200 Most Inspiring Words of Empowerment and How To Use Them

Sometimes all it takes is a few powerful words to give you the motivation and confidence needed to achieve your goals. Today I’m sharing the complete list of positive words of empowerment to help you feel confident, encouraged, and in control of your life.

When used properly, the right word can help raise your vibration so you can attract your dreams. Let’s find your perfect power word!

Why Words Are Powerful

Words are powerful because they have the ability to shape your thoughts, emotions, and actions. The words you use to describe yourself and your abilities can either empower you or hold you back. 

When you use positive and empowering words, you’re far more likely to feel confident, motivated, and capable of manifesting your desires. On the other hand, negative and disempowering words attract self-doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs. 

In other words, the power of words comes from how you feel when you speak them! The higher up on the emotional guidance scale you are, the easier it is to achieve your goals.

This is how the law of attraction works: the universe is going to bring you experiences that match your dominant thoughts and feelings. So, by choosing your words with purpose, you can harness the power of language to manifest your dreams.

Empowering Words List

  1. Abundance
  2. Acceptance
  3. Accomplish
  4. Achieve
  5. Adorable
  6. Adoration
  7. Advance
  8. Adventure
  9. Affirming
  10. Alignment
  11. Allow
  12. Amazing
  13. Ambitious
  14. Appreciation
  15. Approve
  16. Assertive
  17. Astonish
  18. Astounding
  19. Attraction
  20. Authentic
  21. Awe
  22. Awesome
  23. Balance
  24. Beautiful
  25. Believe
  26. Best
  27. Blessed
  28. Bliss
  29. Bloom
  30. Bold
  31. Bombastic
  32. Boundless
  33. Brave
  34. Breathtaking
  35. Brilliant
  36. Calming
  37. Capable
  38. Celebrate
  39. Centered
  40. Charged
  41. Cheerful
  42. Cherished
  43. Clarity
  44. Clever
  45. Co-creation
  46. Compassion
  47. Compelling
  48. Complete
  49. Confident
  50. Connected
  51. Connection
  52. Courage
  53. Courageous
  54. Creation
  55. Crush
  56. Curiosity
  57. Daring
  58. Dazzling
  59. Decisive
  60. Delicious
  61. Delightful
  62. Dependable
  63. Deserving
  64. Desire
  65. Discover
  66. Eager
  67. Ease
  68. Effortless
  69. Embrace
  70. Empathy
  71. Enchanting
  72. Encourage
  73. Energize
  74. Enjoyment
  75. Enlivening
  76. Excellent
  77. Exceptional
  78. Expand
  79. Expectant
  80. Explode
  81. Explore
  82. Exquisite
  83. Extraordinary
  84. Fabulous
  85. Faith
  86. Fantastic
  87. Fearless
  88. Flourish
  89. Flow
  90. Focused
  91. Forgiving
  92. Freedom
  93. Fulfilled
  94. Fun
  95. Generous
  96. Glory
positive empowerment words list 1-96
  1. Grace
  2. Gratitude
  3. Grit
  4. Grounded
  5. Growth
  6. Happy
  7. Healthy
  8. Heartfelt
  9. High Flying
  10. Honesty
  11. Honor
  12. Hope
  13. Humor
  14. Imagine
  15. Improvement
  16. Incredible
  17. Influence
  18. Insight
  19. Inspire
  20. Integrity
  21. Intuitive
  22. Invent
  23. Joy
  24. Kindness
  25. Leadership
  26. Life Changing
  27. Lifegiving
  28. Love
  29. Magical
  30. Magnetic
  31. Magnificent
  32. Magnitude
  33. Manifest
  34. Mastery
  35. Meaningful
  36. Mindful
  37. Miraculous
  38. Monumental
  39. Motivated
  40. Moving
  41. Nurture
  42. Optimistic
  43. Outrageous
  44. Passionate
  45. Peace
  46. Perseverance
  47. Pleasure
  48. Poised
  49. Positive
  50. Powerful
  51. Praise
  52. Precious
  53. Phenominal
  54. Progress
  55. Prosperity
  56. Provoking
  57. Receive
  58. Rejoice
  59. Relaxing
  60. Repose
  61. Rapture
  62. Resilient
  63. Sacred
  64. Secure
  65. Self Assured
  66. Serendipity
  67. Serenity
  68. Skyrocket
  69. Slay
  70. Soar
  71. Soulful
  72. Splendid
  73. Stable
  74. Strength
  75. Strong
  76. Stunning
  77. Supported
  78. Supportive
  79. Surefire
  80. Surprise
  81. Synchronicity
  82. Talented
  83. Tenacious
  84. Thrive
  85. Trailblazer
  86. Tranquility
  87. Terrific
  88. Trust
  89. Ultimate
  90. Unbreakable
  91. Undeniable
  92. Unique
  93. Unleash
  94. Unlimited
  95. Unshakeable
  96. Unveil
  97. Uplifting
  98. Validation
  99. Virtuous
  100. Visionary
  101. Wealth
  102. Wisdom
  103. Wonderful
  104. Worthy
positive empowerment words list 97-200

How To Use Words of Empowerment

Using words of empowerment is all about changing the way you talk to yourself and others. As you do this, you’ll begin to adopt new and improved beliefs about yourself and what’s possible. Choosing to upgrade your language is a powerful way to heal every area of your life so that you can thrive!

Here are the best ways to integrate words of empowerment words into your life: 

Positive Affirmations

A positive affirmation is just a statement you make that you want to become true. So you can build your own positive affirmation using your favorite empowerment word.

Start by becoming aware of any negative self-talk, and try rephrasing it in a more positive way. As you upgrade your language, your beliefs about your abilities will begin to evolve.

It’s important not to be too hard on yourself as you go through this process. But in general, just become more self-aware of what you’re affirming in the following situations:

  • Your inner voice/self-talk  
  • The stories you tell about yourself
  • What you notice and say about other people

A good rule of thumb is, if you don’t want more of it to show up in your life, don’t say it.

There’s always a way to be authentic while still choosing your words that support your intentions. For example, instead of saying “I can’t do that,” try saying “I’m working on improving my skills in that area.”

This small shift in language can have a big impact on how you and others perceive your abilities and potential!

The more you choose words that empower, inspire, and uplift, the more confident and successful you’ll become. I have tons of positive affirmations for you to use, if you need examples:

Empowerment Word of the Day

Incorporating a word of the day into your daily vocabulary is a great way to start using empowerment words. 

Choose a word from the list above that resonates with you, and use it throughout the day in your conversations and thoughts. This can help you stay focused on your goals and maintain a positive mindset. It’s amazing how much better your day can unfold just by tweaking your language a bit!  

Here are some ideas to incorporate your empowerment word into your day:

  • Use it as an intention for yoga practice
  • Enter a reminder in your phone for an empowering boost mid-day
  • Look for ways to use it to uplift others
  • Ask yourself how you can embody the essence of your empowerment word while facing challenges

Mantra for Meditation

Empowerment words are words that inspire and motivate us to take action, overcome challenges, and achieve our goals. By using these words in our daily lives, we can shift our mindset and communicate more effectively with others. In this article, we’ll explore the power of empowerment words and how to use them to create positive change in our lives.

Do you meditate? Meditation is the most powerful way to raise your vibration so you can feel more comfortable in your own skin. You can use your empowerment word as a mantra for meditation. A lot of people find repeating a word much easier than clearing their mind altogether.

Set aside a few minutes per day to focus on your word and repeat it to yourself. I like to do this while I’m falling asleep at night, but it’s alway a beautiful way to begin your morning routine.

Using colored mala beads will help you keep track of your repetitions and manifest experiences that match the vibration of your power word.  

You can explore more meditation mantras in this post: 55 Powerful Manifestation Mantras for Love, Success + Healing

Journal Prompt

Your empowerment word makes the perfect starting point for journaling. At the beginning or end of your day, think about your word and ask yourself any of the questions below. Write down your thoughts in your manifesting journal:

  • What does this word mean to me?
  • Which situations or relationships can I apply it to?
  • How would my life be different if I embodied the qualities of my power word?
  • What feelings does my power inspire within me?
  • What other people in my life do a good job of embodying this word?

Find your perfect manifestation journal! ✨

17 Best Manifesting Journals in 2023: Attract Your Dreams Now

Pillow Manifesting Method

Have you ever heard of the pillow method? It’s a manifesting technique that’s super easy to do. It involves writing your power word on a piece of paper and then popping it under your pillow. You can read the step-by-step guide here: How To Use Pillow Method Manifestation to Attract Your Dreams

More Ways to Claim Your Power

In addition to using empowering language, there are other ways to claim your power and boost your confidence. 

One way is to practice self-care and prioritize your own needs. This can include getting enough sleep, eating well, and engaging in activities that bring you joy. 

Another way is to set boundaries and say no to things that don’t align with your values or goals. 

Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people can also help you feel more empowered. 

All of these abilities live in your solar plexus chakra. So if you need help setting healthy boundaries and being assertive, then you deserve some solar plexus chakra healing. Read this for how to strengthen your self confidence: 10 Sure Ways To Heal a Solar Plexus Chakra Blockage


Incorporating empowerment words into your daily vocabulary can have a profound impact on your mindset and the way you communicate with others.

Start simple, by choosing a few words or phrases that resonate with you and make a conscious effort to use them in your daily conversations. This can help you feel more confident, motivated, and empowered in all areas of your life. Over time, you’ll notice a positive shift in your relationships, career, and overall well-being.

The only limit on what you can achieve is what you believe. You deserve the best in all things!

What’s Your Favorite Positive Word for Empowerment?

Let’s keep this list going! Please drop a comment with your favorite empowerment word in the replies below.

XO, Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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