5 Best Sacral Chakra Stones To Uplift and Energize

Today we’re talking about the best sacral chakra stones and crystals to uplift your emotions and light your inner flame.

Your sacral chakra, or Swadhisthara in Sanskrit, is the second of seven in your subtle body. It’s just below the navel, and resonates with the color orange.

sacral chakra symbol
The sacral chakra symbol is an orange lotus flower with 6 petals, enveloping a circle. Isn’t it beautiful? Just holding an orange crystal and focusing on this image for a couple moments can help open your sacral chakra.

What Does The Sacral Chakra Rule?

Your sacral chakra is home to all of your feelings, thoughts and beliefs about:

  • one-on-one relationships
  • sex and intimacy
  • activities you’re are passionate about
  • emotional processing

So any experience that triggers growth in these areas (whether it’s a small shift or a major trauma) will affect the sacral chakra. Even positive changes can knock it for a loop!

What Blocks The Sacral Chakra?

Here are some experiences that can cause the sacral chakra to become blocked:

  • All work and no play
  • A romantic breakup or divorce
  • Drama with friends or family
  • Parent-child issues
  • Sexual trauma
  • Not expressing your feelings
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Feeling stuck or bored with life
  • Not making time for things that light you up

It’s your job to make sure you’re practicing self-care to open the sacral chakra back up! So take a moment to honor yourself for finding your way here.

Focusing on your own self care will allow you to create the enriching experiences, balanced emotions, and thriving relationships that you deserve.

Sacral chakra stones can help you along the road to healing.

How Orange Healing Stones Balance The Sacral

Each color of the rainbow vibrates at a specific frequency. In addition, each of your chakras is associated to a specific color.

Your sacral chakra resonates with the color orange.

This means that the color orange vibrates at the same frequency as a perfectly balanced sacral chakra.

So when you work with orange crystals, their vibration can influence the frequency of your subtle body, bringing your sacral chakra back into balance.

For this reason, most of the best sacral chakra healing stones are orange (with a few exceptions). When in doubt, any orange crystal or stone will work to bring your sacral chakra healing. Don’t be afraid to let your intuition guide you!

What Are Symptoms of Sacral Chakra Opening?

So how will you know your sacral chakra stones are working? When your sacral chakra begins to open, it has a profound effect on how your interactions. Here are some of the signs to look for.

Emotional trauma heals. The influences from the past that used to weigh heavily on your mind and impact your relationships will lose their power.

Life gets more interesting. As your sacral chakra heals, you’ll start taking a more active role in own your life. You’ll notice yourself becoming more adventurous, outgoing, spontaneous, and creative. Overall, your comfort zone gets bigger.

Your libido evens out. A happy sacral chakra means a healthy sense of sensuality, and being comfortable exploring your sexuality. You may even find more flexibility in your physical body, especially in the hip area.

Physical energy increases.  When your sacral chakra begins to open, one of the earliest symptoms is a sense of vitality, motivation, and movement. This chakra is all about motion and warmth. So if you’re feeling sluggish, lazy, or stuck in a rut, reach for your sacral chakra stones to help.

Relationships shift.  Any relationships with an unhealthy balance of power will become less tolerable for you. Are you making too many sacrifices or being taken advantage of by someone? As your sacral chakra becomes more balanced and strong, others will no longer be able to emotionally overpower you.

Remember the sacral chakra is all about harmony, especially in your one-on-one relationships.So when it’s in balance, you’ll become more emotionally mature. This means your standards get higher and your tolerance for drama gets lower.

So now let’s talk about the 6 best sacral chakra crystals to help usher these wonderful upgrades into your life!

woman jogging
As your sacral chakra opens, you’ll receive more impulses to move and stretch. Follow your guidance and listen to your body! Physical activity will bring further balance to your sacral chakra.

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is an invigorating stone that helps you recapture feelings of happiness, joy, and motivation.

It’s orange color resonates perfectly with the sacral chakra which governs your emotions, especially in regard to one-on-one relationships.

Orange calcite uplifts emotions and helps you to feel motivated to stay on task. It’s especially helpful when you want to relight your inner flame so you can feel more engaged with the people, causes, and activities that you’re passionate.

It can help you to rekindle passion within your romantic relationships, too. Orange calcite can help you to feel more sensual and soothe away fears that may be holding you back from embracing intimacy.

This is such a lovely stone to work with whenever you need to energize or light a fire under any situation in your life.

If your sacral chakra feels blocked this is the perfect choice for you because it opens up the sacral and gets energy flowing through that chakra. It works so well for this because it carries the energy of movement and warmth.

Orange calcite is also the perfect crystal if you’re feeling depressed or stagnant. Just looking at it’s bright orange color will uplift your emotions.

Here’s my piece of orange calcite. Doesn’t it just look like she’s glowing on her own? No filter!

unpolished orange calcite sacral chakra crystal
Orange calcite carries bright, cheerful energy. Can you feel it?

Orange calcite is pretty easy to find, which means it’s very reasonably priced (check Amazon here).

It’s a softer stone so it requires gentle handling. You won’t want to use salt or water for cleansing. Instead, opt for sage or moonlight.


Carnelian is a deep red with hints of brown. It’s blood-like color is a telltale sign that it’s an excellent helper cleaning and oxidizing your system. Carnelian helps with detoxification and “gets your blood pumping” both physically and emotionally.

So if you’re feeling physically or emotionally fatigued, carnelian is the perfect addition to your your self-care practice.

Carnelian gently opens a pathway to your inner warrior so that you can tap into reserves of energy and power inside you. It’s been used throughout the ages to spark creativity, passion, and fertility.

This is often referred to as the artist’s stone because of the because it can usher in inspiration and help you bring your ideas to life in creative ways.

As we’ve said, the sacral chakra is the seat of creativity. So if you’re feeling blocked in your creative pursuits, this is the sacral chakra stone for you.

Carnelian is also known for stimulating divine feminine energy.

The divine feminine represents receiving, abundance, intuition, and being in touch with your emotions. So if you’re focused on nurturing these areas of your life, Carnelian will support your efforts beautifully.

Finally, carnelian gets its name from the Latin word for ‘flesh’, so you can see why it’s a perfect match to bump up sexual desire and fertility, too.

polished carnelian sacal chakra stone
Carnelian comes in varying shades and shapes. Here are my two pieces. They emit warmth and power.

Orange Citrine 

Orange citrine looks like a little ball of sunshine. So it’s no surprise that the stone radiates optimism and positivity! Whenever you need help keeping a positive mindset, this is the stone for you.

As you may already know, law of attraction is going to bring you experiences that match your dominant thought patterns, beliefs, and feelings. This means the root of your manifesting power is your vibration.

When you feel better, your vibration rises. And when this happens, you become a magnet for attracting your desires! This is why orange citrine makes an excellent manifesting stone.

So whenever you’re focused on bringing something new into your life, this is an excellent crystal to work with.

Note: if you want to learn more ways to manifest, read this next: How to Manifest Your Desires

Orange citrine will help to balance your sacral chakra and tap into your intuition so you can that will guide you toward your desires. It does a great job of lighting up your path so that you can manifest more quickly.

Did you know that citrine is made by applying heat to amethyst? Amethyst is a powerful stone for the third eye chakra. Since there is a natural connection between these two chakras, orange citrine will help you to heal both.

The better you feel, the more psychically aware you are. Orange citrine will help you remember that the more positive your mood, the more positive experiences you’ll attract into your life. It’s a beautiful cycle that helps life to get better and brighter every day.

Read this to learn just how powerful your emotions are:How To Use Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale 

orange citrine sacral healing stone
These goregous orange citrine pieces are available on Amazon. I gave mine away so don’t have a photo to share – your crystals will let you know when they’ve finished their healing work on you!

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz is a champ when you’re moving through change. It helps to balance the sacral chakra by soothing emotions and opening your mind to new ideas, paths, and opportunities.

Whether the changes you are planned and welcomed, or completely unexpected, tangerine quartz can help to ease your transition. Especially when it comes to changes and shifts in your relationships.

Tangerine quartz also helps you to take a good honest look at any feelings and beliefs that may be holding you back from making from positive changes.

Personal growth and self acceptance are the energetic themes that come through when you work with this lovely stone.

If you need help in this area, I strongly urge you to start a personal reflection journal. It will help you track your progress, identify areas within yourself that need healing, and encourage you to focus on all the good things that are blooming in your life.

Read this post next to for the questions you should ask yourself daily as you move through changes: Best Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday for Self Growth

Tangerine quartz also helps to heal from emotional trauma by illuminating the lessons and blessings that came out of your challenges. It’s the perfect companion for healing and moving forward.

Aren’t these tangerine quartz points from Amazon just gorgeous? They’re absolutely glowing.


As I mentioned above, citrine is made from amethyst. So, it’s no surprise that amethyst also makes the top 5 list of best sacral chakra stones.

Amethyst encourages creativity, intuitive awareness, and emotional maturity. So while it’s most often associated to the third eye, it’s also an excellent helper to bring balance to your sacral chakra.

Your sacral chakra is your emotional center. So when you’re feeling confused about your feelings or creatively blocked, work with amethyst. It will help you to tap in to your inner guidance by bringing intuitive wisdom to the surface.

amethyst geode
I love my amethyst geode because it stands up, like a piece of home decor. But the tumbled crystals are perfect to hold during meditation, or for slipping under a pillow.

An amethyst wand is a great way to direct healing energy toward and away from the sacral chakra. Plus they are absolutely stunning (and pretty darn cheap!).

Recap: Sacral Chakra Stones List

Here’s a quick reference list recapping the 5 best sacral chakra healing stones:

list of sacral chakra stones for healing

How To Use Your Sacral Chakra Healing Stones

There are many ways you can incorporate these healing beauties into your self-care routine. Here are some ideas for you to explore, but feel free to get creative and do your own thing!

Bring them to yoga. Try placing a sacral chakra crystals at the top of your yoga mat, or tuck it into your clothes during practice. Focus on hip opening poses, which also balance the sacral chakra.

woman on yoga mat sitting cross legged
You don’t have to be intimidated by yoga. Simply sitting cross-legged opens the hips and is a great pose for balancing the sacral.

Use them for journaling. Do you keep a journal? If you do, you can place your sacral stones right on top of your journal, or in your writing space. Expressing your emotions on paper is an excellent way to bring balance to the sacral chakra.

Remember, if you don’t acknowledge your feelings, they get stuck, and that’s how this chakra gets blocked.

Sacral chakra meditation. Here’s a super simple sacral chakra meditation: lie down and get comfortable. Then place a crystal on your lower abdomen, right below the navel. Close your eyes and envision a beautiful orange light glowing in your belly.

Focus on that visualization for as long as you see fit, and then let it go. You may even feel physical warmth in your body as you rest.

Sacral chakra affirmations. Hold your sacral chakra stone in your hand while repeating your favorite sacral chakra affirmation. Or, use orange mala beads. They’re made of sacral chakra crystals, so it’s a perfect way to say your affirmations.

Read this to learn how:How To Use Mala Beads Color Meanings for Manifesting

Make a batch of moon water. Your sacral chakra aligns with the water element, since water represents emotion and intuition.

You can make a batch of sacral healing moon water, by placing your orange crystals on top or around (not inside) your vessel.

Then, you can drink your crystal-charged moon water throughout the day for chakra healing! This is such a gorgeous ritual to do, especially during the full moon.

Read this next to learn how: How To Make Moon Water: Try This on the Next Full Moon


Did you learn something new about your sacral chakra? Which healing stones are you drawn to the most? Leave me a comment and let me know!

I’m wishing you a life filled with energy, adventure, fun, and joy. Happy healing to you!

XO, Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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