21 Best Sleep Affirmations + Bedtime Rituals (Audio)

Are you ready to take your sleep game to the next level? Let’s talk sleep affirmations!  

You know how it feels to be sleep deprived, and you already know it affects your performance, mood, and just about everything else. But did you know the amount of sleep you get each night is directly tied to anxiety levels and mental health? Sleep should be a peaceful retreat that you look forward to every night. These affirmations will help improve your relationship with sleep.

You have a few options for using these affirmations. You can print the list for your bedside or listen to the audio version while you’re falling asleep.  Either way, I suggest you pin this article so you can easily find it later. Just tap the ‘Pinterest’ icon below.

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Sleep Is Key to Self-Care

Sleep plays a critical role in manifesting your desires. When you’re asleep, your vibration rises because you’re not holding it down with worrisome thoughts. Sleep holds the same benefits as meditation, because it stops thought. As a result, solutions and inspiration flow to you with ease. Have you ever awoken with a great idea that seemed to come out of nowhere? That’s evidence that your mind, body, and spirit are in alignment. So while it seems unlikely, sleeping can be a highly productive activity! If you find yourself having a day where nothing seems to be going well, and you’re too wound up to meditate, take a nap or go to bed early. Sleep is the easiest way to bring yourself back to center. 

Remember, the more you practice these affirmations, the better they work. So devote yourself to this self-care ritual. You deserve a great night’s sleep, every night.

Affirmations for Restful Sleep

  1. I release all my thoughts from the day.
  2. It’s safe to put my thoughts on hold while I sleep. Everything will be waiting for me tomorrow.
  3. When I’m well rested, I solve problems more easily.
  4. I call on my spirit team to watch over everything while I rest. I am open to their guidance during dream time.
  5. Sleep is my welcomed friend. 
  6. My body becomes more relaxed with every breath.
  7. I inhale relaxation and exhale stress.
  8. This is time for rest, not action. 
  9. I did my best today and can start fresh tomorrow.
  10. I feel so comfortable in my bed. These are the perfect conditions for sleep to find me. 
  11. My body deserves rest.
  12. My mind deserves rest.
  13. I am perfectly safe.
  14. My power is in the present moment, and I choose sleep now.
  15. I feel completely relaxed.
  16. This time is for me to raise my vibration.  
  17. Sleep comes naturally to me.
  18. I look forward to beautiful dreams.
  19. My body heals itself while I’m sleeping.
  20. Today offered much to be grateful for.  
  21.  I’m ready for deep, peaceful slumber. 

Would you rather listen to these affirmations while you’re falling asleep? Gotcha covered! Here you go.

Bedtime Rituals to Attract Sleep

Your sleep is sacred. It’s a time for your mind and body to rest while your spirit roams free. So why not honor this very special experience with a nightly ritual? By preparing your body and surroundings for sleep, you’ll signal your brain that it’s time to wind down. As a result, you’ll fall asleep faster.

Usually sleep eludes you because there’s too much going on in your mind. So indulge each of your five senses with focal points that encourage sleep. If you can give yourself 30 minutes to wind down before lights out, that would be great. But just 10 minutes of pre-sleep ritual will help immensely.  Close your door, and call upon sleep with reverence, using your favorite practices from the options below.

Here are some things you can do to invite sleep into your life:


  • Dim the lights
  • Try some LED candles for ambiance 
  • Get away from your phone or at least use the ‘dark’ setting if you’re using it to read these affirmations.
  • If you watch TV in bed, only watch things that are easy on your stress levels. Think of it this way: if you don’t want to dream about it, don’t watch it before bed.
  • Tidy up. Your inner world is a reflection of your outer world, and vice versa. Climbing into a lovingly made bed makes your bedtime ritual so much more enjoyable.


  • Listen to spa or classical music 
  • Turn on a fan if you like ‘white noise’
  • Download a free app that plays sleep sounds. Here’s a list of apps  to browse.


Aromatherapy is a powerful tool to help you sleep. The right essential oils can lower stress hormones in your body and help you feel more settled.

Lights Out is a 2-in1 body and pillow mist for your bedtime ritual. Spritz your bedding and pajamas before hopping into bed. Then, close your eyes and generously mist your face, neck and chest.  Inhale deeply as it settles onto your skin. You’ll notice a shift in mental chatter right away.

Plus, there’s an affirmation right on the bottle that says:

"I suspend my worries of the day, and fall into deep, peaceful sleep. My body and mind deserve rest."

Lights Out is organic and smells amazing! Ingredients include:


This may be a no brainer, but brush your teeth with a toothpaste you like, before you go to sleep. Any sensory pleasures you can offer yourself will help.

Did you know they make nighttime toothpaste with chamomile extract to help you fall asleep? How cool is that! Check it out here.


Offer your mind something to focus on with your sense of touch.   

  • Cover yourself with a super soft blanket or sheet
  • Use a weighted blanket to reduce tossing and turning.
  • Hold a piece of amethyst or rose quartz while you’re lying in bed. Your brain will enjoy the tactile interaction. In addition, the crystals’ soothing vibration will help relax you.  

You deserve deep, restful sleep every night, my friend. Wishing you sweet dreams! Scroll down to leave me a comment and share your experience.

XO,  Andrea

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List of sleep affirmations 1-11
List of sleep affirmations 12-21

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