How To Open Your Root Chakra Fast: 10 Best Ways

Your root chakra is your energetic foundation, and when it’s blocked, you’re definitely going to feel it. Today we’re exploring the how to open the root chakra fast and safely.

What Is The Root Chakra?

Your energetic body is made up of seven main centers known as chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’. These seven wheels of energy run the length of your subtle body. Each chakra relates to a specific set of emotions and area of your physical body. 

Your root chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit, is the base of your chakra system. It’s represented by the color red in the illustration below. All of your beliefs and experiences around physical security are held here in the root chakra.

illustration of root chakra within the chakra system
Your chakra system makes up the colors of your aura. Red represents the root chakra.

Root Chakra Basics

Let’s start with the basics of this energy center. The root chakra corresponds to the following:

  • Sanskrit Name: Muladhara 

  • Number: 1 of 7

  • Color: Red

  • Location: Base of spine

  • Body Parts: Bones, blood, adrenals

  • Themes: Safety, Belonging, Tribe

  • Element: Earth

  • Musical Note: G

  • Planet: Mars

  • Astrology: Capricorn

  • Mantra: Lam

  • Symbol: Red, four petaled lotus

woman doing yoga in front of root chakra symbol

What Causes The Root Chakra To Be Blocked?

Your chakras react to every experience you’ve ever had. So it’s natural for you to need healing in different energy centers based on what’s happening in your life.

In fact it’s very common common for the root chakra to become blocked as a result of shifts in family and work life. 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then your intuition is right on point. These are the most common scenarios that can cause the root chakra to be blocked:

  • Do I feel safe in the world?
  • Do I feel scattered?
  • Is my home life causing me stress?
  • How’s my relationship with my family?
  • Has someone broken their commitments to me?
  • Is my work environment causing me stress?
  • Am I struggling to have my basic needs met?  
  • Have I adopted limiting beliefs from my tribe that don’t serve me?
  • Do I have a healthy sense of belonging in the world?

What Does A Blocked Root Chakra Feel Like?

When your root chakra is blocked or out of balance, you will feel:

Physical Symptoms Of Root Chakra Opening

  • Good sense of balance (a blocked root chakra makes you clumsy)
  • Clear headed
  • A sense of physical strength and stability
  • Plenty of physical energy
  • Return to healthier sleeping patterns
  • Improved immune system
  • Regular bowel movements

Emotional Symptoms Of Root Chakra Opening

When your root chakra is comes back into balance, you’ll know it because you’ll feel:  

  • grounded
  • connected to the earth
  • financially secure
  • physically safe
  • emotionally stable
  • a sense of belonging
  • comfortable making and keeping commitments

How To Heal Your Root Chakra Fast

These are the best ways to bring your root chakra back into balance quickly.

Listen To Your Body

The main theme of the root chakra is connection to your physical body. It’s natural for the root chakra to become blocked when you’ve got a lot on your mind. When you’re mentally and emotionally distracted, you can miss your body’s signals. 

Sit quietly and ask your body what it needs. Have you struck a healthy balance between movement and rest? Are you thirsty? Your body will gladly tell you what it needs if you take the time to ask.  

Spend Time Outdoors

One of the best ways to ground your energy is to spend time in nature, away from electronic devices. Reconnecting with mama earth will do wonders for your stress levels. Focus on the sights, sounds, and smells of the natural world.

Even if you’re not an ‘outdoorsy’ person, your body will recognize and respond after just a few moments. Immersing yourself in the natural world will yield physical and emotional benefits right away. It can help lower your blood pressure and stress hormone levels in the body.  

There are many other tools to bring healing to your root chakra when it needs a boost. Let’s explore!

Release Tribal Patterns

The root chakra is all about tribe. Your family, religious organizations, and community have a big role in helping you form your view of the world.

This can be a beautiful thing. Traditions, recipes, and languages passed down through the generations can be treasures.

But sometimes prejudices, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy behavior are passed down to new generations. What beliefs have you adopted that don’t serve you?

While this root chakra opening practice may not happen overnight, it’s crucial for your healing. So give yourself permission to break toxic cycles, and form new beliefs that reflect the life you want to create.

Use Root Chakra Healing Crystals

You can use crystals to balance your root chakra. Root chakra crystals are grounding, resonating with the earth element. So any stones that are the color of the earth, like black, will balance the root chakra.

Red stones will bring balance the root chakra as well. You may carry your favorite stone with you, wear crystal jewelry. You can also place a root chakra crystal directly onto your body (just above pubic bone) while you meditate. 

For more info, read this next: 8 Best Root Chakra Stones + How To Use Them For Healing

Diffuse Root Chakra Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a powerful that can ground you right away. Essential oils that balance the root chakra are base notes. They will be earthy and woody in aroma.  

This root chakra oil blend by Rocky Mountain Oils is amazing! I use it myself whenever i’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or scattered.

Rocky Mountain Oils root chakra oil 5ml
Isn’t it so amazing to see an essential oil company honor chakra healing? This root chakra oil is calming, grounding, and deeply soothing. It’s a complex blend of Vetiver, Myrrh, Frankincense Serrata, Grapefruit, and Pine. It reaches past uncomfortable emotions to help you find your balance.

You can pop a few drops into a diffuser, or make your own root chakra healing spray by adding several drops into a spray bottle with water and a splash of alcohol. It comes in a roll-on too.

If you’re comfortable buying individual oils and diluting them yourself, here are some essential oils  for the root chakra. Be sure to always buy organic and therapeutic grade oils like these. Otherwise, they have no healing properties:

  • vetiver is earthy in aroma is helps calm nerves
  • cedarwood is steam distilled from the bark of great cedar trees. It offers a deeply calming and protective effect.
  • clove is warm and comforting
  • patchouli has a complex scent that is herb-like and balsamic. It’s very relaxing and blends well with many other oils.
  • black pepper is warm and spicy, helping to chase away mental fatigue
  • sandalwood used for centuries in spiritual ceremonies, it promotes peace and helps get energy flowing through the chakras

Listen To Root Chakra Healing Frequency

Ever wonder why certain music is so soothing? Each note on the musical scale vibrates at a different frequency. The root chakra vibrates at the frequency of around 396Hz, which corresponds to red on the color spectrum. 

So, to use music to balance the root chakra, you want to focus on the G note. It holds the same frequency as the root chakra when in balance.  Isn’t it amazing how vibration connects us to color and sound?

Try these root chakra sound therapy techniques to balance your root chakra: 

Root Chakra Healing Foods

The root chakra is all about grounding. So, to help heal your root chakra, try foods that are either red, or grow underground:

  • root vegetables like sweet potatoes, radishes, artichokes, turnips
  • apples
  • cherries
  • beets
  • proteins
  • root chakra tea contains herbs that help balance the root chakra

Root Chakra Healing Affirmations

You are always safe in the world, my friend.

Reminding yourself of this truth will bring healing and balance to your root chakra. I strongly recommend saying a root chakra affirmation every morning – it’s how I start my day, and it makes all the difference!

Check out these Calming Root Chakra Affirmations + Mantras and let me know which ones bring you the most comfort.

"I feel stable, secure, and right at home in my body" root chakra affirmation
Here’s an example of one of my favorite root chakra affirmations.Recite these words and take a deep breath. Can you sense your energy shifting, even from that short exercise? Your body will readily respond to your healing intentions

Do a Root Chakra Healing Meditation

Meditation is an excellent way to heal your root chakra. Here are some options for you to explore: 

  • Sit or lie quietly. Imagine a red wheel of light spinning and glowing brightly at the base of your spine. Hold the image for a few minutes. You can also play your root chakra music during this meditation.
  • Listen to a root chakra healing meditation
  • Take a walk in the woods or do some gardening. The earth element heals the root chakra.
  • Try earthing: stand barefoot in the grass or sand, and just focus on your breathing for 10 minutes or so. 
  • One of the best ways to get grounded is with a guided body scan meditation. I made this one for you! I hope it helps.

Root Chakra Yoga Healing Exercises

Yoga can be an excellent tool to usher in feelings of stability and balance. Try some of the options below when you need to reconnect with your physical body. Or, check out this Root Chakra Tune-Up Practice by Yoga Journal.

  • Mountain Pose – stand tall with feet hip-distance apart. Imagine your feet are growing roots deep into the earth. Affirm: I ground myself deeply and firmly into Mother Earth. Hold the pose for one minute to restore balance and mental focus. 
  • Child’s Pose – from a kneeling position, sit back on your knees with big toes touching. Fold over so that your forehead is touching the floor. This can be a very comforting position when you’re feeling unsafe.

You can also try sitting cross legged while positioning your hands in the muladhara mudra. A mudra is a hand gesture that symbolizes the chakra. The root chakra mudra looks like you’re forming a pyramid with your middle fingers.

How Long Does It Take To Open The Root Chakra?

Root chakra healing is all about intention. Law of attraction is always bringing you experiences that match your beliefs and emotions.

So, it’s important that you approach these root chakra opening exercises with positive expectations. If you need help moving up the emotional scale, read these next: How To Use Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale

The higher up on the emotional scale you are, the faster your root chakra will open.

If you’ve just had a rough day, or if your root chakra blockage is a result of happy changes (like a new home or job), then you’ll come into balance very quickly.

On the other hand, if you’re working through trauma or need to release beliefs/cut ties that no longer serve you, then you should be patient with yourself as you move through this process.

Make these practices a daily part of your spiritual self-care, and you’ll be well on your way to a perfectly balanced root chakra. It’s important not to pressure yourself!

I recommend a keeping a journal to track of your progress, so you can prove to yourself how far you’ve come on your healing journey. Here are some root chakra journal prompts to get you started:

32 Root Chakra Journal Prompts + Questions To Ground Your Energy


As you set your intention to heal your root chakra, you’ll begin to feel more stable and secure in your world. Spend time in nature and be mindful and loving toward your physical body. Remember that you’re always safe.

Do you have a root chakra healing ritual you’d like to share? We we want to hear about it! Help others by leaving a comment.

If you’re ready for more, check out Ultimate Chakra Healing Guides for sacralsolar plexusheartthroat, third eye, and crown.

Root Chakra Healing Ultimate Guide pinnable image
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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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