50 Break Up Journal Prompts to Mend Your Heart

Breaking up can be rough, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. Today I’m sharing 50 break up journal prompts to help mend your heart and bring you closure, so you can look forward to your next chapter with a light heart.

Untangling your daily routine, belongings, emotions, and energy from another person takes effort and be extremely draining.

That’s why post breakup is the perfect time to focus intently on self-love and personal healing. Breakup journal prompts can help you do just that. They will help you explore and process your thoughts and feelings so that you can heal.

In case you need to hear it: it’s okay to not feel okay.

Emotions like sadness, anger, and remorse are natural and normal during a breakup.

So, you should give yourself the time you need to honor and express those emotions. With that said, you were never meant to dwell in that dark place forever, my friend.

Use your breakup journal as a safe place to unburden yourself, so that you can release those emotions and feel better. As you climb the emotional scale, life will begin to feel sweeter again.

 50 breakup journal prompts to mend your heart and embrace your next chapter

How Journaling Can Help You Through a Breakup

Breakup journaling can help you:

  • Deal with the sense of loss or emptiness
  • Find healthy ways to fill new gaps in your schedule  
  • Relieve loneliness  
  • Start thinking about your new beginning 
  • Re-focus on loving yourself

When you experience a break up, your heart chakra takes a serious hit.

So be proud of yourself for taking this time to focus on your own self-care and heart healing. 

The goal of doing break up journaling is to let your emotions flow freely, uncensored and without judgment, so you can release them and move on. 

So, read through the list below and pick one or two that speak to you strongly at this moment. As time goes by, you’ll be guided toward others. 

Whatever comes out is perfect.  

Breakup Journal Prompts

  • When I think about my break up, these are the first emotions that come to mind… 
  • If I could tell my past self anything about this relationship, what would it be?
  • If I could tell my ex anything, what would I say?
  • What do I want to create for myself next?
  • What are three things I learned about myself through this experience?  
  • What will I miss the most about the relationship? 
  • What parts of myself have I neglected that I would like to return to now? 
  • Who are the most supportive people in my life that I can lean on as I heal? 
  • What new hobbies or interests would I like to explore? 
  • How has my sense of identity been affected by the ending of this relationship? 
  • How can I honor the closing of this chapter?
Breakup journal prompt: How can I honor the closing of this chapter?

  • Did I adopt any negative beliefs about myself that I need to retire?
  • Do I need to reconnect with my sensual side? If so, how can I do that? 
  • Are there any physical items I need to remove from my home so I can move on?
  • Have I set intentions to recall my energy
  • One thing I can do every day to honor myself is…
  • Do I need to forgive my ex for anything? 
  • Do I need to forgive myself for anything? 
  • How can I bring more joy and sweetness into my life?
  • How has this experience blessed me?  
  • Am I angry about anything? 
  • What are some things I’m looking forward to about moving on? 
  • How am I different from when this relationship began?
  • What have I learned about unconditional vs conditional love
  • What clarity has this breakup brought me? 
Breakup journal prompt: What clarity has this breakup brought me? 
  • What does the ideal relationship look like to me? 
  • How can I be a better partner next time around?
  • Which qualities did I appreciate most about my ex? 
  • Now that I have time to focus more on myself, I most look forward to…
  • What qualities does my ex have that I don’t want in my next partner?
  • How can I bring myself physical and emotional comfort while I heal? 
  • List 3 healthy ways to occupy your time. 
  • List 3 ways you can practice self love.
  • Write a thank you note to your ex.
  • How have I grown as a result of this relationship?
  • How do I feel about being single? 
  • Are there any fears or insecurities that arise when I think about being alone?
  • Where would I like to be one year from now? 
  • What traits or characteristics did my ex bring out in me the most? (List both positive and negative aspects.)
  • My top 3 most lovable qualities are…
  • I’m proud of the way I handled this part of the breakup…
  • What will I miss the most about this relationship? 
  • What will I miss the least? 
  • When I think about being single again… 
breakup journal prompt: when I think of being single again...

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  • Do I have any fears about the future? (Explore them without judgment)
  • Are there unanswered questions surrounding this break up? If so, 
  • How can I be at peace with that and let them go unanswered?
  • How can I create closure for myself? 
  • I would like my next partner to have/do/be…
  • Are there healthy boundaries in place going forward between my ex and me? 
  • Next time I feel a wave of sadness, I will remind myself…
  • The most exciting part of moving on is…
breakup journal prompt: next time I feel a wave of sadness, I will remind myself...

The Best Breakup Journals

You have a couple of choices when it comes to selecting a breakup journal.

You can absolutely journal about your breakup in your regular, everyday journal.

Or, you can grab one of these breakup journals from Amazon. This is a nice idea if you want to keep this experience separate from the other things you journal about in life. 

After all, the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup is temporary, and not necessarily something you’ll want to look back on anytime soon (for example. I wouldn’t want to write about a breakup in my manifesting journal – it’s the wrong vibe!). 

Keeping a separate breakup journal allows you to tuck it away (or even toss it out) once you feel ready to cut ties and move on.

Here are the most popular breakup journals:


Journaling about your feelings is a productive and healthy way to examine your emotions, honor your journey, and close out this chapter with dignity and grace.

I hope these break up journaling prompts help you look back on this experience with gratitude for what you learned and a sense of peace about moving forward.

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Sending my love!

XO, Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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