The Best 3rd Eye Chakra Stones for Clarity + Intuition

Do you feel like your psychic antenna needs adjusting? Then you need to check out this short list of the absolute best 3rd eye chakra stones. Working with these little helpers will clear away confusion and crank up your intuitive wisdom.

This 1 minute video zips through the 3rd eye chakra stones we discuss below.

What Is The 3rd Eye Chakra?

Your third eye chakra is the 6th of 7 in your chakra system. This indigo orb sits between and above your two physical eyes.

The third eye chakra is responsible for your mental clarity, imagination, and intuition. So when your third eye chakra is in balance, your logical mind and emotional intelligence work together to help you navigate your path.

But during times of stress, your third eye can become blocked. When this happens, you feel out of touch with your inner guidance. You may feel confused, creatively blocked, or unsure about your next steps.

There are may ways to open your third eye chakra – you can read a complete list here: How Do You Open Your Third Eye? 13 Best Ways

But today, we’re focusing on third eye chakra stones that will usher in clarity and spiritual insights.

Third Eye Chakra Color Meaning

Each chakra is associated to a color, which can be used to help bring it back into balance.

Your third eye chakra is resonates with the color indigo, which is a deep bluish purple. This means that just keeping this color in sight can help to open your third eye. For this reason, the best third eye chakra stones are blue and purple.

This color indigo is associated with wisdom and mystery. Doesn’t that just capture the essense of the third eye chakra perfectly?


Lepidolite is a beautiful purple stone that carries the loving, supportive energy of a caring friend.

It soothes frazzled nerves, helps you to organize your thoughts, and allows you to see the bright side of your situation.

Lepidolite helps to lift the weight of sadness, anxiety, and depression. It gives off a sweet, gentle energy that balances emotions so you can tap it into your spiritual truth.

This third eye stone also works it’s magic on your heart and throat chakras. This allows you to view situations with love and express yourself clearly. All of these traits are related to a healthy open and active third eye.

Lepidolite will offer you strength and courage, helping you to feel safe and expressing your truth. If confusion or stress are keeping you from connecting with your inner wisdom, then lepidolite is the perfect choice for you.

Polished lepidolite stones
This beautiful indigo stone will gently awaken your spiritual gifts and insights. This one from Amazon is deep indigo. But I have a piece that has flecks of pink in it – you can trust the universe to match you up with the exact stone that’s perfect for you at this time.

Purple Flourite

Purple fluorite has a gorgeous purple color and helps to align mind, body, and spirit.

It’s an excellent tool if you’re learning something new. Your third eye chakra is all about mental activity, new ideas, and learning. This applies to psychic ability, but intellectual learning as well.

So reach for fluorite (the purple variety) when you’re trying to when you’re working on absorbing new concepts and information.

Purple fluorite is an excellent energy balancer, too. Whenever you’re working on expanding your mental capacity, flourite can help you to grow and expand in new directions. This is true whether you’re focused on intellectual learning for school or work. or if you’re exploring your spiritual path.

Your mind is so powerful! Fluorite can help you to harness that power and channel it toward whatever is important to you at this time in your life.

Unpolished purple flourite stone
Here’s a piece of unpolished purple fluorite from Amazon. I adore the layers of purple color, don’t you? It’s perfect for opening the third eye.


Azurite helps you to develop your intuitive abilities by stimulating the third eye chakra. So this is an excellent choice if you feel that your third eye is blocked.

This stone does a great job of helping you to apply your spiritual lessons toward practical ideas. Azurite is a deep blue stone helps to open your mind, soothe stress, and uplift your emotions.

It also helps to you to break down energetics blocks based in fear, so you can move forward on your spiritual path.

If you’re open to letting expanding your point of view, reach for the stone. This is a critical part of accessing your full intuitive ability.

Open mindedness and psychic ability truly do go hand in hand. Azurite can help you release judgement and try on new ways of thinking.

Unpolished azurite stones
Azurite is made of peacock blue and bold green colors. Just as a peacock expands its feathers to reveal its beauty, azurite can help you expand in all ways. Aren’t these pieces gorgeous?


This beautiful iridescent stone raises your vibration and protects your energy while you connect with your inner mystic.

Labradorite is highly protective and does a great job of helping to clear your aura, too. So if you need to do any cord cutting work, include labradorite in your ritual.

Labradorite will soothe all those thoughts swirling in your head about every day life so can more easily focus on visualizations or affirmations.

In this way, its a very useful tool to help you manifest something new, or enhance your intuition. Opening your third eye requires it’s much easier when you have the ability to quiet your mind and can help you do this.

Labradorite is an excellent stone to support your spiritual path. It does a great job of keeping your energy balanced as you become more spiritually aware.

Often when you’re focused on opening the third eye, it means your spiritual journey is unfolding. This can cause shifts in every area of your life. Labradorite will support you as you navigate these changes.

polished pieces of labradorite
You’ll find deep and light blues, as well as flecks of silver and gold in labradorite. It’s a beautiful stone to carry with you as your spiritual journey unfolds.


Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones for spiritual healing. So if you’re unsure about which stone to work with for your third eye, use this one.

Amethyst offers temperance. It has the ability to bring your third eye chakra back into perfect balance, whether it’s blocked or overactive.

Amethyst’s name is rooted in the Greek word for ‘not intoxicated’. Often called the sobriety stone, it helps to moderate behavior and balance emotion.

For opening the third eye chakra, it helps you to become more spiritually aware while also blocking negative energy as you explore your psychic abilities.

Amethyst‘s beautiful purple color resonates with the third eye chakra perfectly. It can help you to stay focused during meditation, and will guide you toward thoughts that serve you best.

In addition, amethyst supports decision making by clearing the mind so you can see your path forward from an uncluttered perspective. Its balancing properties will either stimulate or calm your mind, based on what you need in the moment.  

Amethyst is also an excellent choice for dream work, whether you suffer from nightmares or want to connect with your spirit team while you sleep. If this topic interests you, read this next: 9 Best Crystals for Lucid Dreaming + How To Tips

Polished purple amethyst stones
Amethyst is one of my all time favorite stones. It is so versatile and intelligent, bringing balance wherever you need it in the moment.

Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz is a powerful amplifier. Use it on its own to for mental sharpness and stamina. Or, in combination with any of the stones listed above. It works wonderfully boost your third eye chakra.

Just one note, I don’t recommend using your clear quartz at bedtime. It’s invigorating energy can might keep you awake (I learned this the hard way!).

Unpolished clear quartz crystals
Clear Quartz is a must-have in your crystal collection, because it amplifies the intentions and energy of all your other stones.

Third Eye Chakra Stones List

Here’s a recap of the hands down best 3rd eye chakra stones. Which ones are calling your name today? Leave me a comment below!

  1. Lepidolite for organizing your thoughts, uplifting emotions, and seeing situations through the eyes of Source.
  2. Purple fluorite for learning and aligning mind-body-spirit
  3. Azurite for expanding your mind and psychic ability
  4. Labradorite for protection and spiritual unfolding
  5. Amethyst for third eye balancing and dream work
  6. Clear quartz on its own or with other stones to amplify intuitive ability

How To Use Your 3rd Eye Chakra Stones

You should feel free to get creative with how to use your 3rd eye chakra stones, but here are some of the most common ways.

Place one directly on your forehead. Lie down on your back, and place your 3rd eye chakra stone directly onto your forehead. Close your eyes and focus on the weight of it against your skin. Breathe.

Sacred bathing. If you’re a bath person, then bring your crystal helpers with you next time you indulge! Amethyst and clear quartz can go directly into your bath water. For the other stones, just keep them near the bath, either on the floor or counter (softer stones don’t like water).

Set intentions for third eye opening as you prepare your bath, and relax while your stones go to work on you.

You can read how to turn bathtime into a sacred self-care ritual here: 12 Amazing Bath Tips for Your Sacred Self-Care Ritual

Dreamwork. Your crystals can work on you while you sleep. Just pop them under your pillow, or keep one on your nightstand. All you have to do is set your intention for your crystal to bring you third eye chakra healing while you sleep.

You can set intentions to meet up with your spirit team during a lucid dream, or you may simply ask for a gentle balancing while you get your Zs. Whatever you’re guided to do will be just perfect.

Keep them at your work station. If you need help with creativity or learning, place them around your desk, studio, or wherever you work. The stones will naturally raise the vibration of your space, which will help you attune to your inner guidance when you spend time there.


Did you learn some new about opening your third eye with crystals? I would love to hear from you – leave me a comment below!

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XO, Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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