Ultimate Guide to Heart Healing

Could you use some heart healing? When your heart is heavy it’s difficult to feel joy in any area of your life. Whether you’re grieving, recovering from a breakup, or healing old wounds, emotional healing can feel like a slow and painful process. But there are things you can do to help yourself. Heart healing is sacred work that deserves your time and attention. To heal your heart, you’ll need to infuse self-care into your daily rituals. From the foods you eat, to the thoughts that run through your mind, healing a broken heart is an active practice that will enrich your life. Here is your ultimate guide for turning your everyday tasks into opportunities for heart healing. 

Understand Your Heart Chakra

For starters, it’s important you approach emotional healing from all aspects of your being: mind, body, and spirit. You have an energetic body that’s just as real as your physical body. Your physical body has systems to keep itself working (like your digestive system). Your energetic body, or spirit, has a system as well. It’s called your chakra system

Your heart chakra is part of your chakra system. It stores all your beliefs, experiences, and feelings around matters of the heart. When you have an emotionally traumatic experience, the energy in your heart chakra becomes blocked. This simply means you have an opportunity to process your emotions around that experience. When your heart chakra is open and balanced, you’ll feel more love, compassion, and joy.  Everything we discuss here will help to heal your heart chakra so you can feel more peaceful.  

Nurture Your Body for Heart Healing

In healing your heart, one of the best things you can do is tend to your physical comfort. Remember, your mind, body, and spirit are connected. So when you take loving care of your physical body, you’re also healing your emotions. 

Think about a child or pet that you love to pieces. Now imagine they’re hurting. What would you do to help them? You’d probably make sure they were warm and cozy, well fed and relaxed, in a safe and peaceful space. It’s your natural instinct to nurture others in this way. So make sure you’re doing those things for yourself, my friend! Draw yourself a bath. Decorate with fresh flowers. Treat yourself to your favorite meal. Spend all day in pajamas watching Netflix. You deserve to be on the receiving end of all the loving care you give to others. 

There is no need to power through your daily activities if your body is begging you for rest. That’s going to wear you down and make you feel worse. Emotional healing takes a lot of energy. It’s important to honor the intuitive message your body sends you. In case you’ve forgotten: you do not have to prove that you’ve earned your downtime or feel guilty for taking time for yourself. You deserve rest.  

Heart Healing Foods

You can heal your heart chakra with the same foods that you’d eat for your physical heart. The heart chakra corresponds to the color green. So any foods that are green in color will help get energy flowing in your heart center. Try adding some of these to your diet:

  • avocados
  • spinach
  • kale
  • zucchini
  • celery
  • fresh mint

Or, treat yourself to a green smoothie or a cup of matcha tea.

Heart Healing Affirmations

Now that we have your physical well being covered, it’s time to move on to your mind. Your thoughts can be a source of suffering or peace, depending on which ones you feed.  A positive affirmation is just a statement that brings you comfort when you repeat it. The more you repeat a thought, the more likely you are to form beliefs around it. 

How’s your self-talk? Are you beating yourself up, replaying dramatic events, or imagining worst case scenarios? In order for your heart to heal, you need to upgrade your thought patterns.  Turn your negative thoughts into something that feels hopeful or comforting. Here’s an example:

Instead of “I’ll never get through this”, try “My heart is in the process of healing. I’m feeling a little better each day.

Re-framing your thoughts to be more positive can feel difficult at first. That’s why affirmation cards are such a helpful tool for heart healing. There are many options out there, but renown self-help author Louise Hay started the trend decades ago. This deck of cards is specific to heart healing. Just shuffle and pull one when you need help guiding your thoughts down a more peaceful path. You’ll be amazed by the peace these cards bring.

Heart Healing Essential Oils

Did you know your sense of smell is directly tied to emotion and memory? This means you can heal your heart using aromatherapy.

According to Healthline.com, studies show that essential oils can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, as well as symptoms of depression. Therapeutic grade essential oils are powerful helpers for emotional healing. Essential oils for heart chakra healing include:

Try dropping 3 drops of your favorite oil into your bath, or wear a diffuser necklace like this one:

The best aromatherapy for heart chakra healing is this Feel The Love emotional support mist. Heart healing oils are already blended for you, plus the bottle displays an affirmation that you can read whenever you use it:

I love and accept myself unconditionally.  I release negativity from old emotional wounds and radiate joy.”

This mist is made with crystal essences too, which we’ll talk about next. So you’re getting the benefits of aromatherapy, affirmations, and crystal energy rolled into one. Spritz generously in your space or directly onto your skin as a reminder of the healing that’s taking place within your heart. It also comes in a roll-on

Heart Healing Crystals

Crystals take millions of years to form within the earth. Each one offers a unique vibration that can support your emotional healing. These beautiful and gentle helpers can complement your heart healing efforts. 

The top 3 best heart healing crystals are:

  • Rose Quartz – carries the vibration of unconditional love. It’s perfect for heart healing.
  • Jade – this beautiful green stone helps relieve negative thoughts and brings good fortune
  • Emerald – balances the heart chakra by bringing clarity to your thoughts. 

Rose quartz has a hard enough texture to be tossed into the bath. Don’t submerge jade or emerald. Instead, carry a piece with you in your pocket or bra, or sleep with them under your pillow. You can even make a beautiful crystal healing grid for yourself in a corner of your home or under your bed. They’ll continuously give off soothing energy to help you heal.

Forgiveness for Heart Healing

Forgiveness is key to easing heartache. You may need to let go of the wrongdoing of someone else. Or, maybe you need to let yourself off the hook.

Grief, regret and resentment are the emotions that block your heart chakra from healing.  It can be difficult to let go of these feelings. Sometimes it feels like betrayal of justice. But you cannot heal your heart and hold onto anger at the same time. It’s simply not possible. 

The truth is, forgiveness is all about you. Choosing to forgive is the greatest act of self-care there is. It means you’re deciding to exchange your hurt, resentment and anger for peace. That is such a wise investment of your energy.  

Best seller ‘Heart Healing: The Power of Forgiveness to Heal a Broken Heart” teaches how to let go of your pain so you can experience the peace you deserve.  It will nourish your soul:


Heartache plays a sacred role in your life. It’s a sign of your sensitivity and empathy. It illuminates the things you hold dear. Use this situation as a time to retreat and reconnect to yourself. There are valuable lessons for you buried within this experience. 

Continue to nurture yourself as you weather this storm. You’ll emerge stronger and wiser than you’ve ever been before. 

Sending you so much love.



Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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