Planets and Chakras: Here’s What You Need To Know

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Yes indeed, the planets and chakras are related! Each chakra is related to one or more planets in our solar system, which lend their unique energy and characteristics to that energy center.

Here we’ll discuss the chakras, their associated planets, and what it all means for your self-care practice.

What Are The Seven Chakras?

Each of your seven chakras is responsible for recording your feelings, experiences, and beliefs about specific areas of your life. There is a clear connection between each chakra and characteristics of its related planets (and therefore the zodiac signs related to those planets).

Here’s a quick recap of the seven chakras.

7CrownVioletI Understand
6Third EyeIndigoI See
5ThroatBlueI Speak
4HeartGreenI Love
3Solar PlexusYellowI Do
2SacralOrangeI Feel
1RootRedI Am
The seven chakras and their mantras

How Do Chakras Relate To The Planets?

As the planets move through the zodiac, they will influence your life in different ways.

Your birth chart (which tells you which house each planet was in when you were born), determines which specific areas of your life will be most affected.

But you don’t need your birth chart to understand how the personalities of these planets relate to your chakra system. Each planet carries unique spiritual gifts that are available for you to tap into, whenever you need their support.

Chakras and Astrology

Every zodiac sign is associated to a planet, whose characteristics match the personality of that sign. For that reason, chakras and zodiac signs are indirectly related (they have the planets in common).

So, the chakras, planets, and zodiac signs all weave together in beautiful ways. It’s not so much a direct, one-to-one mapping, but a beautiful intermingling of energy. You’ll see what I mean as you continue reading.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for each zodiac sign and its ruling planet:

Zodiac signs and their ruling planets

Each zodiac sign is blessed with a unique mix of spiritual gifts and natural talents. You can read more about yours here. Remember to leave a comment below and let me know if your sign’s description matches your personality!:

What Planets Are Associated With The Chakras?

To be completely honest, my friends, when I researched planets and chakras, I found conflicting information all over the place.

I believe this is because more than one planet can influence each chakra. So I’m including the planets that most strongly relate to each chakra, followed by details on why. This is based on research and my own intuition. I hope you find it helpful!

Here is a list of the chakras and associated planets:

No.ChakraRelated Planets
7CrownJupiter, Uranus
6Third EyeSaturn, Neptune, Jupiter
4HeartMoon, Venus
3Solar PlexusSun, Mars
2SacralJupiter, Venus, Pluto
1RootMars, Saturn
The seven chakras and their mantras

Root Chakra: Mars and Saturn

The root chakra, located at the base of your spine, is where you hold your sense of belonging in the world. All matters of family, physical health, and ability to trust your instincts live here.

How Mars Relates To The Root Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Mars: Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by planet Mars. Aries people are independent, energetic, and strong. Perhaps more than any other sign, Aries people are very strongly driven by their instincts. So when your root chakra is in balance, you’ll also enjoy these qualities that come naturally to our Aries friends.

Read more about Aries here: Aries Zodiac Sign: Everything You Need to Know

The energy of Mars is complex. While it does carry a jovial, youthful energy that inspires us to embrace life, Mars is also named after the ancient god of war. So, it also focuses on life force energy, physical strength, survival, and tribal connection.

Also known as the ‘red planet’, it’s no coincidence that Mars rules the red chakra!

It’s also interesting to note that planet Mars has hardly any water, the element that symbolizes emotions and intuition. In other words, the energy of Mars is practical and rooted in logic. This has root chakra written all over it.

So when your root chakra is balanced, you’ll feel safe in your world, connected to mother earth, and vitality in your body, thanks to Mars doing its magic.

Tips For Channeling Mars Energy (Root Chakra)

How Saturn Relates To The Root Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Saturn: Capricorn

Saturn is all about hard work, focus, and responsibility. It has very grounded, almost heavy energy. This is why its influence can be felt so strongly in the root chakra. Your first chakra is all about community and fitting in. So your sense of social responsibility that lives in your root chakra is highly influenced by this planet.

In a balanced root chakra, Saturn’s energy manifests in the form of organization and dependability. You’ll also have a strong sense for how to ensure all your material needs are met, and feel a healthy connection to your family, friends, and/or spiritual community.

Tips For Channeling Saturn’s Energy (Root Chakra)

If you’re ever feeling a bit shaky, in any area of your life, you can help to bring your root chakra into balance, by tapping into the strong, grounded energies of Saturn and Mars. Try some of these activities:

  • Spend time in nature to connect with Mother Earth
  • Say root chakra affirmations to feel more stable
  • Eat root vegetables to feel more grounded
  • Map out your long term goals – Saturn loves a good plan!

These self-care rituals will help you feel stable, grounded, and more relaxed in your world. I strongly suggest you check out these root chakra affirmations next: 49 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations to Feel Stable and Grounded

Sacral Chakra: Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto

Your second chakra is all about your relationships, sensuality, the subconscious, emotional balance, and creativity. Your passion and zest for life come from your sacral. For this reason, they have a clear relationship to planets Jupiter, Venus, as well as Pluto.

How Jupiter Relates To The Sacral Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Jupiter: Sagittarius

The fiery Sagittarius sign captures the passion and energy of the sacral chakra perfectly. Jupiter’s influence is all about optimism, expansion, generosity, and personal growth. That’s why our Sagittarius friends are so friendly, present, and energetic!

Even if Sag isn’t your sign, Jupiter still works its magic on your sacral chakra. When it’s in balance, you feel interested in exploring your world, and enjoy healthy relationships with the people in your life.

Financial abundance flows into your life with ease when you’re tapped into the lucky energy of Jupiter, too. If that’s something you’re working on, check this out next: 7 Best Money Affirmations (and how to get fast results)

Tips To Channel Jupiter’s Energy (Sacral Chakra)

How Venus Relates To The Sacral Chakra

Zodiac Signs Ruled by Venus: Libra, Taurus

Bananarama fans to the front! “I’m your Venus, I’m your fire! What’s your desire?” This lyric sums up Venus’s influence over the sacral chakra perfectly.

Venus represents love, emotion, romance, and beauty. These themes strongly relate to the sacral chakra, which is all about your one-on-one relationships.

The sacral chakra focuses on your intimate relationships and sexuality. When attuned to Venus’ energy, you’ll experience a healthy balance of power in relationships, and feel comfortable expressing your sensual side.

Tips To Channel Venus Energy (Sacral Chakra)

How Pluto Relates To The Sacral Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Pluto: Scorpio

Pluto is all about subconscious beliefs and transformation. As far as emotional depth goes, Pluto is deep! Just like the Scorpio souls who are ruled by this planet.

Since the sacral chakra deals with deep seated emotions, and baser instincts like sexuality, Pluto’s energy is very much felt here. Pluto can help you to break emotional patterns that no longer serve you, as you learn and grow from relationships.

Tips For Channeling Pluto’s Energy

  • Be honest with yourself, especially when it comes to your partnerships. It’s safe to be authentic!
  • Practice surrender, and trust that everything is unfolding in your best interest.
  • Say sacral chakra affirmations to heal old traumas

Solar Plexus Chakra: Mars and Sun

Your solar plexus chakra, represented by the color yellow, is all about your relationship with yourself. So your self esteem, sense of personal power, and worthiness all live here.

How Mars Relates To The Solar Plexus

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Mars: Aries

As I mentioned above when discussing the root chakra, Aries people are strong willed – their symbol is the ram, after all. They get their ‘my way or the highway’ attitude from planet Mars, and you can tap into that powerful energy, too!

Mars invites you to be brave, bold, and decisive, and this is how you’ll feel when your solar plexus chakra is in balance.

Tips For Channeling Mars Energy (Solar Plexus)

  • Set healthy boundaries, and give yourself permission to say ‘no’
  • Do exercises to build your core strength – when your body is strong, you’ll feel more powerful on the inside
  • Trust your gut when making decisions

How The Sun Relates To The Solar Plexus

Zodiac Sign Ruled by The Sun: Leo

Our royal Leo friends have no trouble remembering their worth, and neither should you. We depend on the sun to define the length of our days, and provide the warmth and energy needed to support life. The value it provides is undeniable.

This is how Father Sun wants you to feel about yourself.

You are amazing! So keep shining brightly. Here are some tips to boost your solar plexus, with the help of the sun.

Tips For Channeling The Sun’s Energy

  • Get outside and catch some rays
  • Wear the color yellow
  • Try some sun salutations or warrior yoga poses to build core strength
  • Do solar plexus chakra affirmations for worthiness and self-trust

Heart Chakra: Venus and Moon

Your heart chakra deserves extra loving care and attention. Home to every matter of the heart you’ve ever experienced, your fourth chakra draws on the energy of Venus and the moon for healing and balance.

How Venus Relates To The Heart Chakra

Zodiac Signs Ruled by Venus: Libra, Taurus

Libra and Taurus have a serious romantic streak, and that is a direct result of this planet, named after the goddess of love and beauty.

Venus is related to all the pleasures that go along with living your best life. So in the context of your heart chakra, that means loving yourself, practicing forgiveness, and seeing the beauty in others.

Tips For Channeling Venus Energy (Heart Chakra)

  • Practice love affirmations, especially if you’re focused on attracting romance into your life.
  • Let go of harsh judgements toward yourself and others
  • Prioritize people and activities that make your heart happy
  • Wear something pink or green

How The Moon Relates To The Heart Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by The Moon: Cancer

Mama moon is all about emotional intelligence, releasing fears, and honoring your intuition. This is why Cancerians are so deeply sensitive and compassionate.

The moon has perhaps the most noticeable influence over us, especially if you’re full moon sensitive. It can interfere with your sleep, and bring emotions to the surface so they can be processed.

Tips For Channeling Moon Energy

Oh how I love a good moon ritual! I link to some of my favorites below.

If you need to know the dates of the next full moon, you can find a 2022 calendar here: 2022 Full Moon Calendar: Names, Dates & Times

Throat Chakra: Mercury

The throat chakra is your communication center. It’s responsible for how well you express yourself and assert your will.

How Mercury Relates To The Throat Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Mercury: Gemini, Virgo

Mercury carries the energy of communication, information, and intelligence, so it’s a clear match to the throat chakra.

While the influence of Mercury over Gemini compels them to share information and outwardly communicate, the opposing sign Virgo is all about gathering knowledge and taking everything in.

So whether you need help learning something new, or expressing your truth, call on the energy of Mercury to help you out.

Tips For Channeling Mercury Energy

  • Physically exercise your voice, by reading aloud, singing, or chanting
  • Take a class or workshop on a topic that stimulates your mind
  • Visit someplace new to expose yourself to new ideas
  • Say throat chakra affirmations as a reminder to speak your truth

3rd Eye Chakra: Saturn and Neptune

Your third eye chakra is your psychic center. You were born with intuitive gifts, many of which you use in everyday life and probably take for granted.

For example, when your third eye is open, you see the truth of situations with clarity and are a good judge of character. Other signs of a healthy 3rd eye are emotional awareness, and trust in the universe to have your back.

How Saturn Relates To The 3rd Eye Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Saturn: Capricorn

Saturn is also associated to the root chakra, and at first glance, you might think the third eye couldn’t be more unrelated. After all, Saturn (and Capricorn) is all about hard work and grounded practicality.

But Saturn really is a good fit here as well, for two reasons.

First, planet Saturn is considered a threshold between the planets closest to Earth, and those that aren’t visible with the naked eye (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).

In the same way, Saturn represents a soul who has mastered the lessons of earthly life and is ready to become more spiritually focused (I picked this tidbit up from This totally vibes with the third eye chakra.

Second, it takes a good amount of intuition to reach levels of success you see so many Capricorns achieve under the influence of Saturn. In other words, Saturn is all about taking inspired action toward your goals, as opposed to getting caught up in the daily grind of life.

The root chakra and 3rd eye complement each other perfectly, since a healthy balance of psychic awareness and grounded stability is essential.

Tips For Channeling Saturn Energy (3rd Eye)

How Neptune Relates To The 3rd Eye

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Neptune: Pisces

Pisces people are most strongly influenced by planet Neptune, which makes them the most empathic, psychic, and sensitive sign of the zodiac.

Neptune is all about spiritual development and psychic power. So it feels very high vibe, with lots of emotion.

Tips For Channeling Neptune Energy

  • Spend time in or near water, to honor Neptune, named after god of the sea
  • Do third eye chakra affirmations to awaken your intuitive abilities
  • Give yourself plenty of quiet time to detangle yourself from others’ energy

Crown Chakra: Jupiter and Uranus

The crown chakra is your spiritual center. It stores all your prayers, and allows you to feel connected to nature, other people, animals, and the universe.

When your crown chakra is in balance, you have an understanding your existence transcends this physical experience.

How Jupiter Relates To The Crown Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Jupiter: Sagittarius

Jupiter is all about expansion and joy. What could be a better pairing for the crown chakra? Planet Jupiter can help you to open your mind, as you move forward on your spiritual journey, and bring you clarity about your life purpose.

In addition, Sagittarius is famous for valuing their freedom. This is the influence of Jupiter, too, since spiritual enlightenment is the ultimate freedom of all.

Tips For Channeling Jupiter Energy (Crown Chakra)

  • Meditate regularly, to connect to your higher self
  • Start a gratitude journal, to usher more joy into your life
  • Take action steps toward things you feel guided to do

How The Uranus Relates To The Crown Chakra

Zodiac Sign Ruled by Uranus: Aquarius

In a word, Uranus carries the energy of limitlessness. That’s why Aquarius people, who are ruled by Uranus, are often out there on the leading edge when it comes to new ideas. This planet supports innovation, play, entrepeneurship, and forward thinking.

So, you can find quite a bit of Uranus’ influence at the crown chakra, which invites you to be open to the wonders of the universe.

Tips For Channeling Uranus Energy

Pin this easy reference planets and chakras chart for later!

Chakras and their related planets


Did you learn something new about the planets and chakras? I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and ideas in the comments below.

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Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

Self-care starts here!

We’ll help you remember just how worthy you are.

Success! You're on the list.

The Haven Shoppe LLC proudly participates in the Amazon affiliate program. This means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, when you buy an Amazon product from this page. Thanks for supporting my small business!

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