Best Full Moon Affirmations by Month for 2023

Full moon affirmations are a powerful addition to any full moon ritual, especially when you know which ones to use.

There is a full moon every month, and each one holds unique energy and spiritual significance for your life. Below you’ll find full moon affirmations for each month, along with their spiritual meanings.

What Do You Say During A Full Moon?

The full moon is the perfect time to set intentions for what you’re ready to release now and what you’d like to embrace next. Positive affirmations can help you to manifest, by reminding you of these intentions.

Whether you say your full moon affirmations aloud or choose to write it down, it’s a powerful way to attract your desires into your life. If you’re new to affirmations, you can read more about them here: What Are Affirmations? Here’s How To Make Them Work For You

But in a nutshell, an affirmation is a positive statement about yourself that you want to become true. Since each full moon has unique energy, I’m breaking up affirmations by month, below.

I invite you to think of the spiritual meaning of this month’s full moon, and how it relates to this unique season of your life.

These full moon messages can help you manifest! When you’re in rhythm with the moon’s energy, events unfold much more smoothly.

If you want to learn more about how to manifest your desires, read this next: How to Manifest Your Desires

Full Moon Affirmations by Zodiac Sign

Each month when the moon is full, it sits in a different zodiac constellation in the sky. Below are the full moon dates for 2023, along with the sign the moon is in at that time. Based on this, I’ve shared full moon affirmations that capture the energy of that sign.

Note: Your personal zodiac sign based on your birthday is your ‘sun sign’. So you won’t find that zodiac sign in your birth month below, because we’re tracking the moon here, not the sun. This used to confuse me, so I thought I’d share!

With that said, you should definitely check out the full moon affirmations for your own zodiac sign, in addition to the ones for this month. They will bring you comfort any time of year!

Jan 6: Cancer Full Moon Affirmations

In January, the full moon is in Cancer. January’s full moon is also known as the Full Wolf Moon, since wolf howls can most easily be heard at this time of year.

In Native American culture, wolves were revered for their intelligence and fierce loyalty. They are also highly intuitive creatures who honor their pack. This very much captures the energy of the Cancer full moon.

Full Moon in Cancer Meaning

This full moon is all about deepening bonds with those who are dear to your heart. During the January full moon, be sure to trust your instincts and draw on the strength of your tribe as needed.  

In terms of manifesting, now is the time to focus less on action and more on personal reflection. Your experiences have helped you gain clarity on your desires for the future. You can trust that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. All you need to do now is turn this situation over to your spirit team, while you catch up on your rest.

Cancer zodiac sign is all about intuition and deep emotion. So take this time to get in tune with your feelings this full moon.

These affirmations carry the energy of Cancer. So if this is your zodiac sign, you can use these any time of the year! They apply to all of us though, when the moon is full in the month of January. Write down your favorite and repeat it often:

  • My emotions are sacred
  • I am deeply connected to my intuition
  • Everything will flow to me in perfect timing
  • I am surrounded by people who love me
  • It’s easy for me to be still
  • I let go of the past so that I can heal
  • It’s safe to experience deep emotion
Full moon in Cancer spiritual meaning and affirmation

Feb 5: Leo Full Moon Affirmations

In February, the full moon is in Leo. Also known as the Full Snow or Full Bear moon, this is the time to enjoy some rest and relaxation.  

Full Moon in Leo Meaning

When a clean layer of snow falls over the world, things are quiet. The February full moon invites you to go within, and be still.

Now’s the time to listen to your body’s change in rhythm as it naturally begins to slow down. You’ve worked hard, prepared well, and deserve rest. So tap into your inner lazy lion and give yourself permission to take a break!

Leo zodiac sign is all about inner strength, self respect, and personal power. So consider these qualities as you contemplate your goals for the future. Here are some Leo full moon affirmations to help you boost your skills in this area:

  • It’s safe to claim my power
  • I trust my instincts and take inspired action
  • My body deserves rest
  • I listen to my body and honor its natural rhythm
  • My inner strength is always available to me
  • I lead by example
  • My manifesting abilities are strong
  • I never settle for less than I deserve
  • Exciting opportunities flow to me with ease
Full moon in Leo spiritual meaning and affirmation

Mar 7: Virgo Full Moon Affirmations

March marks the time when the world begins to thaw. March’s full moon is known as the Full Worm Moon, named after the earthworms who slowly make their way to the surface from underground.

In addition, earthworms have the ability to generate, which carries deep spiritual meaning for you. Think about what you’re ready to recreate for yourself.

Do you need to cut cords with people, habits, or limiting beliefs that no longer serve you? A new cycle is ready to begin! So now is the time to make room, in any way that feels right to you.

Full Moon in Virgo Meaning

Full moon in Virgo carries the energy of being gently awakened from a beautiful dream. It’s time to yawn, stretch, and begin anew. The sky’s the limit, so think big! What do you feel inspired to create? 

Virgo zodiac sign is all about gaining knowledge and paying attention to detail. So this is the perfect time to start planning for your future, and building your skills in areas that support your desires. You may even want to do some script manifesting to help visualize your happy future.

Give yourself permission to switch up your routine, and retire anything that’s not working for you. You’ll be enjoying a strong sense of clarity this month, so allow it to guide your actions.

These Virgo full moon affirmations will support your manifesting efforts beautifully:

  • I have a strong sense of what I do and do not want
  • Details of my plan are unfolding effortlessly
  • I release what no longer serves me with gratitude
  • I treat myself with patience and respect as I learn
  • It’s okay if everything’s not perfect
  • I release harsh judgements about myself and others
  • I’m having fun as I create my future
  • I have limitless potential
Full moon in Virgo  spiritual meaning and affirmation

Apr 6: Libra Full Moon Affirmations

Indigenous Americans named the April Full Moon in honor of the pink wildflowers that bloom in the Spring. That’s why you’ll often hear it referred to as the Pink Full Moon.

This month is all about fertility, movement, and creativity. The natural world is buzzing with activity and change is in the air. The same holds true for your life!

Full Moon in Libra Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the Libra full moon is about building momentum behind your thoughts.

This is a phase of growth and discovery as you emerge from the cocoon of your old self. As your plans take shape, the universe will offer you endless ideas and inspiration for next steps.

Remember to stay in the flow of your life as you make room for your upgrades – Libra zodiac sign is all about balance!

Here are some full moon affirmations for Libra:

  • I welcome balance into my life
  • My positive thoughts are rapidly attracting my desires
  • I embrace opportunities to try new things
  • Energy flows wherever I focus my attention
  • I have plenty of energy to accomplish my goals
  • I am worthy of receiving the same loving care I give to others
Full moon in Libra spiritual meaning and affirmation

May 5: Scorpio Full Moon Affirmations

May’s full moon, also known as the Flower Full Moon, is a time for taking action so you can reap the benefits later. This chapter of your life is in full swing!

Full Moon in Scorpio Meaning

Full moon in Scorpio means that it’s time to release fear that holds you back from manifesting your upgrades.

What seeds do you want to plant for your future self? Now is the time to tap into your natural ambition and embrace whatever ideas are calling to you.

Scorpio is an intense, powerful sign, and when the moon is in Scorpio, you’re going to feel it! The energy of this full moon will help you find your motivation and channel your energy into manifesting what you want.

Be sure not to feed those fears that pop up – choose your thoughts just like you choose your clothes or your meals: with intention based on what you want!

These affirmations are perfect for full moon in Scorpio:

  • I set my sites on what I want and expect to get it
  • My positive thoughts are magnetic
  • I am naturally energetic and motivated
  • It’s OK to move forward, even if it feels scary
  • I easily adapt to change
  • My energy is powerful and I use it in ways that serve my highest good
  • It feels good to take inspired action toward my desires
Full moon in Scorpio spiritual meaning and affirmation

June 3: Sagittarius Full Moon Affirmations

 Also known as the Strawberry Full Moon, June is home to the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. This full moon carries the energy of warmth, movement, and activity!

Full Moon in Sagittarius Meaning

Full moon in Sagittarius is a magical time that ushers in sweetness and beauty. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions are bearing fruit!

This month is filled with love, life, and light. So take some time to enjoy the abundance you’ve created for yourself, and weed out anything that doesn’t bring you joy. It’s time to lighten up!

Here are some full moon in Sagittarius affirmations that will help you to capture the beautiful energy of this month:

  • I radiate love and light
  • I have so many things to be grateful for
  • I see beauty everywhere I go
  • The people in my life bring me joy
  • When I focus on what I want, it flows to me in perfect timing
  • There is plenty of time to accomplish my goals
  • I love to learn about topics that interest me
  • My life is a beautiful adventure
Full moon in Sagittarius spiritual meaning and affirmation

July 3: Capricorn Full Moon Affirmations

July’s full moon is called the Full Buck Moon. Male deer begin to grown their antlers mid-summer, which is a sign of maturity and independence.

Deer spirit is also a reminder that you can be gentle and incredibly strong at the same time. What situation calls for this balance of skills?

Full Moon in Capricorn Meaning

During the Capricorn full moon, bring your awareness to the lessons you’ve learned up to this point. You have more wisdom and clarity than ever before!

As a result, you can expect to feel more stable and surefooted. These qualities come naturally to the Capricorn zodiac sign, and mama moon is sending you this energy now.

Full moon in Capricorn carries the energy of success, closure, and accomplishment. This is the time to give it all you’ve got, because your desires are absolutely within reach!

You’ll also want to be sure to practice self-love and take time for heart healing when you need it.

Does a particular relationship come to mind that needs some extra attention? Now’s the time to make time for the people who mean the most to you. Your successes will be sweeter with your tribe behind you.

Here are some Capricorn full moon affirmations to focus on this month:

  • I am independent and strong
  • Success comes naturally to me
  • I enjoy close bonds with my loved ones
  • When I feel myself becoming tense, I breathe and relax
  • I set my sights high and never settle for less than I deserve
  • Decision making comes easily to me
  • I love and acceptance myself, just the way I am
  • I accomplish my tasks with ease
  • There is no limit to what I can do
full moon in capricorn affirmations and spiritual meaning

Aug 1: Aquarius Full Moon Affirmations

August’s full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon, in honor of the abundance of fish available this time of year. So in keeping with this theme, this is the time to express gratitude for the abundance that is flowing to you at this time.

Full Moon in Aquarius Meaning

This is a time of spiritual evolution, movement, and fertility for you. There is plenty of everything to go around, so any perception of lack is just an illusion.

During full moon in Aquarius, release any fears you may have around not having enough, so the abundance you deserve can easily to flow to you. This is also time to think outside the box. Aquarius zodiac sign is all about creating your own unique vision for the future marching to the beat of your own drum.

What areas of your life are calling you to take authentic, inspired action? You can tap into the power of mama moon this month to do just that!  

These positive affirmations are perfect for full moon in Aquarius:

  • My life is a perfect reflection of me
  • I use my imagination to manifest upgrades
  • The future is mine to create
  • I am in harmony with other people
  • My mind is open to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • The more I enjoy life, the more prosperity I attract
  • I enjoy expressing my creativity in new ways
  • Abundance flows to me from all directions
  • I focus on my own joy and don’t worry about others’ opinions
Full moon in aquarius affirmations and spiritual meaning

Aug 30: Pisces Full Moon Affirmations

2023 is special because it has a blue moon. This only happens every few years. So, consider taking a moment to make a wish on this night. Don’t be afraid to ask for something BIG!

Full Moon in Pisces Meaning

Since the moon is in Pisces, be sure to focus on heartfelt appreciation and gratitude because those positive emotions will serve as seedlings for your next manifesting cycle. Pisces is all about being in touch with your feelings! So focus on choosing the very best emotions that are available to you in the moment.

In addition, Pisces zodiac sign carries the energy of empathy and intuition. So it’s perfectly natural to feel more emotional than usual right now.

Your feelings are sacred! Listen extra closely to your inner guidance around this full moon, because your intuition is on point.

These Pisces full moon affirmations will help support your emotions and boost your intuition:

  • My intuition is clear, strong, and true
  • I honor my emotions
  • My empathic abilities are a spiritual gift
  • I am deeply grateful for the blessings in my life
  • Abundance is all around me
  • I choose thoughts and feelings that serve me
  • I trust my inner guidance

Since Pisces is associated to the water element, this is the perfect time to whip up a batch of moon water to set your intentions!

Read this to learn how: How To Make Moon Water: Try This on the Next Full Moon

Full moon in Pisces spiritual meaning and affirmations

Sep 29: Corn (Harvest) Full Moon Affirmations

September brings us the Corn Full Moon. The hard work of planting through spring and summer pays off now, as communities gather food for the upcoming winter. 

Through a spiritual lens, this month carries the energy of wrapping up loose ends, getting organized, and enjoying the manifestations that you set into motion earlier this year.

Full Moon in Aries Meaning

September’s full moon is all about reaping the benefits of the work you’ve done toward manifesting your desires. Your ideas are ready to come into your physical experience, so be prepared to receive!

Aries zodiac sign is all about prioritizing your own needs, taking the lead, and taking action toward upgrades.

You’re surrounded by opportunities to receive upgrades that will serve you well in the future! It’s safe to trust intuition as you decide which chapters to close.

Here are your Aries full moon affirmations:

  • My happiness is top priority
  • When my needs are met, I am better positioned to uplift others
  • I am ready to release what no longer serves me
  • I’m grateful for the clarity I’ve gained through my challenges
  • Everything I need flows to me in perfect timing
  • It’s safe to let go of the past
  • New adventures are waiting for me
  • I eagerly embrace my next chapter
Full moon in Aries spiritual meaning and affirmation

Oct 28: Taurus Full Moon Affirmations

The month of October marks the time when animals are fattening themselves up for winter. This is how it gets its name, Hunter moon.

At the same time, trees begin to let go of their leaves. There’s a lovely balance of receiving and releasing here, and this is the spiritual theme of the entire month.

Full Moon in Taurus Meaning

October’s full moon is all about gaining clarity about what you want to keep, and what you’re ready to release from your life. Your journey has earned you wisdom, and it’s time to let go of what you’ve outgrown. 

The most important message for you on this Taurus full moon is that there isn’t a challenge that you can’t handle. Take this opportunity to refine your action plan, and work with others as you see fit to get everything the way you want it.  

Taurus zodiac sign is all about practicality, being grounded, and planning for the future. This includes your relationships: Taurus is all about family and close friendships.

So, don’t be afraid to connect with your loved ones, and have conversations about plans for the future. Now’s the time to get on the same page, so you can manifest your next chapter together.

These Taurus full moon affirmations will help you capture the energy of this month:

  • I’m content where I am and look forward to what’s coming next
  • I am grounded, safe, and secure at all times
  • My thoughts and expectations are creating my future
  • I have open and honest conversations with my loved ones
  • I am flexible and adapt easily to change
  • Creative solutions flow to me with ease
Full moon in Taurus spiritual meaning and affirmation

Nov 27: Gemini Full Moon Affirmations

November‘s full moon is named after Beaver spirit, which is all about persistence and creative problem solving. So this is the energy available to you this month. What areas of your life need solutions? Help is on the way! 

Full Moon in Gemini Meaning

For you on this Gemini full moon, allow yourself to settle in and rely on the resources you’ve gathered for yourself up to this point. You’ve made wise decision and can afford to take a break.

There’s no need to pressure yourself to take on more than you feel ready for. Your independence and self sufficiency will serve you well.   

Gemini zodiac sign carries the energy of quit wit, clear communication, and logic. So these are the spiritual gifts mama moon is lending you right now.

Focus on making decisions based on your head, rather than your heart at this time.

Here’s your list of Gemini full moon affirmations to help you capture this vibe:

  • I share my thoughts and ideas with others
  • Brilliant new ideas flow to me with ease
  • I make good decisions based on personal knowledge and wisdom
  • My mind is sharp and I can see situations from many angles
  • I listen to others and treat them with respect
  • Creative solutions flow to me with ease
  • I can sense when it’s the right time to take action
  • I retire old habits and routines that are no longer a good fit for me
full moon in gemini spiritual meaning and affirmation

Dec 26: Cancer Full Moon Affirmations

December’s Cold Full Moon, needless to say, was named for its long, cold winter nights.  Winter Solstice brings the shortest day of the year. This is a time to stay indoors, huddle close to loved ones, and be still.

Full Moon in Cancer Meaning

The year 2023 begins and ends with the full moon in cancer. This tells us so much about the theme for the year: connecting with loved ones and honoring your emotions. Keep this in mind as you prepare to close out this chapter and reflect on the new year.

As I mentioned above, give yourself permission to slow down and go inward this month. You deserve rest! Be sure to practice mindfulness this month, as it will help you stay connected to your body and its signals.

Cancer zodiac sign is all about intuition and deep emotion. So take this time to get in tune with your feelings this full moon.

These are the affirmations for Cancer:

  • My emotions are sacred
  • I am deeply connected to my intuition
  • Everything will flow to me in perfect timing
  • I am surrounded by people who love me
  • It’s easy for me to be still
  • I let go of the past so that I can heal
  • It’s safe to experience deep emotion
full moon in cancer spiritual meaning and affirmation


The full moon is a phase for let go of what’s no longer serving you, so you can welcome bigger and better things. Check out these next, to take full advantage of this sacred time: 

XO, Andrea

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