The Best of Scorpio Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

If you were born under the Scorpio zodiac sign you are a powerful force! Today, it’s all about Scorpio strengths, spiritual gifts, and self-care tips to keep our favorite scorpions at the top of their game.

  • Birth Dates: October 23 – November 21  

  • Symbol: The Scorpion

  • Birth Stone: Tourmaline (Oct), Yellow Citrine (Nov)

  • Ruling Planet: Pluto

  • Element: Water

  • Ruling Chakra: Solar Plexus

  • Duality: Divine Feminine/Receptive

Scorpio Strengths

Spiritual Gifts: Driven, Intuitive, Idealistic

Intense, strong, and bold, you’re the espresso shot of the zodiac lineup!  

There is no such thing as a boring Scorpio. You came into this life to feel the full spectrum of emotion, reach for new heights, and discover meaning in everything that you do. While no two Scorpios are alike, it’s a safe bet people will describe you as VERY something  (competitive/talkative/emotional/successful, etc).

You embrace extremes, and as a result, enjoy quite a bit of success in life. It’s important for you to be the very best at whatever you do, and the things you choose to do must have great meaning. 

A generous soul, it’s part of who you are to give back to the world, and you won’t feel satisfied until you’ve found ways to utilize your unique talents to their highest potential. 

You are dynamic, with the ability to engage others in light, friendly chatter, or delve into a deep, thoughtful discussion. You contemplate subjects at greater depth than most, and this puts you in touch with the shadow side of life.

This really is a blessing because it makes you aware of how you can shine more light into the world.

Scorpio Spiritual Gifts

To be a Scorpio means to be unafraid of the dark. But it’s important to note your desire to understand the darker corners of our world stems from practicality, not negativity.

In other words, you’d much rather turn on a light to scare away monsters than spend life being frightened of the unseen.

You have a natural awareness of cosmic meanings that most others glaze right over, and its important that you constructively apply these remarkable skills toward your life purpose. 

Guided by the water element, you are very much an empath, able to read the emotions of those around you. Like your fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, you’re also a natural intuitive. These skills make you an exceptional partner, parent, and friend to the people you claim as your own. 

You are fiercely protective and even a bit possessive when it comes to your tribe. In exchange for their unwavering loyalty, your loved ones are rewarded with a bottomless well of affection and generosity.  

What Are Scorpio Weaknesses?

You take an ‘all or nothing’ approach to life, which serves you well when you’re going after a goal.  But its important to keep in mind, all healthy relationships require give and take.

Compromise is not a sign of weakness, but of wisdom. It’s safe to make a few concessions here and there for the ones you love. 

Heaven help the person who crosses you, Scorpio! You are a natural warrior with a strong sense of pride, and it’s in your nature to want to return the blow when someone hurts you.

So if you’re not practiced in the art of forgiveness, it can be difficult for you to heal emotional wounds.

After all, you’ve got those deadly scorpion vibes in your blood! If you’re ever struggling to release a situation, remind yourself that it’s safe to let go, and trust that the universe will balance the scales of justice. You don’t have to shoulder that burden yourself, dear Scorpio.

Instead, allow yourself to lay down any anger or resentment you’re carrying, to make room for inner peace. 

Drawing of Scorpio Scorpion
Scorpio zodiac symbol is the scorpion

Scorpio Sign Compatibility

Best Romantic Matches: Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn

Scorpio is guided by the water element, and will therefore feel right at home with other intuitive souls who embrace emotion, like Cancer and Pisces.

In addition, you’ll likely enjoy the company of earth signs like Capricorn and Virgo. These down-to-earth, dependable people appeal to your sense of logic and rationality, while offering balance to your strong emotional streak. 

Are you paired up with an earth/water sign, Scorpio? Share with a comment below! 

How To Attract A Scorpio

Here are some tips for a healthy and peaceful relationship with your favorite scorpion!

First, make your loyalty known. A Scorpio can’t be ‘played’. They’re too intelligent to fall for those sort of games, and they’ll resent you for even trying. In fact, if a Scorpio feels you’ve betrayed their trust, it’ll be quite difficult to repair the relationship. They are unyielding in their expectations of their chosen partner.  

With that said, Scorpios are deeply loving souls, and they can be forgiving, too. It’s just that Scorpio takes nothing at face value. Instead, they will examine your motives.

Scorpio will pardon even the biggest blunder if your intentions were good. So as long as your heart’s in the right place, you’ll be golden – and your Scorpio will surely be able to tell! 

If you want to impress a Scorpio, take them out! They are social creatures and love an opportunity to talk to interesting people, especially subject matter experts. Scorpios are always attuned to learning, expansion, and personal growth. So if you can create an environment that stimulates their intellectual side, they’ll love you for it. 

Scorpio on Friends + Family

You take an ‘all or nothing’ approach to life, and relationships are no exception. Thanks to your laser sharp intuition, you can size people up quickly, knowing who can handle your intense energy and who cannot. 

As a Scorpio, you’re a dedicated companion. You honor family bonds a great deal, keeping everyone entertained and connected with your wonderful sense of humor. While you are highly demanding of your loved ones, you also believe nothing is too good for them.

You are incredibly generous, with both your material possessions as well as your affection, time, and devotion. Plus, we all rest easier when you’re in our corner, Scorpio, because you actually shine in the face of a challenge. You have a commanding presence that puts your tribe at ease.

Scorpio Career and Life Purpose

Once you’ve figured out what you stand for, you are unshakable in your beliefs. In fact, people tend to perceive you as an expert in whatever topic you’re discussing. Combine this with your natural gifts of persuasion, and you make one knock-out sales person! 

In addition, you also enjoy a shrewd business sense. Confident and competitive, you’re willing to put in the time it takes to achieve your goals, even if it means moving slowly, as you wait for divine timing to unfold. 

You rarely abandon your desires – there’s really no need, because once you lock in on something you want, it’s bound to be yours. You’re always attracting helpful people, opportunities and resources, seemingly out of nowhere, as a result of your natural charm.  

Leadership is a role that comes naturally to you, and you do it so well because you keep your empathic connections in tact. In other words, you always know just what people need to hear in order to feel better, and this is a powerful spiritual gift.

Your ability to tap into emotion also makes you an excellent performer – you belong in the spotlight!

How have you put your Scorpio magic to work? Leave a comment below and tell me what you do! 

Scorpio Tarot Card

In tarot, the Scorpio zodiac sign aligns with the Release card. In traditional tarot this is the ‘Death’ card.

While the meaning has nothing to do with physical death, it can have negative connotations, which is why I love that it was renamed in Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (just one of the many reasons why this is my favorite tarot deck!).

So there are two main meanings that come through with this card. First, it honors Scorpio’s healthy acknowledgement of life’s deepest mysteries.

Where others turn a blind eye, you dive into the most profound topics with a quest for knowledge and understanding. This brings such important and beautiful balance to our world!

The Release card also speaks to letting go of what no longer serves us, so we can make room in our lives for new blessings. Scorpio energy is all about intuition, personal growth, and mastery, so this is a perfect match to your energy.

release tarot card
Fearless and bold, you take on life purposes we could never handle, Scorpio! This card from Angel Tarot captures your strengths.

Archangel Connected to Scorpio

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign is connected to Archangel Jeremiel. His main job is to help newly passed souls review their life experience. This is an intense job, and who better to attract his energy than powerful Scorpio!

Life review often involves quite a bit of forgiveness work, including forgiveness of self. So this is where Jeremiel’s healing energy can help you the most. Whenever you need to let yourself (or someone else) off the hook, call on him, and he will help to balance your heart chakra so that you can release what no longer serves you. 

Spiritual Self-Care for Scorpio

  • Meditate – Scorpio, you would take to meditation like a fish to water! Most people can’t bear to settle into silence for too long. But you excel here because you’re not afraid to examine all the various aspects of yourself.  
  • Practice Forgiveness – Release, release, release, darling Scorpio! Forgiveness has nothing to do with letting others off the hook. It’s about your own personal, private self-care.

Best Crystals for Scorpio

  • Rose Quartz will help with heart healing and forgiveness  
  • Yellow Citrine brings out your natural confidence and balances your solar plexus, which is Scorpio’s power chakra 
  • Red Agate promotes stability and helps balance emotions.

Scorpio Chakra Healing

The Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by the solar plexus chakra. All about personal power, this is your strongest chakra, the one you relate to most.

So if you’re ever feeling not quite yourself, all you need to do is remind you just how powerful you are. Read this next for ways to bring your solar plexus back into balance: 10 Sure Ways To Heal a Solar Plexus Chakra Blockage

Scorpios also need to give regular attention to the heart chakra for forgiveness and release work. 

Affirmation for Scorpio

I release the past as a gesture of self-care.

scorpio affirmation
Repeat this whenever you need to practice mindfulness. All of your power is in the here and now, dear Scorpio.

Spiritual Leaders With Scorpio Zodiac Sign


Scorpio you are charming, intelligent, and fearless. Not ‘a little bit’ anything, you take on the big life purposes that aren’t for the faint of heart, and we thank you for it.

I loved tapping into your energy! Did you learn something new about Scorpio strengths and spiritual gifts? Leave me a comment with your thoughts on my interpretation of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign.

XO,  Andrea

Scorpio strengths pin
Andrea Scalisi headshot

Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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