM open to new ways of growing my abundance.    

48. I AM attuning myself to the vibration of prosperity and abundance.  

49. I AM seeing evidence of abundance flowing to me every day.  

50. I AM open to receiving gifts from the universe.      

51. I AM happy for other people who have attracted abundance in their lives.

52. I AM satisfied with what I have and eager for more.     

53. I AM already rich in spiritual truth and my abundance will soon manifest in the physical world.  

Pinnable I AM affirmation 2

I AM Affirmations for Self Love

Self love is the most important practice you can have. Every interaction throughout your life, from your closest relationships to someone you pass on the street, can have an impact on how you feel about yourself. So if you’ve picked up unloving beliefs about yourself along the way, be proud of yourself for seeking out ways to heal your heart chakra.

If you’d like to learn more ways to practice self love, give these a read:

I Am statements are perfect for practicing self love. Please let me know in the comments below which ones you enjoy the most.

54. I AM worthy of my own love and respect.       

55. I AM proud of myself.       

56. I AM learning to be kind to myself.  

57. I AM aware that I teach others how to treat me by how I treat myself.

58. I AM moving away from unhealthy behaviors. 

59. I AM happy in my own company.   

Pinnable I AM affirmation 3

60. I AM wiser than ever before, thanks to my past mistakes.       

61. I AM making self care a priority in my life.         

62. I AM always willing to listen to my body’s messages.         

63. I AM an extension of Source energy.  

64. I AM strong, capable, and empowered.  

65. I AM in alignment with my true self.    

66. I AM attracting healthy relationships into my life.      

67. I AM whole – nothing about me is missing or needs to be fixed.  

68. I AM on a sacred journey toward more self love.  

69. I AM learning to stand up for myself.  

70. I AM worthy of happiness and inner peace.  

71. I AM making choices that honor my soul.    

72. I AM kind to myself.  

73. I AM patient with myself as I learn and grow.  

74. I AM creative, intelligent, and talented.   

75.  I AM loved unconditionally by the universe.  

76.  I AM awesome and I love myself.  

77.  I AM perfectly unique.    

78.  I AM discovering my spiritual gifts.      

79.  I AM bravely opening myself up to positive change.      

80.  I AM authentic in my self expression. 

Positive I AM Affirmations for Confidence

As I said above in the success section above, your sense of confidence lives in your solar plexus chakra. When this chakra is in balance, you can make clear decisions without waffling, you aren’t afraid to say no, and you trust your gut instincts.

Doesn’t quite sound like you?

Well I have good news because confidence is a skill you can learn! These I Am affirmations can help you to reclaim your personal power. Try saying these out loud, in the mirror.

You are powerful! If you want to learn more about your solar plexus chakra and how to tell if it’s unbalanced, read this next: Ultimate Guide to Your Solar Plexus Chakra.

81.  I AM entitled to my own ideas and opinions. 

82.  I AM clear on my boundaries and express them to others.

83.  I AM worthy of all good things.

84.  I AM an excellent decision maker.  

85.  I AM responsible and organized.  

86.  I AM energetic and motivated.

87.  I AM comfortable standing in my power.  

Pinnable I AM affirmation 4

88.  I AM safe, even when I’m feeling anxious.  

89. I AM learning to trust the universe when I can’t control something.

90. I AM assertive and communicate my needs clearly.

91. I AM comfortable being myself.

92. I AM proud of who I am.

93. I AM a valued member of my tribe.

94. I AM able to accomplish anything I set my mind to.

95. I AM always receiving intuitive guidance to help guide my actions.

96. I AM empowered to set healthy boundaries in my relationships.

97. I AM comfortable asking for help when I need it.

98. I AM looking forward to creating upgrades in my life.

99. I AM open to sharing more of my gifts with the world.

100. I AM ready to embrace my personal power.

101. I AM self-sufficient and know how to take care of myself.

102. I AM becoming more confident every day.

103. I AM fun to be around and others enjoy my company.

104. I AM reliable and trustworthy.

105. I AM respectful of others, and in return, people respect me.

I hope these I Am statements for confidence fill you with empowerment. You are capable and worthy! Which one is your favorite? Please leave me a comment to let me know!

I AM Affirmations for Sleep

Does your mind just wander all over the place when you try to settle down at night? I Am affirmations are excellent when you’re trying to get to sleep, because it gives your mind a place to focus.

Try picking on and just repeating it to yourself while you’re lying in bed. When you use your I Am statements in this way, it’s like a form of meditation. If you try this exercise, please let me know how you do!

Also, here’s another list of sleep affirmations that you can listen to, if you’d prefer: Indulge Your Senses With This Powerful Bedtime Ritual

106. I AM becoming more relaxed with every breath.

107. I AM setting my worries aside and focusing on sleep.

108. I AM able to quiet my mind and be still.

109. I AM so comfortable in my bed.

110. I AM grateful that I have a safe and cozy place to sleep.

111. I AM looking forward to peaceful dreams.

Pinnable I AM affirmation 5

112. I AM open to spiritual guidance while I sleep.

113. I AM worthy of down time – I deserve rest.

114. I AM winding down for the day and allow my body to release tension.

115. I AM in the habit of keeping my bedroom tidy because it is sacred space.

116. I AM finished with the day’s activities and now it’s time to recharge.

117. I AM highly productive while I sleep. New insights come to me when my conscious mind is out of the way.

118. I AM able to fall into deep slumber easily and naturally.

119. I AM focused on rest, here and now.

120. I AM looking forward to feeling recharged and refreshed when I wake up.

121. I AM free to let my mind wander wherever it wants to go.

122. I AM open to lucid dreaming experiences.

123. I AM proud of what I accomplished today.

124. I AM grateful for all the blessings that I received today.

125. I AM healing my body while I sleep.

126. I AM worthy of a fresh start tomorrow.

127. I AM raising my vibration while I sleep.

128. I AM going to sleep in peace.

I AM Affirmations for Health

Your mind and body are so closely coupled that your body can’t even tell the difference between the real stress of being in physical danger, versus stressful thoughts you conjure up in your head.

So it’s no surprise that when you suffer from negative emotion, that your body begins to suffer as well.

In fact, metaphysical teacher Louise Hay mapped every physical illness to an unhealthy thought pattern. So if you’re looking for physical relief, I Am affirmations for health are an excellent tool to supplement your efforts.

You deserve to feel comfortable and strong in your body.

You can repeat these affirmations in the morning when you wake up, or whenever you’re experiencing discomfort or pain.

Also, these I Am statements for health are perfect to use along with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping. Tapping is an easy and relaxing way to reduce pain, and you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve never heard of tapping, you should definitely it out: What Is Tapping? Step-by-Step Guide

I hope these I Am affirmations for health help you on your healing journey.

129. I AM healing my body with every breath.

130. I AM practicing the vibration of well being

131. I AM healthy and strong

132. I AM returning to my natural state of radiant health

133. I AM in charge of my own wellness

133. I AM naturally drawn to foods that nourish me

134. I AM practicing healthy habits that support my desires

135. I AM grateful for my body

136. I AM aware of the signs my body sends me

137. I AM improving my health as I improve my emotions

138. I AM filled with vitality

139. I AM in tune with my body’s needs

I AM Affirmations for Happiness

You deserve to feel happy! And not just when major life events happen, but every day. When you are able to find the pleasure in life’s little moments, you’ve got it made. Because after all, life is made up of little moments.

These positive I Am affirmations for happiness can help you to focus on the positive aspects of your life. That’s really all happiness is: a practices habit of recognizing the good instead of the bad.

If you’re really struggling to find the joy in life, here is some additional read for you:

140. I AM happy to be alive

141. I AM filled with joy

142. I AM eager to get up in the morning and begin a new day

143. I AM always on the lookout for signs from the universe

144. I AM having so much fun co-creating my day with the universe

145. I AM able to laugh easily and often

146. I AM naturally attuned to the vibration of happiness

147. I AM in charge of my thoughts and I choose thoughts that make me happy

148. I AM so blessed

149. I AM excited about the future

150. I AM attracting other happy, light hearted people into my life

151. I AM giving myself permission to say no to anything that doesn’t make me happy

152. I AM letting go of thoughts that hurt me and moving toward happiness

153. I AM worthy of a happy life

154. I AM empowered to choose happiness for myself

I AM Affirmations for Women

Yas, queen! Here is a list of affirmations just for you. In honesty, all of these affirmations lists are for you. But these I Am affirmations focus on womanhood, specifically.

To be a woman is an incredible gift.

You are literally a portal from the spirit world to this physical world. If that’s not power, I don’t know what is! But sometimes it’s easy to forget just how powerful you are. These I Am affirmations for women will help to remind you.

And if you want more after reading through this affirmations list, here’s another one: 112 Positive Affirmations for Women

155. I AM a powerful woman

156. I AM enough, just as I am

157. I AM in tune with my own guidance and don’t look to others for approval

158. I AM Divine Feminine in physical form

159. I AM comfortable making decisions for myself

160. I AM an independent woman

161. I AM whole and complete

162. I AM naturally beautiful

163. I AM blessed with strong intuition and empathy

164. I AM a powerful contributor to the expansion of the universe

165. I AM comfortable claiming my own space in the world

166. I AM supportive of other women

167. I AM an uplifter

168. I AM a healer

169. I AM a protector

170. I AM unapologetically me

Make your I AM Affirmations More Powerful

When you associate the positive emotions with your sense of smell, your I AM statements become more powerful.

That’s why I love pairing my affirmations with essential oils, by diffusing them or dabbing some onto pulse points each day. If you’re focused on building up confidence and self worth, I recommend this solar plexus chakra blend by RMO:

Rocky Mountain Oils solar plexus chakra oil 5ml

This blend of Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Sweet Marjoram, Black Pepper, and Ginger Root strengthens your sense of self – perfect for your I AM affirmations! 💛


Did you find these helpful? I would love to hear about your experiences. Leave a comment below with your favorite affirmation! And don’t forget to pin this for later.

XO,  Andrea

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