12 Amazing Bath Tips for Your Sacred Self-Care Ritual

If you’re a bath person, you already know how therapeutic a good soak can be. Taking baths for relaxation is a popular way to destress from the day. But there’s so much more to it than that!

The water element is a powerful conductor of energy that can help you manifest your intentions and purify your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  

Sacred bathing is an age old tradition held by many cultures. Here are 12 ways to turn bath time into a deeply sacred ritual for next-level relaxation and healing. Read on to learn how to make a relaxing bath.

1. Prepare Your Space

Tidy Up

It’s much easier to deeply relax when your physical surroundings are pleasing to the senses. In fact, studies have shown that an increase in clutter at home can cause anxiety, especially for women.

So before you dive in for your relaxing soak, take some time to prepare your space.

  • Organize your counter and clear away cosmetics
  • Collect dirty towels, bath toys, and other items that may distract your attention
  • Make sure your tub is clean 
  • Sage your space to clear out negative energy from the day
  • Use a bath pillow to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible

Note: if you don’t have smudging supplies, you can diffuse some sage oil instead.

Think Ahead

You’ll get the most out of your bath if it’s a peaceful and indulgent experience from start to finish.

The goal is to move into relaxation response, and carry those peaceful feelings with you long after your bath ritual is over. So spoil yourself by paying attention to detail ahead of time:

  • Get your outfit or jammies ready, for after your relaxing bath. There’s nothing worse than ending a sacred ritual by digging through the laundry for something to wear!
  • Warm up your towels to make stepping in/out of the tub is a blissful experience. You can place a heating pad on them for a minute or two before you disrobe, or treat yourself to a heated towel rack or towel warmer
  • Are you hitting the hay after your bath? Make your bed so it’s an inviting space so you can maintain those peaceful vibes as you settle in for sleep. It makes a huge difference!

2. Go On ‘Do Not Disturb’

Take advantage of this special time to disconnect from outside distractions. Your body, mind, and spirit need a chance to realign in peace. So practice healthy boundaries by doing the following:

  • Leave your device in another room to get a break from screen time
  • Or, if you’re planning to use your phone for music/meditation, turn on “do not disturb” and place in a spot where you can’t reach it
  • Lovingly ask your family members or roomies to buzz off for a set period of time. This is your special self-care time, and you deserve uninterrupted solitude! Even if it’s only for half an hour. 

3. Set Healing Intentions

As you know, everything is energy, and that includes your thoughts. Water is an especially powerful conductor of energy, that can amplify your healing intentions.

So ask yourself, what guided you to take a bath? What situations, emotions, or goals come to mind? Take a moment to set your intentions, say an affirmation, or send out a prayer, as you’re settling into the tub. 

Here are some examples of bath-time intentions to get you started:

4. Use Crystals For Bathroom

Crystals, which form deep in the earth over thousands of years, are nature’s magical tools to support your intentions. They make excellent bath companions! 

Whisper your healing intentions to your crystals, and they will respond by adjusting their gentle vibrations to support you perfectly.

In general, if the word ‘quartz’ is in its name, you can safely toss that crystal directly into your bath; its texture is hard enough to stand up to water. But when in doubt, place crystals around the edge of your tub, on the counter, or even lovingly on the floor. 

Each crystal carries its own unique healing energy. Here are a few that are perfect for relaxation and healing:

  • Rose Quartz – offers sweet and gentle love energy. Perfect for heart chakra healing, attracting romance, and peaceful sleep. I have a huge chunk that lives in my bathroom, and I just love the energy she brings.
  • Jade – attracts prosperity and abundance
  • Amethyst – excellent for deep sleep and opening the third eye
  • Selenite – high vibrational energy that attracts angels and opens the crown chakra. Do not get selenite wet. It’ll turn gummy and break down.

Note: If you need to cleanse your selenite, read this first: How To Cleanse Selenite Wands The Right Way

5. Light Candles

What better way to amp up the relaxation and healing power of your bath than to add the fire element to the mix? Simply lighting a candle is one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise the vibration of a space, so do it up!

Did you know you can use specific colored candles to support your intentions?  Check out this chakra color chart to learn more. But when in doubt, go with unscented white candles.

The color white encompasses every color on the light spectrum and carries the energy of purification – perfectly appropriate for your bath ritual! 

tray atop a filled bath tub holding a candle, rose quartz, epsom salts, and bottle of lavender
Unscented white candles, rose quartz, epsom salts and lavender oil melt away my stress every time.

6. Try Bath Oils for Relaxation

Essential oils add a powerful boost to your bath as well. The aromatic steam you create by adding a few drops of organic essential oils into a hot bath is extremely therapeutic. This is because the chemical properties of these oils have healing effects on your nervous system. Here are the best essential oils to use in your bath:

  • Eucalyptus – great for congestion, aches and pains, or if you’re feeling under the weather 
  • Frankincense – boosts immunity, soothes skin, boosts intuition and promotes spiritual awareness
  • Lavender – offers a sedative effect and eases anxiety. If I could only pick one essential oil to have on-hand, lavender would win it!
  • German Chamomile – soothes the nervous system and supports a good night’s sleep

*SAFETY TIP: Don’t use citrus oils, peppermint, or any spicy oils like cinnamon or ginger in your bath. They can irritate your skin and eyes. These oils are amazing, they just don’t play well with water.

7. Add Bath Salts for Relaxation

Salt is a natural healer. It has the very special magic of being able to draw out physical and energetic impurities.

So if you’re working on releasing negativity, include salt in your sacred bath ritual. Here are some options:

8. Play Relaxation Music for Bath

Sometimes being alone with your thoughts isn’t the most relaxing environment. That’s okay! There is a world of free audio out there, and you should feel free to incorporate it into your relaxation bath.

Here are some options for you to try:

9. Use Bath Time for Inspirational Reading

If you want to take this precious ‘you’ time to get lost in a good book, consider diving into something inspirational, especially if you’re doing this before sleep.

The material you read before bed sticks with you and affects your dreams, as well as your mood. So if your intention is to soothe a busy mind, leave the murder mystery for another time and nurture your soul instead. 

Not to mention, this is more than a simple bath for relaxation now, this is a powerful self-care ritual filled with intention! So choose reading material that aligns with what you want to manifest in your life.   

Here are some of the most uplifting and empowering books for bathtime: 

What books inspire you? Please drop your faves in the comments so I can update this list!

10. Add Bath Herbs + Flowers for Relaxation

If you really want to amp up the magic of your bath, try adding flowers and herbs. 

  • You can make a bouquet for yourself, and enjoy it’s beauty while you soak.
  • Scatter fresh rose petals onto the surface of the water before you get in.
  • Toss a handful of dried chamomile right under the running bath water.

Did you know that every flower has unique emotional healing properties? The Magic of Flowers is an excellent reference guide. If you have a flower garden, you need this book! You’ll appreciate your blooms on a whole new level after reading it.

I love adding rose petals to my bath to symbolize self-love. But your own creativity is the only limit! 

Tip: When bath time is over, leave your petals in the tub to dry on their own, overnight. The last thing you want to do is break your relaxation by cleaning! Plus they’re much easier to scoop up once they’ve dried. 

12. Sip a Healing Brew

It’s important to indulge all the senses during your relaxation bath ritual. It helps to keep you focused and immersed in the experience.

So, bring a cup of something delicious and nourishing to sip on while you rest. Herbal tea, moon water, or water infused with cucumber are excellent choices. 

Avoid alcohol, especially if you’re using bath salts, to avoid dehydration (I know, I know!).

13. Conclude By Honoring Yourself

When you’re ready to rejoin the world, take a moment to thank yourself for creating such a beautiful environment for your self-healing work.

As the water drains, set your intention for it to wash away anything holding you back from receiving your upgrades. If you can, make this a regular practice!

Did you have fun learning about upgrading your bath for relaxation and healing? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a reply below. Or, if you’re not a bath person, where do you go to escape and indulge in self-care? I want to hear from you, too!

XO,  Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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