7 Best Heart Chakra Stones for Love, Peace, + Mending

Today we’re exploring the best heart chakra stones to mend your emotions and usher more love into your life. Heart healing crystals are gentle, yet powerful manifesting tools that make wonderful companions on your spiritual journey.

About The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is special, because it’s the midpoint between your lower and upper chakras. So it represents where your physically-focused self meets your spirit.

All matters regarding empathy, compassion, forgiveness, grief, romance, and self love live in your heart chakra. So it needs regular healing care to stay in balance.

When your heart chakra is blocked, you may experience symptoms like these:

  • Struggling to process/heal from your heartaches
  • Inability to empathize with others
  • Fear of ‘putting yourself out there’
  • Emotionally guarded, to protect your heart
  • Hard time connecting with your loved ones
  • Difficulty forgiving yourself or others
  • Lack of abundance in all areas of life
I made you this quick, 2 minute video that offers a high level intro to the 7 best heart healing crystals. We’ll cover them below in more detail!

If you’ve expereinced something you are struggling to bounce back from, you’re not alone. Heart healing crystals are a beautiful way to bring yourself comfort, relief, and peace.

Your heart chakra’s natural state is to be open, free flowing, and resiliant! So you will make your way back to that place. Be sure to give yourself plenty of patience and kindness as you continue your spiritual self care journey.

What Color Are Heart Healing Stones?

Your heart chakra resonates with the colors green and pink.

This means that stones this color hold a vibrational frequency that match a perfectly balanced heart chakra. So, green and pink crystals are the best choices to bring healing to your 4th chakra.

I can’t wait for you to explore the heart chakra stones below. They’re all so beautiful!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is hands down the best crystal for the best heart healing crystal. So if you only want to pick one heart healing stone, then look no further.

Rose quartz known as the stone of unconditional love. It gently radiates peace, love, and carries reassuring energy that’s incredibly soothing, yet subtle.

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink color that resonates with the heart chakra perfectly.

unpolished rose quartz pieces
This sweet healing stone varies in color from pale pinkish-white, to bright pink, like these rose quartz pieces from Amazon. You will feel its gentle, loving energy go to work on you immedietly, as soon as you hold a piece in your hand.

Rose quartz is the perfect choice to bring healing to any love relationship. This includes your parent-child relationships, romance, and even your relationship to yourself.

So if you want to inspire more compassion, peace, and self love, this is the perfect stone for you to use.

You can place rose quartz in your bedroom so it can radiate its peaceful magic while you sleep – especially if you sleep poorly or have bad dreams.

It gives off a very gentle loving energy that inspires you to soften the edges or anything that’s creating negative emotion within you. You deserve peace my friend! So if you’re holding onto a grudge or feeling regret for past mistakes, allow rose quartz to help you let those things go.

Remember, it’s impossible for your heart to heal when you’re holding onto resentments about the past. Rose quartz inspires forgiveness, which is an act of self love.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline is an excellent cleansing and detoxifying stone, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

So if you need to heal from old emotional wounds or retire unloving beliefs that don’t serve you, this is the perfect crystal for you to work with.

Watermelon tourmaline has been called the ‘super activator’ of the heart chakra. Its pink and green colors foster love, compassion, sweetness, and well being.

This unique crystal can also help you to express what’s in your heart, clearly and kindly. It’s perfect for releasing heart chakra blockages, and it’s especially helpful if you struggle to express your affection.

raw pieces of watermelon tourmaline
These are tiny, unpolished pieces that are perfect for filling a vase with and keeping in your home, or for making jewlery. But the polished variety looks just like a piece of watermelon!

Watermelon tourmaline can help you to find can I help you to open your heart to make more room for joy in your life. It’s a beautiful stone with strong, high vibrational energy. Plus it’s stunning to look at!

Green Calcite

Green calcite is a gorgeous green stone that’s an excellent detoxifier and healer. So when we think in terms of the heart chakra, this is the perfect crystal to reach for when you need to clean out your emotional closet.

Toxic feelings like resentment, regret, and anger, will keep your heart chakra blocked. Green calcite can help to dissolve these blockages so that you can experience more joy in your life.

The color green is also associated with the energy of abundance. So again, in terms of heart healing, green calcite can help open the floodgates to more love, peace, and compassion and affection in your life.

The more open your heart, the richer you become in every aspect of your life.

untreated, raw piece of green calcite
Try placing a piece of green calcite on your heart chakra while you nap. It will get to work soaking up emotional pain and raising your vibration.

This stone was used in ancient times for physical healing. It does a great job of soaking up negativity, working like a sponge to draw lower vibrational energy away from you. The result leaves you in a very high vibing place!

Negative emotion is always a signal that your views are out of whack with your soul’s opinion on the subject.

In other words, there are blessings, and necessary lessons in your challenges that are in your best interest to experience. Green calcite can help illuminate those blessings so that you can heal, gain wisdom, and find your path forward.


This precious stone brings success in the love department! So think of qualities like honesty, harmony, balance, and deep connection. This is the energy that emerald inspires when you work with it.

This gorgeous green stone is also known to foster clairvoyant abilities. So if you’re focused on manifesting your romantic future, or looking for insights about a relationship, emerald can help you. Its the perfect tool when you need clarity on how to move forward.

untreated, raw emerald
Vision and wisdom are the vibes that emerald carries. If you have emerald jewlery, then you can wear that for heart chakra healing. But untreated, raw emerald like this one is just as effective .

Emerald also encourages open and honest communication with the ones that you love. Plus, it can help to strengthen your inner truth detector.

So if you need validation on what you’re sensing about someone’s intentions, emerald can help bring the truth into focus.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is easy to find and it’s an excellent balancer of emotion.

This is well-rounded healing stone promotes emotional well-being and a happy heart. It’s especially helpful if you’re trying to nurture qualities of compassion and empathy.

Aventurine also carries protective energy. So if you’re afraid of getting hurt in relationships, this can soothe emotional distress and help you keep your heart open. When this happens, you’ll be able to make meaningful connections with the ones you love.

tumbled green aventurine pieces
These beautiful tumbled green aventurine pieces from Amazon will support you in making good decisions when it comes to your emotional well-being.

This stone is so uplifting, and can help you along your spiritual path. It does this by drawing your attention to the goodness that already surrounds you.

Appreciation and gratitude are the magic ingredients to manifesting anything you want. This includes loving relationships and a peaceful heart! So in this way, green aventurine is an excellent choice for manifesting.

Green Jade

Green Jade has such a beautiful and calming presence. It can soothe fear and bring harmony to your relationships with the ones you love.

So if you have a lot of nervous energy, or experience anxiety when it comes to heart healing, this is a beautiful stone to reach for. It has a mild sedative effect that can help you to tap in to your emotions without getting too worked up.

tumbled green jade pieces
Jade is often thought of as a stone of abundance. So if you want to enrich your loving relatinships, start working with this stone.

Jade’s soothing, tranquil vibration can help you relax. This supports heart healing in a powerful way, especially when it comes to making heart connections.

Jade can help you get into that peaceful, easy feeling place, so that you can find common ground and harmony with those you care about.

So much physical disease manifests as a result from stress, anxiety, and fear. Green jade guides you toward channelling that nervous energy in a more positive way. For this reason, jade an incredible little healer.


This might be my favorite looking heart chakra stone. Just take in all that gorgeous, marbled pink! Rhodonite is the best stone to use when you’re working through any sort of changes that affect your heart.

The name of this stone is rooted in the Greek word for rose, a famous heart healing flower that ushers in love and sweetness into your life. So this crystal carries very similar properties, and it helps to ease transitions in your relationships.

pieces of rhodonite crystals
Rhodonite fosters feelings of love, self acceptance, forgiveness and healing. It’s just a beautiful stone to work with. Isn’t it so pretty?

Rhodonite brings emotional balance and helps you to feel more connected to the people you care about. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re healing emotional trauma.

This stone acts like a soothing balm for both past and fresh heart wounds. Rhodonite is also a stone of self-love that will help you to be kinder to yourself and practice self forgiveness.

This is a sweet, gentle, yet powerful heart healer that can bring you a great deal of comfort. Especially if you’re working through uncomfortable changes, or healing up from past trauma.

Recap: List of Heart Chakra Healing Stones

  1. Rose Quartz for compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love
  2. Watermelon Tourmaline for emotional detox and expressing affection
  3. Green Calcite for releasing blockages, healing, and cleansing
  4. Emerald for truth detection, success, and harmony
  5. Green Aventurine for emotional balance, and abundance
  6. Jade for tranquility and peace
  7. Rhodonite for trauma healing and transition

How Do I Balance My Heart Chakra with Crystals?

Now that you’ve chosen your heart healing stone, you need to put her to work! Here are a few ways to use your heart healing crystal:

Under your pillow. You can place your heart healing crystal under your pillow, or under the bed, while you sleep. It will soothe your energy so you can get to sleep faster, and will work on your heart chakra through the night.

Manifestation box. If your intention is to attract love into your life, consider making a manifestation box, and place your crystal on top, or inside it. It’s healing vibration will signal the universe to bring in more loving experiences.

Sacred bathing. If you’re a bath person, sacred bathing is the perfect choice to bring yourself heart healing. Place your heart healing crystals in the bathroom (harder quartz crystals, like rose quartz can go right in the water with you).

Since the water element represents emotion and intuition, the combination of water and your heart crystals is a powerful way to raise your vibration.

Carry it with you. You can tuck a small piece into your pocket or bra, if you wear them. This way it’s always close to your heart as you go through the day. Or, wear jewlery or mala beads made from your healing stones.


I would love to hear how you’re feeling and which heart healing crystal speaks to you! So please do leave me a comment below. Also, if you use your heart healing stones in ways I haven’t mentioned, please share with us!

Also, crystals are just one tool for heart chakra healing. There are lots more ways to bring your Anahata chakra back into balance. Read this next: How To Open Your Heart Chakra In Minutes

Wishing you a day filled with love, sweetness, and peace!



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