Cutting Cords: 5 Ways to Recall Your Energy

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You are an energetic being. So when you make a connection with someone, you form an energetic bond. Often these connections, or cords, are wonderful. You may know the feeling of being completely in sync with your partner, a sibling, or closest friends. But there are some connections that you’d prefer to break. Sometimes, even when you create physical distance from someone, you still feel energetically tied to them. That’s where cutting cords can help you.  

Cutting cords removes negative connections you have to other people. As you make a practice of severing these unwanted attachments, you’ll begin to feel lighter, healthier, and more like yourself. It’s time to call your energy home! Let’s get started.

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What Is Cord Cutting

Cutting cords is the process of severing negative connections that keep you energetically tied to another person. Negative cords can be formed with anyone, even people you love. Here are some examples of cords you may want to cut:

  • people you want completely out of your life  
  • social media followers who have attached to you without your knowledge  
  • loved ones who are sources of drama   
  • those in your life who are needy, envious, or have bad intentions toward you

It’s important to note that cord cutting is all about breaking NEGATIVE ties. Bonds of pure love can never be broken, so it’s safe to cut cords of attachment even with people you deeply care for. You’ll still be connected, just in a healthier way. Think of cord cutting as a way to set energetic boundaries for yourself. 

How To Identify Energy Cords (Cords of Attachment)

So how do you know if you have an energy cord with someone that needs to be cut? Here are some signs to look for:

  • They emotionally drain you
  • When you think of them, they contact you out of nowhere, or 
  • They pop into your head for no reason
  • You fear running into them, or feel the need to avoid them   
  • The person is at top of mind right now, as you’re reading up on cord cutting – trust your intuition! 

When it comes to the people you know, the need to cut cords is usually pretty obvious. But it’s totally possible to have picked up cords that you’re not even aware of. With this said, it’s not necessary to know where all of your cords are coming from. Cord cutting is all about intention. So if you simply focus on cleaning up any/all negative ties, that’s enough. 

How To Cut Energy Cords

There are several ways to cut cords of attachment. Here are the top 5 ways to break those unwanted ties and recall your energy. Use your own intuition based on the situation to determine which method is best for you. All of these cord cutting rituals should be done with reverence and love, for the greatest good for all involved.

1 - Smudging

Smudging, or burning sage is a tried and true method for spiritual cleansing. Indigenous Americans have been smudging (or burning dried herbs) to banish negativity for centuries. A modern, and safer version, is to use a liquid smudge spray. We’ll explore both here.  

Let’s start with traditional smudging.

You’ll Need:

You can buy these things individually, or grab a smudge kit that has everything for around $20 or so.

Method: Pull back the twine that binds your bundle so it doesn’t catch fire. Hold your sage bundle at a 45 degree angle in your non-dominant hand and light it. After about 10 seconds, blow out the flame you created, and allow the embers to continue burning. The smoke will rise from the bundle. Pick up your feather with your dominant hand, and make circular sweeps with it, wafting the smoke toward toward your face, neck and chest area. You can waft the smoke through your home to clear all negativity from your surroundings. 

While you’re saging, affirm: “I cut all negative cords of connection and recall my energy now. May all negativity be cleared from my sacred space and returned to the earth for healing.” Then, place the sage bundle in its shell and let it burn out on its own.

1A - Smudge Spray

If you live in an apartment (don’t want to set off the smoke detector) or if smoke bothers you, opt for a smudge spray instead.   

You’ll Need:

Method: Give the bottle a good shake and hold it at arm’s length. Close your eyes and mist your crown, face, neck, and chest while inhaling deeply. Exhale and repeat as you feel guided. In your mind, repeat the affirmation above, or the one that comes printed on the bottle. You can also use Clear The Air as a room spray: mist your front doorway, bedroom, or anyplace where you want to clear negative memories or emotions.


smudge spray clear the air mist


Clear The Air smudge spray contains sage, myrrh, wintergreen, and a sprinkle of sea salt to banish negative energy.

2 - Freezer Method

This method carries a vibe of ‘finality’. So if you’re just dealing with a pesky loved one with boundary issues, choose a different option. This is best for ending relationships.  

You’ll Need: 


Write the person’s name on a piece of paper. Hold the paper in your hands and affirm: I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from this person, and am ready to release them fully. All cords of attachment are now frozen.

Fold the paper up, place it in a bag, and bury it in the back of your freezer. This is a powerful and symbolic gesture that will help break unhealthy patterns from repeating themselves. 

3 - Ask Archangel Michael to Cut Cords

Archangel Michael is an absolute master at cutting cords. His job is to protect and serve! He’s often shown holding a flaming sword with a blue flame – the perfect cord cutting gear! If you’re comfortable working with angels, try this prayer. 

You’ll Need: N/A

Method: In the privacy of your mind before sleep or during meditation, call on Archangel Michael: Archangel Michael, please cut all energetic cords that do not serve me. I trust your judgement completely as you sever all ties that drain my energy. Thank you for this gift.”  

4 - Take a Salt Bath

Salt is another natural element that helps to draw out negativity. If you’re a bath person, this is definitely the most enjoyable way to cut cords!

You’ll Need:

Method: Draw yourself a bath, adding about 1/2 cup of Epsom salts to the water (you can use sea salt as a substitute) and 4-5 drops of lavender oil. You may also choose to light a candle, surround yourself with crystals or even burn your sage while you bathe.

As you soak in the tub, set your intention to wash away all cords that don’t serve you. When you drain the bath water,  envision all the negative energy you’ve released going down the drain.

tray atop a filled bath tub holding a candle, rose quartz, epsom salts, and bottle of lavender
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5 - Cutting Cords Using Visualization

Do you meditate? If so, give a cord cutting visualization a try. You can even combine this visualization with any of the other methods above.

You’ll Need:

  • A space to rest comfortably, uninterrupted
  • Your favorite crystals are optional

Method:  Once you’re in a meditative state, scan your body with the intention of identifying any cords of attachment. Where do you sense them? Can you see or feel who’s on the other end? If the answer is no, that’s perfectly okay. Lovingly visualize those cords being broken, your half returning to you for healing, and the other half returning to the other person, also for healing. 

How Do You Know Cord Cutting Worked?

When energy cords have been cut, you will no longer sense energy flowing between you and the other person. In other words, you won’t think of them as often. And when you do, there won’t be any emotion attached to the thought. When you reach this level, it means you’ve fully reclaimed your power and freedom! 

Sometimes cords of attachment can run deep. So it’s perfectly normal to have to repeat these rituals more than once. Each time, set your intention to call your energy home, and you’ll make continual progress. It can take time, but your mind is incredibly powerful. You can do this! 

I hope these tools help you to feel free! What experiences have you had with cord cutting? Leave a reply and share!

XO,  Andrea

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