All 12 Full Moon Names and Their Spiritual Meanings

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There is a full moon every month of the year, and each one is assigned a name (these names repeat every year). Every full moon holds deep emotional and spiritual significance for your life. Here is a list of their names and their full moon spiritual meaning.  

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Why Name the Full Moons?

The Native Americans, who were deeply connected to nature, gave each month’s full moon a special name in order to track the seasons. Each full moon name represents the significance of the month in regard to agriculture and weather. 

You can find spiritual meaning in these full moon names, by thinking of each one as unique season of your life. What insights does this month’s full moon offer you about your life, and what you want to manifest? 

January – Full Wolf Moon

In January, wolf howls can most easily be heard. In Native American culture, wolves were revered for their intelligence as well as their fierce loyalty. Wolves are expert hunters, and taught Native tribes many things by their example. Wolves are also highly intuitive creatures who honor their pack. They organize members within their community to ensure safety and success for all. 

Wolf Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

For you, this month is all about deepening bonds with those who are dear to your heart. During the January Full Moon, be sure to trust your instincts and draw on the strength of your tribe as needed.  

February – Full Snow Moon

February was time for the season’s heaviest snowfalls to the Algonquin tribes of New England. Also known as the hunger moon or bear moon, this marked a time when hunting was most challenging. Tribes would follow the lead of their sacred bear totem who was all about hibernation and rest in this month. 

Snow Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

When a clean layer of snow falls over the world, things are quiet. The February full moon invites you to go within, and be still. Listen to your body’s change in rhythm as it naturally begins to slow down. You’ve worked hard, prepared well, and deserve rest.   

March – Full Worm Moon

March marks the time when the earth begins to thaw. March’s full moon was named after the earthworms, who are remarkable in their ability to regenerate. As they make their way to the surface, sharp eyed robins are eagerly await their arrival. The full worm moon is a sign of preparation for a new cycle of life.

Worm Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

For you, March full moon carries the energy of being gently awakened from a beautiful dream. It’s time to yawn, stretch, and begin anew. The sky’s the limit, so think big! What do you feel inspired to create? 

April – Full Pink Moon

Our Native American elders named the April Full Moon in honor of the pink phlox wildflowers that are among the first to bloom in Spring. This marks a time of fertility, movement, and untamed creativity. Things are changing for the better.

Pink Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

For you, the April Full Moon represents the building of momentum behind your thoughts. This is a phase of growth and discovery as you emerge from the cocoon of your old self. Plans begin to take shape and the universe offers endless sources of inspiration for next steps. Stay in the flow of your life as you make room for your upgrades. 

May – Full Flower Moon

Now it’s May and all the flowers of Spring are in full bloom. Weather would be warming up in the regions our Native ancestors inhabited, as colorful bouquets sprouted from every direction. Many of the veggies that are harvested in the fall are planted in May, which is where its alternate name of Corn Planting Moon comes from. So, the work done this month is very important for the future.

Pink Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

What seeds do you want to plant for your future self? The soil is rich and ready for you to start taking action! Embrace your ambition now because it will payoff in the future.   

June – Full Strawberry Moon

 As you may have guessed, the Natives named June’s full moon for the short-lived season when strawberries become ripe for picking. This also marks the start of summer weather for the tribe members. June is the month of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. This moon is also called the Rose moon, for its beautiful blooms.

Strawberry Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

For you, the Strawberry Moon is a magical time that ushers in sweetness and beauty. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions are bearing fruit! This month is filled with love, life, and light. Take some time to enjoy the abundance you’ve created for yourself, and weed out anything that doesn’t bring you joy.   

July – Full Buck Moon

The Native Americans in charge of naming the full moons chose to honor the deer spirit in the month of July. Male deer begin to grown their antler mid-summer, a sign of maturity and independence. Deer spirit reminds us that we can be gentle and incredibly strong at the same time.

Buck Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

As you grow and evolve through the full buck moon, bring your awareness to the lessons you’ve learned up to this point. You have more wisdom and clarity than ever before! Be sure to practice self-love and take time for heart healing when you need it.

August – Full Sturgeon Moon

August’s full moon gets its name from the abundance of sturgeon fish available during this time. August offered the community a opportunity to take advantage of precious food source. Spiritual ceremonies were conducted as an expression of gratitude, to ensure new schools of fish would return next year. In fact, the fish symbol represented life and spirituality in Native American religions.

Sturgeon Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

This is a time of spiritual evolution, movement, and fertility for you. There is plenty of everything to go around, so any perception of lack is just an illusion. During the Full Sturgeon moon, release any fears you may have around not having enough, so the abundance you deserve can easily to flow to you.  

September – Full Corn Moon (Sometimes Harvest Moon)

The September full moon gets its name for the time of year when Native Americans would harvest corn. The hard work of planting and tending to seedlings through spring and summer pays off now, as the community gathers food for upcoming winter months. 

This is often referred to as the Harvest Moon as well, whenever it falls on a day closer to Autumn Equinox than October’s full moon. The light of this precious full moon offered tribes extra time to wrap up their farm work well into the evening.

To find out when the Harvest Moon lasts this year, check: Full Moon Calendars for 2020, 2021, 2022

Sturgeon Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

For you, this full moon is all about reaping the benefits of the work you’ve done toward manifesting your desires. Your ideas are ready to come into your physical experience, so be prepared to receive! Your heartfelt appreciation will serve as seedlings for your next manifesting cycle. 

October – Full Hunter Moon (Sometimes Harvest Moon)

 The October full moon marks the time when animals are fattening themselves up for winter, and local tribes prepare to hunt for game. At the same time, trees begin to let go of their leaves. There’s a lovely balance of receiving and releasing here. Sometimes October represents the Harvest moon, if it lands on an evening closer to the Autumn Equinox than September’s full moon.  

Hunter Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

 For you, this full moon represents gained clarity about what you want to keep, and what you’re ready to release from your life. Your journey has earned you wisdom, and it’s time to release what you’ve outgrown. You’re surrounded by opportunities to receive upgrades that will serve you well in the future. Your intuition is on point, so don’t be afraid to trust it.

November – Full Beaver Moon

Beaver trapping was in full swing come November, to ensure supplies to keep warm in winter. That’s why Native Americans paid their respect to the animals who helped them survive, with the name Full Beaver Moon.  Beaver spirit energy is all about persistence and creative problem solving, which is the energy available to us during this month.

Beaver Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

For you on this full beaver moon, know there isn’t a challenge that you can’t handle. Take this opportunity to refine your action plan, and work with others as you see fit to get everything the way you want it.  

December – Full Cold Moon

Needless to say, December’s full moon was named for its long, cold winter nights.  Winter Solstice brings the shortest day of the year, but the Native tribes don’t have to worry, because they’ve been in the flow of Mother Nature all year, and are well prepared for this season. This is a time to stay indoors, huddle close to loved ones, and be still. 

Cold Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

For you on this full cold moon, allow yourself to settle in and rely on the resources you’ve gathered for yourself up to this point. You’ve made wise decision and can afford to take a break. There’s no need to pressure yourself to take on more than you feel ready for. Your independence and self sufficiency will serve you well at this time.   

The full moon is a phase for let go of what’s no longer serving you, so you can welcoming bigger and better things. Check out these next, to take full advantage of this sacred time: 

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