The Best of Pisces Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

If you were born under the Pisces zodiac sign, you were blessed with a boundless imagination and keen intuitive awareness. Today we’re diving into Pisces strengths and spiritual gifts. Plus I’m sharing the hands down most important self-care tips for this deeply empathic sign.

Pisces Basics

If you’re a Pisces, it means you were born between Feb 19 and March 20, when the stars were arranged in the last constellation of the zodiac.

  • Birth Dates: February 19 – March 20 
  • Symbol: Fish
  • Birth Stone: Amethyst (Feb),  Aquamarine or Bloodstone (March)
  • Ruling Planet: Neptune
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling Chakra: Sacral
  • Duality: Divine Feminine/Receptive

Pisces Strengths

Pisces, you are the dreamiest sign of the zodiac!   

The Pisces zodiac sign aligns with the water element, which means you experience everything emotionally, first. So while some signs are ruled strictly by logic, you feel your way through life.

This is certainly not to say that you’re illogical. But you are naturally empathic, which means your psychic feelers are picking up information before your brain even has a chance to get into the mix.

In fact, you can sense emotions from other people simply by sharing space with them. Did you know that about yourself? It’s a precious and powerful gift! 

Along with these empathic abilities comes a need for solitude. Perhaps more than any other zodiac sign, you require plenty of time and space to unplug, relax, and detangle other people’s energy from your own.

Of course you need social interaction for your mental health, just like everyone else. But it would be no surprise for us to find you alone, with doors locked, and the ‘do not disturb’ sign up.

Absorbing everyone’s energy can be draining! It’s no wonder you have such a strong connection to animals and nature; you appreciate the pure, uncomplicated vibe they offer.  

The other reason you enjoy your alone time is because you have otherworldly interests. As a Pisces, you’re perfectly comfortable checking out of this physical world to discover new levels of awareness. 

An energetic being in every sense of the word, you likely have a fondness for music, art, fantasy fiction, and things that help you escape.

If you love your alone time, check out these next: Best Solitude Quotes To Make Your Alone Time Sacred

Spiritual Gifts: Compassionate, Sensitive, Creative

As the very last of the 12 zodiac signs, you carry the energy of completing cycles, in order to make way for new beginnings. You’re intuitively aware of the infinite nature of your existence.

In fact, it’s said that as a Pisces, you’ve already lived a past life as every other sign. So you carry the wisdom of many lifetimes within you, which can make life flow quite smoothly when you honor your personal guidance. 

The fish that represents your sign is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and abundance; and the path to realizing these gifts is paved with creativity.

In other words, you thrive when you’re in that free-flowing, creative zone where you’re bringing your visions to life. For you, this is a way to stay sane! But while you may take this ability for granted, many people spend a lifetime without ever experiencing such a strong connection to The Divine.

Pisces Weaknesses

As a sensitive, psychic Pisces, you feel a regular need to checkout of the real world to reconnect with your ethereal side. When you do, be sure to choose healthy escapes like diving into a great book, trying a new meditation, or exploring nature. 

The symbol of the Pisces zodiac sign is two fish, connected to each other but swimming in opposite directions. This image represents the opposing forces at work within you.

Your human life on Earth greatly contrasts with your inner world of feeling and energy. You straddle the line between realms! When you’re spiritually mature, this becomes a beautiful dance that opens doors of incredible opportunity for manifesting.

But sometimes, it makes the mundane tasks of everyday life feel like a challenge. So if you’re ever feeling stuck, that’s your cue to take a step back and get grounded (more on that in the self-care section).

Once you learn to harness your Pisces power, you’ll begin to usher your dreams into reality with ease, which makes the world a better place for us all.  

Finally, due to your highly sensitive nature, it’s important to maintain healthy boundaries. You have the gift of knowing just how someone feels, because you can literally feel it yourself. As a result, you can be incredibly compassionate. But too much of this can lead to sensory overload.

So for the sake of your own health, you must ensure you don’t adopt everyone else’s stress. You have important work to do, dear Pisces!

So remember that you’re allowed to protect your energy by disengaging from dramatic people. Even too much drama TV can affect your energy quicker than it would most.  

Pisces Symbol

Drawing of Pisces Fish
Two fish swimming head to tail capture Pisces strengths perfectly: you are always in tune with this world, and the world beyond.

The Pisces zodiac symbol is two fish, moving in a circle. This represents a few things:

  • circular motion is a reminder that life is an infinite series of cycles
  • the water element, which is all about your feelings an intuition
  • one fish symbolizes the real world, while the other represents the spirit world – you are always aware of both!

Pisces Best Matches

Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus

Pisces, you’ll be right at home with other water signs like Cancer and Scorpio. They understand your sensitive nature and can offer the emotional support you deserve.  

In addition, earth signs like Capricorn and Taurus will offer you a nice, grounded balance. They love nature as much as you do, and you’ll find their stable energy comforting. In return, you’ll help them get in touch with their intuitive side.

Are you paired up with a water/earth sign, Pisces? Share with a comment below! 

Who Are Pisces Attracted To?

If you’re trying to hook a fish, here are some tips! 

First, know that your Pisces has a 6th sense that’s always at work, collecting information about their surroundings. They will size you up before you’ve had your first conversation! So if Pisces is part of your life, you’ve already passed their psychic screening (when something feels ‘off’, they won’t even pursue a friendship).

Remember, Pisceans are hyper-aware of emotion and cherish their personal time. So if a Pisces is sharing their time with you, it speaks volumes about how you make them feel.   

Next, if you really want to impress a Pisces, do it through romance, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. Pisces people are not particularly materialistic. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift, choose something that will strike a sentimental cord with them. They’ll appreciate it so much more than a designer label. 

Also, if you can connect with Pisces on a mutual topic of interest, there will never be an awkward lull in the conversation!

Don’t be afraid to bring up topics that are too ‘out there’ for most people, either. Pisceans have an incredibly broad span of interests from music and movies to spirituality and the supernatural.  

Pisceans’ main goal is simply to feel peaceful and content, which isn’t always easy for them. So if you can deliver loyal, drama-free companionship, they’ll happily make room for you in their life. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a partner who is caring, nurturing, thoughtful and kind. 

Pisces on Family + Friends

Oh Pisces, you are the dearest, most compassionate friend anyone could hope for! Your empathy really sets you apart when it comes to the ones you love.

You can reach out with those psychic feelers to sense exactly what someone needs in any moment. People feel understood by you, and that’s why you’re such a cherished member of your tribe.  

Pisces Career and Life Purpose

Pisces, you are intelligent, Imaginative, and know how to connect with people. At work, you’re most content focusing on things that allow you to be creative; and if it supports a cause you believe in, all the better.

Knocking yourself out in the name of money isn’t really your scene (unless you’ve found yourself in corporate America, in which case you may make it a goal to save enough to retire early). 

Like the fish that represents your sign, you feel a strong instinct to go with the flow of your life and follow your own natural rhythm. So it may feel too constraining to sit in a cubicle all day, doing structured activities that don’t have much meaning in the grand scheme of things.

As a Pisces, you need to give yourself permission to live outside the box. You are a natural visionary and have so many wonderful ideas! You would thrive in a career that showcases your artistic talents, or at least offers plenty of work-life balance so you have time to pursue other interests. 

How have you put your fish magic to work? Leave a comment below and tell me what you do! 

What Tarot Card Represents Pisces?

It’s no wonder The Moon card represents Pisces in tarot. In the Angel Tarot deck, you’ll see the High Priestess (psychic queen!) standing under the full moon, in running water.

The water and moon in this image honor your powerful intuition. A wild wolf stands at one side, a tamed dog on the other. This symbolizes your ability to access the physical and non-physical worlds. The Moon card is all about psychic power, and it invites you to face your fears and trust your instincts.  

The Moon tarot card
Moon card from Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Deck

Pisces Archangel

The Pisces Zodiac Sign is connected to Archangel Sandalphon, who just happens to be the angel of music!

He’s also known for carrying people’s prayers to God. So it’s no wonder you vibe with this very special angel, as you’ve always got one eye on the spirit world. Call on Sandalphon whenever you want to feel more peaceful.

Spiritual Self-Care for Pisces

Healthy Habits for Pisces

  • Detox your energy – have you ever tried smudging?  Give it a try to clear negativity.
  • Ground daily – to reduce anxiety and help you focus, try some earthing or do a quick body scan meditation to balance your root chakra.  
  • Make time for creativity – you deserve a creative outlet! Don’t forget to prioritize your favorite pastimes as part of your self-care practice.

Best Crystals for Pisces

Pisces Chakra Healing

The Pisces zodiac sign is ruled by the sacral chakra, which is all about relationships, creativity, and emotion. This is your strongest chakra; the one that you relate to most.

The sacral is perhaps the most powerful chakra in many ways, and it can drain your energy quite a bit when it’s not lovingly cared for.

So if you ever feel like you need to get energy moving in any area of your life, check out these sacral chakra affirmations next: 49 Powerful Sacral Chakra Affirmations for Deep Healing

In addition, it will serve you well to balance your root chakra every day. Located at the base of the spine, your root chakra helps you to feel stable, secure, less anxious, and more connected to the earth.

One of the easiest ways to get grounded is by practicing root chakra affirmations. Here are some of the best: 49 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations to Feel Stable and Grounded

If you’re ready to focus on chakra healing, start with these:

Affirmation for Pisces:

I am exactly where I belong at all times.

Pisces affirmation: I am exactly where I belong at all times.

Spiritual Leaders With Pisces Zodiac Sign

My goodness, you’re in excellent company! In my research, I found more Piscean spiritual leaders than any other sign. Here are some popular modern leaders born under the Pisces zodiac sign:


Pisces, you have a knack for finding spiritual meaning in even the most mundane encounters, which makes life so much more fun!  What a beautifully sensitive soul you are – thank you for nurturing us.

Did you learn something new about yourself? Leave me a comment with your thoughts on my interpretation of the Pisces Zodiac Sign.

XO,  Andrea

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