How To Make Moon Water: Try This on the Next Full Moon

People have been blessing water and charging it with healing intentions for thousands of years. One way to make your own sacred water is by using the energy of the moon. As you know, the moon is a powerful magnetic force that controls the ocean tides.  You can use this natural power to help amplify your intentions. Making moon water is a sweet little self-care ritual that’s super easy to do. Let’s begin!  

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What Is Moon Water?

Moon water is just a vessel of water that’s placed directly under the light of the full moon, with the intention of either attracting or releasing something. The loving care you put into preparing your moon water will make it a sacred and magical tool to support your personal journey.  

Before You Start: Set Your Full Moon Intentions

Consider Your Timing

What situation comes to mind when you think about what you want to manifest next in your life? Are you focused on letting go of something that you’ve outgrown, or manifesting something new for yourself? Your answer is going to affect the timing of your moon water ritual. The days before vs after the full moon have very different energy. So just keep this in mind when you’re choosing which night to set out you water. 

Moon Water Benefits

For manifesting If you’re working on attracting love, abundance, health, or a new adventure into your life, set your moon water outside anywhere from 3 days prior, up to the night of the full moon. The days building up to the full moon are part of the ‘waxing’ phase. As the moon becomes bigger and brighter in the sky, it will charge your water with energy that will help you attract your desires. 

For Releasing– If your intention is to cut cords, break unhealthy patterns, or close an old chapter that no longer serves you, you’ll want your water under the moonlight anywhere from the night of the full moon up to 3 days after. This is the time when the power of the full moon begins to wane, which will help dial down the energy of whatever you want to release. 

Remember, this is all about intention, so relax and know there’s no possible way for you to mess this up! If you’re unsure, just set your water out for one night, right on the full moon. Or, if your intentions include a little bit of both manifesting and release work, you can absolutely leave your water outside for 3 nights: the night before, during and after the full moon, to cover all your bases. 

Each Full Moon is Different

There is always 1 (occasionally 2) full moon per month. Every month’s full moon has a special name, and has its own unique energy. You don’t have to sweat this too much, but it’s worth taking a look to see what the energy of this full moon is all about. It’ll help you plan for future moon water batches!

Not sure when the next full moon is? Here are the full moon calendars for 2020 and 2021.

How To Make Moon Water

Setting your intention was the trickiest part. The actual process of making moon water is easy! It really boils down to filling a cup/jar with water, and placing it outdoors to soak up the moonlight.


You’ll just need a few basic items:

  • A vessel for your water. I recommend avoiding plastic, since the water will be sitting overnight. Choose glass, crystal, or ceramic. Mason jars work great. You may also want to consider your intentions for your water.  If you have a mug with a quote or image that supports your intentions, use that. If you use a container without a top, cover it with a cloth or saucer (nobody wants bugs in their moon tea!).  
  • Water. Spring, purified, or even tap water are perfectly fine choices, assuming you’re going to drink your moon water. If you don’t plan on ingesting it, and if it fits your intention, you can always use rain water, or water from a nearby stream, or even the ocean, if you have access. Use your intuition to determine what’s best for your full moon ritual.
  • Crystals (optional). If you want to surround your vessel with crystals, they love the moonlight! There’s no real need to place them in the water; their vibrations will penetrate the water through your glass. But if you’re strongly guided to do so, make sure you use water-safe crystals, such as rose quartz for love or clear quartz for amplifying power.
  • Sticky labels (optional). If you’re making several batches and storing them in mason jars, you’ll want to keep track of the date you made the water and its intention (every full moon carries unique energy – learn more about that here).   

This is one of my favorite mugs for making moon water, because it has a cap! 


  1. Fill your chosen vessel with water
  2. Find a safe spot outdoors where your water can charge under the moonlight. If you live in an apartment, or don’t have an outdoor space, feel free to place your water on an indoor windowsill. A few panes of glass is no match for mama moon’s powerful energy!   
  3. If you are guided, place crystals or other sacred objects around your moon water
  4. Set your intention quietly in your mind and let the magic happen!
  5. The next morning, your moon water will be ready (don’t worry if you forget about it – you can’t hurt it)

How To Use Moon Water

Now that you’ve made a fresh batch of moon water, how do you use it? Your imagination and creativity are the only limits! Here are some ideas for how to use your moon water. These suggestions assume you used drinkable water in your recipe: 

Uses for Moon Water – Manifesting:

  • Pop it in the fridge and drink a few glasses each day, whenever you need to be reminded of your intentions
  • Pour some into your bath for stress relief
  • Add it to a spray bottle with a few drops of your favorite essential oils, for a body/pillow mist
  • Use it to water your houseplants, as a special treat
  •  Splash some on your face in the morning or before meditation
  • Make moon tea by boiling your moon water and adding your favorite teabag or loose herbs (this is my personal favorite option!)
  • Anoint your third eye with a few drops to boost intuition
  • Use it in your essential oils diffuser
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Uses for Moon Water – Release Work:

Sometimes you may think of your moon water as having captured negativity that no longer serves you. If that’s the case, you may not feel guided to drink it. Instead, you may:

  • Pour the water down the drain, or into the earth for mother nature to heal the energy.
  • Write down what you’re releasing on a piece of paper and burn it. Use your water to extinguish the flame.

While you’re using your moon water, be sure to affirm your intentions. Use your intuition, and know that whatever symbolic gesture you choose will be just perfect. 


I hope you enjoyed learning this witchy little ritual! I’d love to hear about your personal twist on this sweet little ritual. Please leave a comment below and share! Questions? Drop a reply below if I left anything out. 

XO,  Andrea

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Moon Water: Try This on the Next Full Moon”

  1. Thank you for this information. I will try it. Sounds fun. The only challenge is finding a place to set my jug so family members will not bother it. I don’t have a ledge on the outside. I am certain that my higher self will tell me a great solution.
    I always admire your writing. It is always clean and clear and sweet.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and everyone.

    • You’ve made my day with your beautiful words Johanne, thank you! If it helps, you could set your moon water on a shelf or someplace high (like on top of the fridge) in a room with a window, and leave the drapes open overnight. Your intention is the most important ingredient! XO


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