The Complete Spiritual Meaning Of The Third Eye Symbol

Have you ever wondered what that gorgeous, indigo symbol for the third eye is all about? Today we’re exploring the third eye symbol meaning, and how you can tap into its ancient power to deepen your spiritual practice.

What Does The Third Eye Symbolize?

Every chakra symbolizes certain areas of your life. The third eye chakra, or Ajna, symbolizes your non-physical world.

This includes your:

  • thoughts
  • imagination
  • intellectual learning
  • wisdom from life lessons
  • intuition
  • new ideas
  • problem solving skills
third eye chakra symbol
In Hindu and Buddhist tradition, the third eye chakra symbol is a 2-petaled lotus flower, with an inverted triangle in the middle. It’s often depicted with the om symbol inside the triangle – more on that below.

What Do You See When The Third Eye Opens?

So now that we have an understanding of what the third eye symbolizes, we can talk about what exactly you ‘see’ when the third eye opens.

You may associate the third eye with clairvoyance or ‘clear seeing’. This refers to being able to see non-physical energies.

An open third eye doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll physically see things. But it certainly can, if that’s the way your intuitive guidance comes through. But it’s more than that.

Clairvoyant sight comes in many forms:

  • seeing visions with your physical eyes
  • vivid dreams
  • visitations from loved ones during meditation
  • colors and images during an energy healing

Visions like these are absolutely a result of an open third eye. However, not everyone’s intuition comes in the form of clairvoyance. When your third eye is open, you’ll also begin to notice the spiritual significance others miss.

Here are some examples of ‘clear seeing’ as a result of an open third eye:

  • Significant numbers catch your eye
  • Signs from your spirit team like feathers, coins, rainbows
  • Song lyrics relevent to your situation
  • Serendipitous timing
butterfly resting on woman's finger
Have you ever found yourself thinking of someone special and then receiving a clear sign in response? That happens when you’re in a receptive state.

In addition, you’ll gain many practical insights you gain as well!

For example you you may wake up with a great idea, or decide last minute to change your plans, without any logical reason behind it.

These are all examples of new in-sights coming through for you, and it only happens when your third eye is open.

Third Eye Symbol Meaning

The Ajna is your 6th chakra in your chakra system, and is home to your sixth sense.

Your sixth sense, or intuition, is what helps you to take inspired action even when there’s no tangible evidence to validate it. So when you get a certain feeling or hunch, this is your third eye chakra at work.

Your third eye chakra symbolizes insights that goes beyond what you can gather with your five physical senses.

Its symbol is a gorgeous, 2 petaled lotus flower, containing an upsidedown triangle. Within the triangle, you’ll sometimes see the Sanskrit symbol for ‘om’.

Let’s dive into each component of this sacred symbol, and then put them all together to understand its meaning and purpose.

Indigo Color

The third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo, which vibrates at a frequency of 6.6 on the visible light spectrum.

You can read more about the relationship between colors and chakras here: Understanding The Chakra Colors

But in a nutshell, each chakra is associated to a color on the visible light spectrum (remember ROY-G-BIV from science class?). The higher up you go within the chakra system, the higher vibrational the colors become.

The color indigo represents:

  • Intuitition
  • Integrity
  • Spirituality
  • Wisdom

So this color captures the energy of the third eye chakra beautifully. Whenever you want to boost these qualities within yourself, you can wear the color indigo. It will help to attune your vibration to its frequency.

Indigo is somwhere between dark blue, moving into purple. Dark denimn is a great example of indigo. You’ll be naturally drawn to clothing colors based on which chakras need healing. What color are you wearing right now? Check which chakra color it is – does it match what’s going on in your life?

Two Petaled Lotus

The first shape that makes up the third eye chakra symbol is a 2 pedaled lotus flower.

The number two symbolizes duality and balance.

So in the case of the third eye chakra, the number 2 honors the harmony between:

  • physical and non-physical worlds
  • divine masculine and feminine energy
  • intuition and logic

The number 2 always represents balance and duality. So once again, it serves as a reminder a balanced third eye results in a healthy mix of your logical brain and intuitive wisdom.

If you feel guided, read the full spiritual significance of number 2 here. It’s incredibly comforting!: Angel Number 2: Everything’s Going To Be Okay

two indigo lotus petals
Since the third eye chakra sits between and above your physical eyes, some say the two lotus petals represent two eyes. Others believe it signifies wings that will lift you to higher consciousness when the third eye opens. Which interpretation do you prefer?

The two peddled lotus flower is a reminder that everything you manifest in life begins as vibration, or non-physical.

Think about something you’ve wanted in the past. Chances are, you had an experience that created an emotion within you. That emotion sparked a desire to bring something new into your life.

So before you received the new car, partner, or promotion, your manifestation started out as a feeling. That feeling had a particular vibration on the emotional scale.

Then, law of attraction delivered you more and more thoughts to match your vibration.

Eventually, those thoughts evolved into a physical manifestation.

The third eye the two peddled notice of the third eye chakra symbol reminds us of this truth that everything physical was once non-physical.

Inverted Triangle

The upside down triangle inside the lotus flower represents rising consciousness.

So think of the tip of the triangle at the bottom as spiritual energy lying dormant within you. Then, as your third eye opens, that energy rises and expands, as your spiritual journey unfolds.

2 petaled lotus enveloping an inverted triangle
Here we see one version of the Ajna symbol, a 2 petaled lotus encompassing an upsidedown triangle.

In sacred geometry, triangles represent unity. So in regard to your third eye chakra, it represents the coming together of logic and intuition.

Also, in alchemy, the upside down triangle represents the water element.

This isn’t rooted based in Indian tradition, but it’s worth noting. The water element represents intuition, emotional intelligence, and divine feminine energy. Isn’t it so interesting how various traditions cross over and complement each other?

You can read more about how the chakras and elements are related here: How To Use The 7 Chakra Elements To Heal + Grow

Om Symbol

The third eye symbol is often displayed with the om symbol inside, or instead of, the triangle.

Om is considered the first sound of the universe; the vibration that captures the beginning of all creation. So once again, this sacred symbol reminds us that everything begins as vibration.

2 petaled lotus encompassing the om symbol
If you’ve been to yoga class, you’ve probably seen the om symbol, or chanted it at the beginning of class. It’s a powerful sound that brings deep healing.

Everything in this universe is energy, and everything that ever was is or will be started out as a vibration. This includes your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. If this doesn’t drive home how incredibly powerful your mind is, I don’t know what does!

Your thoughts play a very important role in manifesting your desires because they determine your vibration.

To understand just how powerful your thoughts and feelings are, read this next: How To Use Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale

Healing With The Third Eye Symbol

Now that you know what the third eye chakra symbol means, it’s time to use it in your self-care practice.

One of my favorite ways to tap into the power of the third eye is to make the shape of the symbol with your hands. The Kalesvara mudra (or hand gesture) opens the third eye and helps to calm your thoughts.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Bring the tips of your middle fingers together to a point
  2. Now bring the tips of your thumbs together
  3. Curl your pointer fingers until their knuckles touch, making a heart shape
  4. Relax the remaining fingers

Now holding this pose, rest your hands against your chest. Close your eyes and breathe.

Kalesvara mudra hand position
Can you see how this hand position resembles the third eye chakra symbol? Your curled index fingers form the two lotus petals. Then your middle fingers make a triangle. It’s also a nice stretch for all those tiny muscles in your fingers.

You can also meditate on the image of the third eye chakra symbol while listening to your favorite, relaxing music.

Do whatever feels right to you!


Did you learn something new about the third eye chakra symbol meaning? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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XO, Andrea

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