8 Best Root Chakra Stones + How To Use Them For Healing

Using root chakra stones for healing is a powerful and enjoyable way to bring balance to your root chakra. Here we’ll discuss the most powerful crystals for root chakra healing, and how to use them.

Root chakra healing stones + crystals are the perfect companion to your self-care practice. Especially if you’re just feeling off your game. They’ll stabilize you, help sharpen your mind, and remind you that you’re always right where you belong.

Let’s get started!

Root Chakra Stones Meaning

The root chakra is your first of seven in your chakra system. It records all of your beliefs, experiences, and emotions around family, belonging, security, stability, and your place in the world.

Certain healing crystals and stones resonate at the same vibrational frequency as your root chakra (when it’s in perfect balance).

So when this energy center becomes blocked, you can place root chakra stones on or near your body, to bring it back into balance.

Root chakra stones are red, black, or brown in color. So even if you don’t know a thing about crystals or what their spiritual qualities are, you can always just pick one based on it’s color.

So much of working with crystals is based on your own intuition. So don’t worry – you can’t get any of this wrong! Just enjoy the process and notice which stones you’re guided to work with.

When To Use Root Chakra Stones

Your root chakra governs your sense of stability, physical energy, and sense of belonging. It’s affected by all matters that occur within your tribe, career, and physical surroundings.

So when shifts take place is these areas of your life, your root chakra can become blocked. The symptoms may be as mild as feeling a bit run down or frazzled, all the way to becoming physically ill or obsessively worried about your physical safety.

We all go through these phases in life, and working with the root chakra can help you to grow stronger, more stable, and sure of yourself.

So if life has thrown you a curve ball, root chakra stones and crystals can offer great comfort on your healing journey.

How Do I Unblock My Root Chakra With Stones?

Root chakra healing stones and crystals work by affecting your energy. So when they’re close to you, combined with your intention, they have the power to affect your energetic body.

Remember, everything is energy in this universe, including you, your body, and even your emotions. So crystals heal a blocked root chakra by addressing the vibrational root of the problem.

All you need to do is charge them with your intention, and keep them close. I’ll give you specific ways to use your crystals before the end of this post.

Red Root Chakra Stones

Your root chakra is associated to the color red. So any red crystal or stone is a perfect choice for healing this energy center.

Red represents life force, health, physical energy, willpower, and bonding. So when you need support in these areas, red root chakra stones can infuse you with energy to soothe you back into balance.

These are my favorite red root chakra stones to work with:

Red Jasper

Jasper is a uniquely powerful stone because it has the ability to balance all of your chakras, not just the root.

It’s been known throughout history as a stone for nurturing. Red Jasper offers soothing energy that helps to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

This stone acts as a gentle anchor during times of stress. It encourages cooperation, assertiveness, and has a way of calming the emotions and energizing the body at the same time.

It’s red color resonates with blood, which aligns with the circulatory system. So turn to red jasper when you want to get your blood pumping and dissolve energy blocks. Jasper to helps you think on your feet and find courage to face challenges with a level head.

An excellent detoxifier, it’s a great choice if you’re taking harsh medications, or spend lots of time on a computer/device.

red jasper on table
These are my red jasper pieces. I like to keep them by the door to ground my energy whenever I return home.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth may be my favorite red chakra stone. It’s grounding, soothing, and helps you to connect with to the earth element.

Mother Earth stones stimulate the life force energy inside you. It can help to perk you up if you’re feeling sluggish, and light up the next steps on your path.

This stone is also used to heal the earth itself, so if you’re an environmentalist at heart, then this is the stone for you. Once you’re done using it for root chakra healing, consider burying it in the woods or tossing it into the ocean, if you feel guided.

I tried to find you Amazon links for all the crystals in my list. Mother Earth can be hard to come by, but if you don’t have any, use red jasper instead. Or, try cinnabar, because there are traces of that Mother Earth stone.

mother earth stones
I love any crystal in pyramid form. It’s a beautiful way to direct energy away from you and send it back into the earth for healing.


Ruby has life giving properties that warm your soul. It excels at helping you navigate interactions with others. So if you’re experiencing conflict or upset with someone, this is an excellent choice.

While it balances the root chakra beautifully, it also soothes the heart chakra. So it can help you access the very best in others as you’re dealing with them.

Ruby can also help bring any negative emotions the surface so that you can process them and let them go.

The main theme for ruby is harmonious relationships.

Rubies are considered a precious stone, but they don’t have to be the polished, pricy variety that you see at the jewelry store. Although if you have ruby jewelry, by all means, wear it!

But you can also get ruby in raw state, like this:

tumbled ruby stones


Garnet is energizing, so if you’re feeling sluggish or like you’re coming down with a cold, this is the perfect stone to reach for.

The root chakra governs your immunity, so whenever you get sick, that’s a signal to be extra kind to this energy center.

Garnet also foster organizational skills and can help you tap into reserves of energy and motivation that you didn’t even know you had! So if you need help tackling an important task, garnet’s an excellent choice.

It’s particularly helpful when you’re faced with challenges that require courage. Garnet, especially the red variety helps you get ‘fired up’.

Garnet comes in many colors, but you’ll want to focus on red and black for root chakra healing. Here’s a piece of tumbled garnet. Even though it’s dark overall, you can often see flecks of red if you hold it up to the light:

This pyramid is made with red garnet, and the color really shines through beautifully. I recommend working with red stones whenever you need to draw in strength, energy, and courage:

red garnet pyramid

Black Root Chakra Stones

The color black supports the root chakra beautifully, because it represents grounding, protection, and warding off negativity.

I tend to associate black with quiet self-reflection, the subconscious mind, and going within.

After all, when you close your eyes for meditation or sleep, you see blackness. These are crucial self-care activities that give you a break from the outside world and bring you home to yourself.

In this way, black can be quite comforting. There are no ‘bad’ colors! And there are no bad crystals, either so don’t be afraid to embrace these.

Below are my favorite black root chakra stones.

Smoky Quartz

Oh goodness, I adore smoky quartz. If you’re looking for a protective amulet or a reminder to focus on the positive aspects of a situation, reach for this stone.

Smoky quartz helps you regain your balance and radiates tranquility. It steers you back toward a calmer mental state, and gently nudges you to release what no longer serves you.

smoky quartz
The larger pieces of smoky quartz are raw, and the tiny ones up front are tumbled. Which do you prefer?

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a powerful protector, and helps to keep negative thoughts at bay.

It’s formed by quickly cooled lava. So it’s no coincidence that it help negativity to flow up and out of you, so that you can experience more peace. It has a cooling effect on emotions like anger and frustration.

Obsidian comes in many colors, but the black variety can aid you with shadow work, and help you to become aware of what doesn’t serve you so that you can release it.

With that said, obsidian doesn’t have a super ‘heavy’ energy. It feels almost glass-like and gives off subtle vibes.

Historically, black obsidian was used for scrying (gazing into the future using a reflective object). So if you’re focused on building your clairvoyance skills, this is the perfect choice for you.

black obsidian tumbled stone


Hematite holds quite a bit of gravity. So if you struggle to stay on task, or if you’ve been feeling scatterbrained, give this one a try.

Hematite is an excellent focusing tool. Physically, it’s said to support healthy blood flow.

So it makes sense that it supports enhanced memory, good ideas and sharp thinking. This is the natural result when there’s plenty of oxygen flowing to the brain!

So if you’ve been suffering from forgetfulness, clumsiness, or disorganization, this is the root chakra stone to help keep your feet on the ground.

It’s also highly protective and shields it’s wearer. So if you need to feel a bit of added security, hematite will bring you comfort and relief.

Hematite is easy to identify because it’s super shiny and smooth. It acts as a natural pain reliever, too:

hematite stone


Bloodstone calms anger and frustration. In other words, it does a great job of helping you to stay calm, cool, and collected, so you can stay on your path.

As you may have guessed, it’s known for cleansing the blood, clearing negativity, and removing toxins. It also supports healthy circulation, so if you do a lot sitting during the day, this is a good stone to keep nearby.

Bloodstone encourages you to be mindful and present, which is where all your power is! Being present is a clear sign of a balanced root chakra.

You’ll also find that bloodstone helps with mental fatigue, so it’s great if you’re in the midst of learning something new, or whenever you have a lot on your plate.

tumbled bloodstone

Where To Place Crystals for Root Chakra Healing

When you’re working with root chakra stones, you have a couple of options when placing them on your body.

Place directly on the root chakra.

The most common placement is to lie down and place the stones low on the belly, just above the pubic bone. This is the location of your root chakra in your subtle body.

As you rest, meditate on the feeling of the stone’s weight on your body, or repeat a root chakra affirmation.

Wear root chakra stone jewelry.

Sometimes you want to keep your healing stones with you throughout the day. Especially if you’re using them to be more focused at work, or to encourage harmony in a relationship.

In these cases, a root chakra stones bracelet is a great choice. I love these:

root chakra bracelet

Carry your root chakra stones in your pocket.

I love the feel of a raw piece of stone in my hand. So I’ll often one toss whichever stone calls to me into my pocket or purse.

Throughout the day, you can hold it in your hand as an anti-anxiety tool, or a simply reminder that you’re safe.

Decorate your home.

You’ve seen how beautiful these root charka healing stones are! I place mine on bookshelves, my mantel, and as I mentioned, by the front door for immediate grounding and tranquility.

Do you know how to make a crystal grid? I show an example of one here:How To Use Crystals: 6 Ways to Put Healing Stones to Work

Under your pillow.

If your mind is all over the place when you’re trying to get to sleep, pop a stone under your pillow. Or hold it in your hand until you doze off. You can also charge your stone with a root chakra affirmation using the pillow method.

Placing your crystals in your sleeping can help you sleep better and assist with dream recall. If you’re interested in taking your dreams to the next level, check out these stones, too: 9 Best Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

Daily grounding ritual.

First thing in the morning, grab your healing stone and stand up straight. If you’re familiar with yoga, you’ll be in mountain pose. But basically, just stand up straight, with your chin parallel to the floor, feet hip distance apart.

Affirm aloud or in your mind:

I am deeply rooted to Mother Earth.

You can imagine your feet growing roots into the ground, if that visual helps you. Stand still for a couple of moments, until your body feels strong like the trunk of a tree.

Your root chakra stone will infuse you with stability, vitality, and a clear connection to your instincts as you perform this sweet little grounding ritual.

I’ve begun every day like this for over 7 years, and can tell you it makes an incredible difference in how the day unfolds. If I forget to ground myself, I definitely notice!

Give this a try and leave me a comment on how you feel.

Recap: List Of Root Chakra Stones

More Ways To Heal Your Root Chakra

Healing stones are just one way to balance your root chakra. But there are many other ways to bring balance to this energy center.

Read this next to discover more self-care practices for root chakra healing. You’ll be able to work your root chakra stones into many of them! How To Open Your Root Chakra Fast: 10 Best Ways


I can’t wait to hear which root chakra stones you’re guided to work with. Leave me a comment below with your favorites!

I’m wishing you all the best with your spiritual self-care efforts.

Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself and you bring your base chakra into balance. It will respond to your loving care more than anything else.



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