10 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

If you’re reading this article, you have natural intuitive abilities. How do I know this? Because you’re a living human, which means you scored intuitive abilities as part of your basic life package. You, like everyone else, have the potential to tap into your sixth sense, and use it as a guide throughout life. Like any other muscle, your intuition needs to be flexed in order to gain strength. There are several ways to develop your intuition. I’ve listed my top 10 here, in no particular order. Let’s get started.

1. Recognize!

The single, most important aspect of increasing your intuition is to acknowledge the guidance you’re already receiving, no matter how small. Even when our instincts are dead on, we’re still tempted to rationalize away our inner knowing as a lucky guess. Doing this stunts progress. The more you pattern your brain to recognize the signs, synchronicities, and feelings that you receive, the more quickly and readily they’ll come.

2. Eat Foods to Support a Healthy 3rd Eye  

Your endocrine system includes the pineal gland, which sits right at the center of the brain, behind the forehead/third eye. Think of it as an antennae for psychic vibes. Citrus fruits, peppers, yams, wheatgrass, beets, almonds and walnuts will help to charge it up.

3. Meditate

For a moment, bring your awareness to the voice in your head that narrates your day; the one reminding you of all your errands, recapping a recent conversation, or playing that song you can’t get out of your head. Now imagine your intuition as the soft voice of your soul, whispering to you from deep inside your heart. How the heck are you ever going to make out what it’s saying with that voice yapping away in your head all the time? Slapping a muzzle on your mental chatterbox will help grow your intuitive abilities by leaps and bounds.

4. Use Essential Oils

Therapeutic grade essential oils can go a long way in calming mental chatter, easing tension, and bringing you back to a centered state of mind. Use The Haven Shoppe’s Crystal Visions 3rd eye opening spray, or massage the roll-on oil right onto your forehead or heart. Try this before meditation to promote relaxation and stimulate the pineal gland.

5. Drink More Water

Our brains are electrical machines and they function better when we’re well hydrated (not to mention your brain is home to several of the glands that make up your endocrine system – see #2). It’s amazing how much clarity you’ll gain when you drink enough water. As a general guide, shoot for half your body weight in ounces of water, each day.

6. Consult Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are great because unlike Tarot cards, you don’t have to be a skilled reader; just shuffle the deck, and by the law of attraction you’ll choose the perfect card, every time. Simply get settled, close your eyes, and ask your question. Shuffle until you feel satisfied, and pull a card. You’ll be surprised to find that the card you pull usually confirms what you already know. There are so many beautiful decks to choose from! Here are some of my favorites. Click the deck you’re drawn to, and go with it!

7. Journal

Write down every hunch, feeling, sign, and dream you have. This gives you physical confirmation of just how much guidance you receive, especially on days when you’re feeling disconnected or doubtful of your progress. Journaling also provides you a safe place to tinker with your predictions. Remember, nobody’s going to see it but you, so write freely and often! Don’t worry about whether you’re ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Intuitive guidance is often symbolic, and it’s up to you to interpret your unique way of receiving; writing your encounters down will help you do this. Here are a few gorgeous journals that will serve as sacred space for you the messages you receive from spirit.

8. Do Physical Exercises for Brain Balance 

Any exercises where you cross from one side of your body to the other will help to balance the left and right sides of the brain. For example, raise your right knee and touch it with your left hand. Place your foot back on the ground, then raise your left knee, and touch it with your right hand. Repeat this exercise for 60 seconds or so.  This simple exercise helps to get your right and left brain into alignment, which is so helpful for tapping into your sixth sense.

9. Check Your Gut

We’re conditioned to think our way through all situations, and ignore the signals our own bodies send us. Try this exercise next time you’re unsure of how to handle a particular situation: sit quietly with eyes closed, and imagine you’ve already made your decision and acted on it. How does this register physically? Do  you feel tense and uptight, or peaceful and at ease? Did you feel any shooting pains, twitches or discomfort? Has your facial expression changed? Practice tuning into your body’s subtle signs on a regular basis, and follow its guidance. It takes confidence to trust your intuitive hits. If you need help strengthening your solar plexus, read this to learn how.

10. Play Games

Grab a few index cards. Draw a circle on one, a square on the second, and a triangle on the third. Shuffle them up and lay them out in front of you, face down. Try to ‘guess’ which shape is on each card. You can also play this game with a partner to work on your telepathy; have the other person choose a card, look at the shape and think of it, without telling you what it is. Can you pick up on what they’re sending you? If you have trouble with this, drink some water, do your brain balancing exercises and try again.

As you work these practices into your routine, I guarantee your third eye will become more open. Let me know how you do!

With Love,


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