How To Heal An Overactive Third Eye Chakra: 6 Best Ways

Do you have an overactive third eye chakra? Not to worry! Today I’m giving you the signs and symptoms to look for, plus the best ways to bring it back into balance.

What Does The 3rd Eye Do?

Your third eye is your psychic hub. It’s home to your imagination, thoughts, ideas, and sense of knowing.

We often think of your third eye solely in terms of psychic ability. But it has many practical uses too. When it’s in balance, your mind is clear, you think on your feet, and receive creative solutions and ideas.

Sometimes this enercy center can come out of balance , either becoming underactive and blocked, or overactive. Neither is ideal! But there are many ways to bring it back into healty balance so it functions properly for you.

Just like any working part of your physical body, you want to exercise the energy centers of your subtle body, without overdoing it.

third eye chakra symbol
This is the symbol and color for your third eye chakra, or Ajna, in Sanskrit. Isn’t it beautiful?

What Is An Overactive Chakra?

The word chakra translates to ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. So you can think of it as a wheel of energy that spins between your two physical eyes.

Just as a fan circulates air through a room, you chakras circulate energy through your subtle body.

Now imagine turning your fan on extra-high; it would blow everything in its path out of place, causing discomfort and chaos.

The same is true when your chakras become overactive. Their vibrational speed is too fast, and energy moves through your energetic system at an uncomfortable pace.

This can make you feel wound up and unable to relax. And over time, an overactive chakra will begin to affect your physical well being, too.

But there’s good news: all you need to heal an overactive third eye is plenty of loving, spiritual self-care. I’ve got you covered there!

Overactive Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

When chakras are overactive, as we said, energy moves through them too quikly. This can cause emotional and physical discomfort.

The symptoms range widely from mild to severe (in most cases, they remain mild unless there are other issues going on):

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • overwhelmed by psychic activity
  • nightmares
  • lack of compassion for others
  • disinterest in daily tasks
  • resistance to other points of view
  • hallucinations or delusions
  • overly sensitivie to energies/emotions that aren’t yours

What Causes An Overactive Third Eye?

A blocked third eye chakra is a bit more common, but it’s perfectly natural for it to become overactive at times, too.

Depending on what’s going on in your life, your third eye can become overstimulated. When this happens, it’s a loving from your body to come back into balance.

Here are the 3 most common reasons your third eye becomes overactive.

1) Spiritual Growth Spurt

When your spiritual awakening begins, it’s fascinating to dive in and explore all the different areas of the metaphysical world.

You may start working with crystals, meditating, energy healing, tapping into your intuition, and raising your vibration.

These are wonderful things! But they can cause your vibration to rise quickly, and if you’re not used to that, you may notice some uncomfortable symptoms at first.

This happened to me when I started my spiritual journey and it’s perfectly normal.

I can remember reaching out ot my reiki teacher after spending several hours practicing reiki on my family members, just days after being spiritually attuned. I felt dizzy and lightheaded.

But it passed on its own, and eventually I became comfortable holding a higher vibration.

So don’t get too stressed out about this! There are easy, gentle ways to stay grounded as your vibration rises.

woman receiving reiki energy healing
Have you ever had an energy healing session? They are so incredibly soothing and uplifting. But sometimes after a reiki session, my clients would report feeling a little ‘spacy’ or ungrounded. This is a temporary sensation that’s completely safe. It’s what happens when your 3rd eye is highly stimulated and your vibration has risen quickly.

2) Overthinking/Mental Overstimulation

Too much mental work, whether it’s intellectual or creative, can overextend your third eye.

Your third eye is aligned with the ether element, which is all about expanding your mental power. So any project that consumes your thoughts for an extended period of time can overstimulate it.

When you’re working away on something for hours at a time, it’s easy to forget about your physical body and its needs. So spending too much time ‘in your own head’ is going to result in symptoms of an overactive Ajna chakra.

woman working on lap top
How much time do you spend on your devices? Whether you’re working or scrolling through social media, too much screen time can overstimulate the third eye chakra. Remember to take breaks, rest your eyes, and stretch your body every hour. An overactive chakra is always a call for balance!

3) Mind Altering Drugs

Hallucinogenics and drugs that alter your concept of reality can cause your third eye to become overstimulated.

I don’t have any personal experience to share on this one. But Ram Dass and others have done studies on the ties between psycodelics and spiritual growth.

If you’re curious about this, you don’t have to take phycedelics! 😆. You can just read up on Ram Dass here and absorb his teaching through his most famous quotes: 49 Inspirational Ram Dass Quotes to Open Your Mind

Start from where you are quote by ram dass
This is one of my favorite spiritual quotes by Ram Dass. Isn’t it comforting?

How To Heal An Overactive Third Eye

There are many gentle, effective, enjoyable ways to heal an overactive third eye chakra. Read through this list and notice which ones speak to you. Your intuition will let you know what you need.

Ground Your Energy

Focusing on your root chakra really is one of the best ways to bring your third eye back into balance.

Your third eye chakra is all about higher vibrational energies. But your root chakra is aligned with the earth element. So one way to soothe your 6th chakra back into balance is to focus on your 1st chakra.

Here are a few ways to ground yourself:

  • Stand barefoot in the grass
  • Do a grounding body scan meditation
  • Try some root chakra yoga poses like mountain or child’s pose

I have a full guide to the root chakra here – check it out and notice what catches your eye: How To Open Your Root Chakra Fast: 10 Best Ways

woman sitting on the ground looking at mountains
Connecting to the earth element is always a good way to heal an overactive third eye. If you can stand, sit or lay in direct contact with the earth, you’ll feel your anxiety begin to melt away.

If you want to know more about how the elements relate to your chakras, read this next: How To Use The 7 Chakra Elements To Heal + Grow

Set Clear Intentions

I recommend this one to everybody – especially if you identify as an empath.

I cannot stress the importance enough, of setting clear intentions for what you want to experience as you move through the day.

When you don’t choose your focus, you’re vulerable to picking up whatever energies are the strongest around you, good, bad, or ugly!

When this happens, you can begin to feel uncomfortable in social situations, because you’re picking up on everybody else’s “stuff”.

You can avoid this by doing segment intending. This is the process of setting clear intentions of what you want to experience before you move to the next part of your day.

So for example, when you wake up in the morning, say someting like this to yourself:

This is a beautiful new day. I’m going to pick out my outfit, have a delicious cup of coffee, and then listen to my favorite music on my way to work. I’m looking forward to a peaceful, easy morning.

Repeat this exercise for every ‘segment’ of your day, like starting work, running errands, and winding down for bed.

There are all sorts of energies swirling around out there. So it’s your job to delibrately choose which ones you want to tap into.

When you set your intention to focus on happiness, fun, and ease, you’re not going to pick up on the subtle energies that are based in fear and negativity (this is the basis of law of attraction). In this way, you are intentionally co-creating with the universe.

If you’re an empath or do any kind of healing work, the most important thing you can do for youself and your clients is to master this skill.

You can’t uplift others when you’re not in control of your own vibration.

This article explains the importance of your vibration and its impact on your experiences: Energy Vibrations Between People: Who Are You Manifesting?

Learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day.

Liz Gilbert

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of keeping your thoughts in tune with what your body is doing.

Focusing your attention on the present moment is an excellent way to bring your third eye back into balance.

Start noticing how often your thoughts wander away from the task at hand, as you go about your day.

Can you find ways to stay in the moment? It helps to focus on your 5 senses (instead of that 6th sense of yours!)

For example, when you’re preparing your morning drink,

  • Choose your cup with intention
  • Listen to the sound the teabag makes when you rip it open.
  • What aromas do you smell?
  • Listen for the kettle to whistel and focus on the sound of hot water filling your cup
  • Take a sip and enjoy the taste of your brew.

This is a beautiful way to calm and soothe your third eye chakra.

Here’s one easy thing you can do to bring more mindfulness into your life: 1 Easy Tip To Be More Mindful

woman making tea
It’s easy to go on autopilot and let your thoughts wander when you’re doing simple tasks. But this causes mental strain and can lead to an overactive third eye. Pick a simple task and challenge yourself to stay focused on what you’re doing, from beginning to end. Leave me a comment below and let me know how you do!

Grounding Crystals

You can use crystals and stones to calm your third eye chakra!

You’ll want to focus on brown, blank, and red stones. Typically, anything that heals the root chakra will help an overactive third eye.

You can find a list of the best stones here: 8 Best Root Chakra Stones + How To Use Them For Healing

Also, there’s no need to worry about your third eye closing, or becoming blocked as a result of these healing methods. The stones will work with your energy to bring your chakras into balance without going too far.

Your intuition will tell you when you no longer need to work with the grounding stones. Or, you may naturally just forget to stop carrying it – that’s your sign that its work is done!

smoky quartz
These are my smoky quartz pieces. They’re grounding, protective, and very soothing for an overactive third eye.


An overactive third eye can cause unsettling dreams. If you’re experiencing this, you can reclaim dreamtime with a few, self-care tools!

Keep a dream journal or manifesting journal by your bed, and write about how the dream made you feel, while you were in it. Often, your dreams are helping you to process situations and emotions you haven’t addressed in your waking life.

Also, you can do affirmations before falling asleep to invite sweet dreams into your experience. Check this out for some ideas: Indulge Your Senses With This Powerful Bedtime Ritual


Simply focusing on the breath is another excellent way to soothe any anxiety that comes along with an overactive third eye.

Since you don’t need any special tools to do it, it’s the perfect tool for when you’re in a public space.

The 4-4-4 breathing method is popular and super easy:

  • Inhale for to the count of 4
  • Hold for 4
  • Exhale to the count of 4

The goal is to stay focused on the breathing and counting, to help you focus on your physical body in the moment. This is a recurring theme in our third eye healing practices.

Grounding Essential Oils

Any base note essential oil will offer a calming, anchoring effect, which will soothe your overactive third eye.

Try aromas like vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood, and clove.


Which options are you going to try to soothe your overactive third eye? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave me a comment below.

I hope you found this helpful!

XO, Andrea

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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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