How To Use Candle Colors for Manifesting Your Upgrades

Did you know you can use different candle colors for manifesting different things? Today I’m sharing exactly which candle color to use to usher in your upgrades. Get ready to light a fire under your intentions!

Manifesting With Candles

Colored candles are a beautiful tool to help boost your manifesting power.

The fire element raises the vibration of your space and helps you to align your energy with whatever it is you want to create.

In addition, every color of the rainbow resonates with a specific area of your life. So when you say your intention to manifest love, creativity, happiness, etc, you can choose a colored candle that aligns with those intentions.

You can use your candles for manifestation on their own, or make a part of a bigger manifesting ritual. I’ll give you some tips and ideas below on how to use your colored candles.

But first let’s talk about each candle color and what they’re used for. Onward!

What Color Candle is Best for Manifestation?

That depends on what you’re manifesting! But if you want a catch-all candle, go for white. White includes every color on the visible spectrum.

Each color carries a specific vibrations that will help you to attract upgrades in a specific area of your life.

It’s no coincidence that each of your seven chakras is represented by a color as well. There is a clear tie between your candle color meanings and your chakras!

So, I urge you to do some healing work on the chakra that corresponds to your candle color. I’ll include chakra that goes with each color below.

Manifestation Candle Color Meanings

Below, I break down every color based on its energetic and spiritual qualities. So think about what you want to manifest in your life as read through the list, and pick the candle color that represents your desires best.

Also, remember you don’t have to choose just one color!

If a couple candle colors have a synergy that capture your desires, then by all means feel free to light them both as you set your intentions.

This moon phase candle set from Amazon has an array of candle colors and even includes candle holders!

moon phase spell candle set from Amazon

Red Candles

Red is the color of your root chakra, which represents your sense of belonging, vitality, security. So reach for your red candle when you want to feel:

  • grounded
  • stable
  • secure
  • stronger sense of community
  • physically strong
  • mentally clear
  • safe in your world

So you may want to light a red candle when you’re focused on manifesting:

  • a new home
  • job or promotion
  • upgraded social circle
  • ability to balance a full plate
  • navigating family changes
  • physical health and healing (especially immunity)
  • counter-balance an overactive third eye
red candle for manifesting pin

If these are things that you’re working on, then you’ll want to explore root chakra healing. All of these things come about when your root chakra is open and in balance. So when you focus on this aspect of self-care, you’ll be able to manifest faster.

Here’s some additional reading for you:

Orange Candles

The color orange represents movement and energy! It resonates with your sacral chakra, which focuses on your one-on-one relationships and sense of pleasure.

Reach for your orange manifestation candle to foster feelings like:

  • joy
  • positive energy
  • motivation
  • passion
  • creativity
  • sensuality
  • adventure
  • pleasure

Here are some situations that are perfectly suited to manifesting with orange candles:

  • romantic relationship
  • accepting/expressing your sexuality
  • dream vacation
  • more fun, excitement and adventure
  • creative inspiration for a project
  • harmony in a relationship of any kind
  • getting any situation ‘unstuck’
  • help processing your emotions
orange candles for manifesting pin

You’ll experience much more of these blessings when your sacral chakra is open and balanced. If your daily routine could use a little shaking up, read these next:

Yellow Candles

Yellow candles are perfect for manifesting your personal power and remembering your worthiness. The color yellow carries the energy of:

  • confidence
  • decisiveness
  • leadership
  • courage
  • assertiveness
  • positive outlook
  • worthiness

Light your yellow manifestation candle to help you through situations like:

  • public speaking
  • releasing social anxiety
  • goal setting
  • taking on a new challenge
  • setting healthy boundaries
  • standing up for yourself
  • any situation where you need to reclaim your personal power
  • decision making
  • whenever you find yourself questioning your worthiness (you’re absolutely worthy – I promise!)
yellow candle for manifesting pin

When your solar plexus chakra is open and balanced, these qualities come more naturally.

So if you struggle with your sense of worthiness or self esteem, then that is your sign that you deserve solar plexus chakra healing.

These articles will help:

Green Candles

The color green represents good fortune and prosperity. So if you’re starting a new business venture or just want to attract more abundance, then a green candle will support your manifesting efforts beautifully.

Green carries the energy of:

  • abundance
  • good fortune
  • love
  • new beginnings
  • manifesting

Reach for your green candles when you want to manifest:

  • money
  • a fresh start (which pairs perfectly with any new moon ritual)
  • a new vehicle or a big ticket item
  • starting/growing a business
  • a bit of good luck
  • a deeper gratitude practice
green candle for manifesting pin

The color green resonates with the heart chakra, which is all about love, compassion, and acceptance.

A loving and open heart is a key ingredient for manifesting anything!

So the more you can shift toward love and away from fear or in judgment, the faster your desires will come to fruition.

The world feels like an ungenerous place when your heart is hurting. So take this opportunity to do some self-healing:

Blue Candles

Blue is a serene color that will help you to stay cool, calm, and collected. It ushers in emotions such as:

  • serenity
  • peace
  • clarity
  • tranquility
  • protection

Blue is associated to the throat chakra, which is responsible for asserting your will and expressing yourself. So, with that in mind, reach for your blue manifestation candle for situations like this:

  • invite more peace into your life
  • support during a difficult conversation
  • spiritual protection
  • relieving writers block
  • authentic self expression
  • speaking up for yourself
  • honest conversations
blue candle for manifestation pin

If you struggle in these areas, read more about throat chakra healing in these articles:

Indigo Candles

Indigo is a deep, inky blue headed toward dark purple. It’s a beautiful color that carries the energy of deep wisdom. Use it to evoke:

  • intuition
  • knowledge and learning
  • wisdom
  • psychic awareness

Indigo candles are perfect for manifesting:

  • lucid dreams or any kind of dreamwork
  • seeing the truth of a situation
  • clarity on next steps
  • enhancing psychic ability
  • setting the mood for your full moon ritual
  • learning something new at school or work
  • connecting with lunar energies
  • releasing confusion
  • animal communication
indigo candle for manifestation pin

You have a natural intuitive system inside of you that you have access to at all times. You just have to learn how to recognize it. These posts will help:

Violet Candles

Violet is a deeply spiritual color that ushers in:

  • unity
  • connection with people, animals, and nature
  • wisdom from past lifetimes
  • bliss
  • spiritual growth + enlightenment

So light your purple candle when you want to support shifts in these areas of your life:

  • illumination of your spiritual path
  • connecting with your higher self
  • deeper meditation
  • any sort of soul-searching
  • finding your life purpose
  • mind, body, spirit connection
violet candles for manifestation pin

Violet corresponds to your crown chakra, which is your divine connection to source. If you’re focused on spiritual growth at this time, read these next:

Pink Candles

The energy of your pink candles is going to be as sweet and delicate as the color itself. Pink invites

  • love
  • healing
  • kindness
  • soothing
  • empathy
  • forgiveness
  • gentle self-care
  • compassion

Light your pink candle when you are focused on:

  • love in all forms
  • heart healing
  • forgiveness
  • dissolving blocks/walls around your heart
  • inviting more harmony into your life
  • processing grief
  • deep, peaceful sleep
pink candles for manifesting pin

Your heart chakra aligns with the color pink in (as well as green). So anything that touches your heart will affect this energy center.

Here are some additional articles that will help your heart to heal and encourage you to practice self love:

Black Candles

Black candles get a bad rap. But don’t be worry! Black candles offer protective energy that represents that’s perfect for:

Think about the color black in terms of the moon. During a new moon, you can’t see the moon in the sky. This phase represents a brand new beginning; a seedling that you bury in the earth to enjoy in the future.

Tip: When you need to create balance in your life, try burning a white and a black candle together.

black candles for manifestation pin

White Candles

White represents purification and high vibes. So light your white candles when you’re working on:

  • cleansing your space (pair with a smudging ritual)
  • honoring a passed loved one
  • raising your vibration
  • calling in your spirit team
  • angel energy
  • hope, faith, and trust in your path
  • overall chakra balancing
  • cord cutting (works with black candles too – follow your own guidance)

If you’re inviting more hope and faith into your life, these affirmations will help: 40 Affirmations For Faith, Hope, and Trust in the Universe

white candles for manifestation pin

The color white contains every color on the visible spectrum. So it really is all encompassing when it comes to manifesting. When in doubt, light yourself a white candle and you’ll have it covered!

Brown Candles

Brown, the color of our beautiful earth, ushers in:

  • grounding
  • stability
  • connection to the earth element
  • stress relief
  • logic and practicality
  • soothing to the nervous system

Use brown candles for calming energy, especially if you have frazzled nerves or a scattered mind. It offers many of the same properties as the color red. So you can swap these two out if you have one and not the other.

Reach for brown when you brown or beige candles when you want to:

  • connect to your body
  • be more mindful
  • claim a space as your own
  • find mental clarity
  • feel stable and secure in your environment.

Try lighting up a brown candle while listening to this little body scan, to feel more connected to your physicality. Just promise you won’t fall asleep with your candle burning!

How To Use Your Candles for Manifesting

Setting intentions with your manifesting candles is easy and fun! You should feel free to do whatever you feel guided to do, but here’s a basic ritual to follow:

1. Set your intention.

You can choose an affirmation that captures your intention, or simply make a wish in the moment. Whatever you’d like to do is perfect.

I’ll share some of my favorite affirmations with you here in case you need help getting started:

2. Light your candle.

As you light your manifesting candle, consider your intention and what it means to you. What energy do you want the flame to carry on your behalf?

While your candle is burning, you can totally feel free to go about your business. But, this is a beautiful time to add more to your manifesting ritual! Some options are:

Journaling. Do you have a manifestation journal? You can read more on how to start one below. Or, simply grab a notebook and write about your intention and what it means to you.

The Best Tips On How To Start A Manifestation Journal

Make a crystal grid. Arrange crystals to your liking, using your own intuition, around your manifestation candle. Choose crystals that align with your intentions.

Or, if you aren’t familiar with what your crystals do, simply choose colors that match or coordinate with your candle. Just like you’re putting together an outfit! More about using crystals here:

How To Use Crystals: 6 Ways to Put Healing Stones to Work

Scripting. This manifesting technique involves writing about your desire as if it has already come to fruition. It’s a creative and fun way to manifest and really builds excitement and positive energy around your desires:

How To Use Scripting To Manifest Your Happy Future

Or, you can try the 33×3 method if you’re working with an affirmation.

Chakra Healing. Take a few moments to do a chakra healing meditation, for the chakra associated to your candle color. This chakra candle set is perfect for chakra healing and manifesting!

chakra candle set from Amazon

3. Blow out your candle

When you feel like it’s time to extinguish the flame of your candle, take a moment to express gratitude to the universe for co-creating with you.

At this point all you need to do is let go and allow the universe to work its magic on your behalf. You can re-light your candle whenever you want to feel tap into those positive emotions and do a little visualization about your desires.


I hope you learned something new about manifesting with candle colors! If you get antsy waiting for your manifestation, check this out next: 6 Strong Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

XO, Andrea

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