45 Heart Chakra Journal Prompts for Love and Emotional Healing

Are you open to more love and inner peace? These heart chakra journal prompts will guide you toward the heart healing that you deserve. So get cozy, pour yourself a healing brew, and grab your journal. It’s time for heart healing.

Your heart chakra holds all your potential for the love. So it’s incredibly sacred and important work to focus on healing, forgiveness, and inner peace. Honor yourself for being here! Heart chakra journaling is a beautiful expression of self love.

When To Do Heart Chakra Journaling

I created these heart chakra journal prompts as a tool to help you explore your emotions and guide yourself toward heart healing, inner peace, and love.

You can use these prompts as often as you need, whether it’s daily, or monthly as part of your full moon journaling ritual. I personally recommend doing heart chakra journaling at the end of your day, so you can review and reflect on things that brought you joy, and any opportunities for healing. 

Reach for your heart chakra journal whenever you need to:

  • forgive yourself
  • heal from grief or sadness
  • invite more romance into your life
  • see the best in other people
  • practice more self-love
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How To Use These Journal Prompts

It’s perfectly natural for the flow of energy through the heart chakra to fluctuate as you’re exposed to different people and events.  

So when you sit down to do your heart chakra journaling, it’s a dedicated time for you to process all the thoughts and feelings that came up throughout the day.

If you have a hurtful or uncomfortable experience and don’t take the time to process it and release it, your heart chakra will become blocked. As a result, the world feels like a cold and unloving place.

In other words, your negative thoughts and emotions will make you a magnet for negative experiences. That’s how law of attraction works. Your emotions truly are that powerful, and you deserve to feel your best! So trust that as your heart heals, every area of your life will benefit.

Heart chakra journaling is your way to be mindful of the patterns you’re creating, so you can manifest more joyful and loving experiences.

These are just prompts to get you thinking, so feel free to change them or add to them in any way that you see fit.

Using these heart chakra journal prompts should make you feel better. So only dig into your negative emotions for as long as it brings you a sense of relief. After that, dwelling in negativity will not serve you.

The whole point of these heart chakra journals is to help to guide you up the emotional scale so that you can manifest the beautiful and loving experiences that you so very much deserve.

You can learn about how your emotions affect your vibration here:

Energy Vibrations Between People: Who Are You Manifesting?

Heart Chakra Journal Prompts

  • When I think about forgiveness, the situation comes to mind…
  • I can practice more self love by…
  • It would set me free if I could let go of…
  • I recently showed empathy for others when I…
  • I can practice more compassion by…
  • I’m looking forward to more of this in the future…
  • My heart feels most full when I am…
  • This is what I love most about my partner/child/friend/self/coworker/pet
  • The last harsh comment I made could be rephrased this way…
  • I can sweeten my relationships by…
  • I know it’s safe to forgive because in return I will receive…
  • One random act of kindness I recently did was…
  • These are some of the qualities I love about myself…
  • I admire the open heartedness of these people..
  • Someone recently showed me kindness when…
  • I sense my past loved ones are near me when I see/hear/feel/smell/taste…
  • I’m grateful for the loving, harmonious relationships I have with these people…

Heart Chakra Journal Questions

  • Whom do I need to forgive?
  • What regrets am I holding onto that don’t serve me?
  • Where does my heart need healing?
  • What’s the healthiest relationship I have right now? Why?
  • How can I practice more trust?
  • How can I be kinder to my partner?
  • How can I show my love and appreciation to the people in my life?
  • What fills my heart with joy?
  • How can I create a more peaceful environment for myself?
  • What’s a recent example of when life was sweet to me?
  • How did I express my gratitude for today?
  • What things brought me joy today?
  • Am I giving myself time and space to heal my heart?
  • How was my self-talk today? What does true love mean to me?
Heart chakra journal question: Where does my heart chakra need healing?

Heart Chakra Shadow Work Prompts + Questions

  • I was shown unconditional love when…
  • My challenges have helped me to grow stronger and more loving by…
  • My most loving memory is…
  • These are some of the benefits I’ll receive by letting go of the past…
  • When I’m feeling judgmental, I can remind myself that…
  • I honor the memory of my loved ones by…
  • How can I remind myself that it’s safe to love and be loved?
  • What are my uncomfortable emotions trying to tell me?
  • This is proof of my emotional resilience…
  • What lessons have I learned from the past?
  • Do I withold love from others? Why?
  • These people/activities support my emotional healing…
  • These people/activities do not support my emotional healing…
Heart chakra shadow work prompt: My most loving memory is...

More Tools for Emotional Healing

 Heart healing takes time, so remember to be gentle with yourself as you move through this process at your own pace.

I share my favorite heart chakra healing affirmations in this post: 39 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Soothing and Inner Peace

They will sooth your emotions and wrap you in a warm hug, whenever you need it.

For more ways to practice self-love, I urge you to read this post as well: How to Practice Self Love: 11 Life Changing Tips

Also, my biggest tip for heart chakra healing is to pair any of your practices with heart healing essential oils.

As a certified Aromatherapist, I can attest to the powerful connection between emotion (especially emotions attached to memories) and your sense of smell.

This is the heart chakra blend that I use. It is so comforting; I know you’ll love it. Diffuse it into the air, or massage a dab into the pages of your heart healing journal.

It comes in a roll-on as well. The roller ball is actually made of rose quartz, so not only are you receiving the heart healing properties of the oils, but you’re getting heart healing crystal energy, too! I’ve really never seen anything like this and can’t recommend it enough.

I like to use the roller to draw a heart onto my wrist, or sometimes right over my heart, as a reminder of self-love.


Did these heart chakra journal prompts soothe your soul? I hope you find these tools useful as you continue on your healing journey.

If you want to explore more journal prompts, these are also perfect for heart chakra healing:

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You deserve love!❤

XO, Andrea

Andrea Scalisi headshot

Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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Self-care starts here!

We’ll help you remember just how worthy you are.

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