The Powerful Spiritual Meaning of The Root Chakra Symbol

Today we’re exploring the meaning behind that beautiful and mysterious root chakra symbol. Every shape that makes up the root chakra symbol holds deep spiritual meaning. Together, they explain how this energy center affects your life.

I made you a 2-minute video on the root chakra symbol meaning, in case you prefer it to reading. Volume up! XO

When you understand the root chakra symbol meaning, you’ll know exactly how to connect to this chakra and keep it in balance.

What Does The Root Chakra Influence?

The root chakra is your energetic foundation – in fact the Sanskrit word for this chakra, Muladhara, translates to ‘root’ (mula) ‘support’ (adhara). It’s the first of seven in your chakra system, and helps to keep you grounded and present.

Located at the base of your spine, the Muladhara influences your sense of physical safety, belonging, and survival.

So, the root chakra influences the following areas of your life:

  • home life
  • physical health + fitness
  • financial matters
  • job security
  • connection with your tribe
  • self identity

When it’s in balance, you know that your needs will always be met. You also feel energetic and strong, focused, and clear minded.

If you sense your root chakra may be blocked, I’m sharing a post for you to read next.

This post lists the symptoms of a blocked root chakra, questions to assess your root chakra health, plus with the best ways to heal it: How To Open Your Root Chakra Fast: 10 Best Ways

root chakra symbol
The Muladhara, or root chakra symbol is made up of a downawrd facing triangle within a square, within a 4-petaled lotus flower.

Root Chakra Symbol Meaning

The root chakra symbol is made of 5 parts:

  • Red color
  • Four petaled lotus
  • Square
  • Inverted triangle
  • Seed mantra

The Color Red

What things come to mind when you think of the color red? Maybe you associate this color to romance, but think of physical objects in your world that are red.

Blood, stop signs, red traffic lights, red ink on a school paper.

When you see these things, they make you stop and take notice. Red is a sign of warning that triggers your survival instincts.

And this is what the root chakra is all about: your sense of physical well being, safety, and tribal connection.

The color red vibrates at the same vibrational frequency as a perfectly balanced root chakra.

So, an easy way to connect to the power of the root chakra symbol is simply to wear a bit of red, or do some meditation with red mala beads.

4-Petaled Lotus

For starters, the number 4 carries the energy of stability and structure. Just think of the four legs of a sturdy table or chair. So the number of petals on the root chakra lotus has meaning on it’s own.

On top of that, each red petal of the root chakra symbol represents a specific stream of consciousness in Indian philosophy:

  • Manas – This represents the mind and human thought
  • Buddhi – Intellect, logic, and learning
  • Chitta – Consciousness and emotional intelligence
  • Ahamkara – Awareness of self; the ‘I’ identity or ego

You can read the full spiritual meaning of number 4 here: Angel Number 4: Safety and Comfort Are Yours Now

When your root chakra is in balance, you’ll feel safe and well taken care of. Everything about the root chakra symbol is a loving reminder of this.

4 petaled lotus
The red, 4 petaled lotus flower is the first piece to the root chakra symbol.


Once again, the energy of number 4 comes through with the square, which appears right inside the lotus flower. In sacred geometry, it’s 4 sides represent balance, practicality, and structure.

The ‘4’ energy of the square offers deep comfort, structure, and predictability. Take a moment to think about where the number 4 shows up naturally in life:

  • Directions: north, south, east, west
  • Seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall
  • Elements: earth, air, fire, water
  • Moon Phases: new, waxing, full, waning

By the way, can you guess which element is associated to the root chakra?

It’s the earth element! Earth energy always helps you to feel grounded and secure. You can read more about the chakras and elements here: How To Use The 7 Chakra Elements To Heal + Grow

four petaled lotus enveloping a square
The square within the 4-petaled lotus represents stability.

Inverted Triangle

Within our stable square resids an upside down triangle. In sacred geometry, this 3-sided shape represents harmony and balance.

Have you ever tried triangle pose in yoga? It most cretainly requires balance! As well as harmony between mind and body to hold the position.

In the context of the root chakra symbol, the inverted triangle represents rising consciousness.

Have you heard the term ‘kundalini rising’? Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy, and it’s said to dwell in the root chakra. As it awakens, it rises upward through the chakras.

complete root chakra symbol
The inverted triangle represents balance and rising consciousness. How beautiful!

Sanskrit Seed Mantra

In my research I’ve noticed the root chakra symbol will often display a triangle, or the seed mantra. Sometimes it shows both, but not always.

Here’s an example of the root chakra symbol that displays the seed mantra instead of the inverted triangle:

The Sanskirt symbol inside the circle is the root chakra’s seed mantra: ‘LAM’.

A seed mantra is one syllabol sound that carries the energetic vibration of it’s related chakra. For the root chakra, the mantra is LAM. So the Sanskrit symbol you see above translates to this sound.

If you enjoy chanting, you can repeat LAM to bring healing and balance to the root chakra.

Root Chakra Deity

We can’t talk about root chakra symbolism without mentioning the Hindu god Ganesha! I wanted to touch on him here, because he carries the theme of ‘4’ too, just as we see in the square and 4 petaled lotus:

Hindu god Ganesha

Ganesha is the Hindu god of destruction, also known as the remover of obstacles. As you can see, he has 4 arms, echoing the themes of stability and grounding.

He’s also know as the god of new beginnings. So his energy is perfect for the root chakra, which is the first chakra in your energy system; the foundation for everything you experience.

So don’t be afraid to call him in if you need help overcoming a challenge; especially when you’re starting something new.

Root Chakra Animal

You’ll see in the image above that Ganesha has the head of an elephant, which is the spirit animal associated to the root chakra.

Elephants are highly intelligent animals that are famous for their excellent memory, complex emotions, and remarkable self awareness. So they’re a perfect match to the energy of the base chakra.

Spiritually, elephents carry deep wisdom, and represent family, bonding, and strength. These are all traits that come naturally when your root chakra is in balance.

elephant walking down a dirt road
Hello, gorgeous! Elephants carry many spiritual gifts, including wisdom, family bonds, and emotional intelligence.

Healing With The Root Chakra Symbol

So now that we’ve deconstructed the root chakra symbol, we can put it all together to receive a very clear message of how to heal this energy center:

  • Red tells you to trust your instincts, which is intuition in its most raw form
  • 4 petaled lotus invites you to balance logic with emotion
  • Square reminds you that you’re always safe and right where you belong
  • Triangle invites you to seek harmony and awaken to your spiritual nature
  • LAM is a tool to raise your vibration and embody the traits of a healthy root chakra

For more ways to heal your root chakra so you can feel grounded and stable, read these next:


Who knew the root chakra symbol carried so much spiritual meaning and wisdom! Did you learn something new? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

XO, Andrea

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