How To Tap Into Your Intuition: 12 Easy Ways

Are you ready to learn how to tap into your intuition? You absolutely have the potential to tap into your sixth sense and use it as a guide throughout life. Like any other muscle, your intuition needs to be flexed to gain strength. Today I’m sharing 12 ways to boost your intuitive abilities that are easy and fun.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is wisdom that comes from beyond your 5 senses. It’s a sense of understanding that guides you, even when there’s no logic to back it up. 

Intuition comes in many forms, and we all have varying degrees of the following gifts: 

  • Clairvoyance –  seeing visions, or recognizing the meaning of dreams, visual cues etc
  • Claircognizance – knowing something without physical proof
  • Clairaudience – hearing messages in your head or noticing audio cues like song lyrics
  • Clairsentience feeling energy that comes from outside yourself 

But the easiest and most straightforward form of intuition comes in the form of your own  emotions

Your emotional guidance system is there to lead you toward what serves you best and away from it doesn’t. 

When you’re feeling good, it’s a sign that your mind, body and spirit are in perfect alignment.  

12 Ways To Tap Into Your Intuition

Signs of Intuition

Your intuitive ability comes from your third eye chakra which is your center for wisdom, knowledge and clarity. When you’re receiving intuitive information, you’ll get the sense that the information is being given to you, instead of coming from you.

You may notice:

  • Signs from the universe like feathers, coins, rainbows
  • Feelings that surface when you consider certain subjects
  • Thinking of someone just before they call or text you
  • Creative ideas or solutions that pop into your head
  • Strong sense of clarity
  • Deciding to change plans and having it work out to your benefit
  • Angel numbers showing up during your day 
  • Vivid dreams or visits from passed loved ones
  • Animal visitors

How To Tap Into Your Intuition

Below I’m sharing the best ways to tap into your intuition. Browse the list and try the ones that sound easy and fun. There’s no need to force – keep this light and make it an enjoyable part of your spiritual self-care practice!

1. Meditate

A daily meditation practice is my number one tip for tapping into your intuition. 

The ability to clear your mind is one of the most important foundations for recognizing your intuition because it usually comes through softly and subtly. So it’s much easier to recognize your intuitive guidance when you make a practice of quieting your thoughts. 

If it’s too frustrating to clear your mind completely, that is totally natural in the beginning, it’s okay. I have a couple recommendations for you: 

Hold a third eye crystal in your hand. While you meditate, focus on the feel of it in your hand and imagine what it looks like in your mind’s eye.

Or, try repeating a third eye chakra affirmation during meditation. 

This way, you’re doing two things at once to boost your intuition: meditating and using a third eye chakra opening tool as your focal point for the meditation.

Just a few minutes of quieting your mind will help you to reconnect with your body and allow you to tap into your intuition.

This doesn’t have to be a huge time suck – 15 minutes per day is more than enough.

Notice the thoughts and feelings that come to you when you come out of meditation and write them down!

2. Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is helpful for tapping into your intuition in a similar way as meditation. It’s all about gaining control over where your thoughts are going. 

Think about the last simple task you performed, like brushing your teeth or preparing a meal. Now try to remember what you were thinking about while you were doing it.

Were your thoughts focused on the task at hand, or on something completely unrelated? Probably the latter, am I right?  

Mindfulness is the act of keeping your mind focused on what your body is doing in the moment.

Focusing on the past can lead to emotions like guilt, shame, regret, depression. While worrying about the future leads to anxiety and worry. 

These emotions are at the low end of the emotional guidance scale, and they take quite a bit of your energy and attention, making it really difficult for your intuition to come through. 

Focusing on the here and now is a simple yet powerful way to even out your emotions and connect with your intuition. These mindfulness, affirmations and tips can help you get started: Mindfulness Affirmations to Be Present, Calm + Grounded

Next time you’re sipping your favorite drink, practice mindfulness by focusing on your sense of taste, the temperature of your hands wrapped around the cup, and the sensation of the drink flowing down your throat. It’s incredibly soothing.

3. Use Essential Oils for Intuition

Essential oils are one of my favorite ways to tap into intuition! I’ve been an Aromatherapist for years and can tell you that there is a very powerful relationship between your emotions and your sense of smell. 

So using certain essential oils can nudge you up the emotional scale and open your third eye, making you more receptive to subtle energies.

These are the best essential oils for intuition. They focus on opening your third eye chakra, which is your psychic center. I recommend Rocky Mountain Oils because they are affordable and pure. 

You can diffuse these oils in your home, or dab some on while you’re meditating or before sleep.

These particular oils are very high vibrational and have been used for thousands of years to connect with spiritual wisdom:

Rocky Mountain Oils third eye chakra roll on

Rocky Mountain Oil’s third eye chakra blend comes in a roll-on, which I love because it comes with an amethyst rollerball to boost intuition even more. It smells AMAZING and you can roll it right onto the space between your brows, or onto pulse points.

4. Use Your Emotional Guidance System

If you’re not familiar with Abraham Hicks’ emotional guidance scale, take a moment now to hop over to this post and check it out: How To Use Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale

Your feelings offer a wealth of intuitive information that you’re probably ignoring. We’re conditioned to think our way through situations and disregard the signals our own bodies send us.

Try this exercise next time you’re unsure of how to handle a particular situation: sit quietly with eyes closed, and imagine you’ve already made your decision and acted on it. Then ask yourself some of these questions:

  • How does your physical body react?
  • Do you feel tense and uptight, or peaceful and at ease?
  • Did you feel any shooting pains, twitches or discomfort?
  • Has your facial expression changed?

Practice tuning into your body’s subtle signs on a regular basis and experiment with trusting its guidance.

5. Intuition Boosting Food & Drink

Everyone’s body is unique, but in general there are a few dietary tweaks you can make to support your intuitive abilities. 

For starters, our brains are electrical machines, and they function better when well hydrated. It’s amazing how much clarity you’ll gain when you drink enough water! As a general guide, shoot for half your body weight in ounces of water, each day.

Also, your endocrine system includes the pineal gland, which sits right at the center of the brain, behind the forehead/third eye. Think of it as an antenna for psychic vibes.

Citrus fruits, peppers, yams, wheatgrass, beets, almonds and walnuts will help to charge it up.

6. Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are great because unlike tarot cards, you don’t have to be a skilled reader; just shuffle the deck, and by the law of attraction you’ll choose the perfect card, every time.

Get settled, close your eyes, and ask your question.

Then, shuffle until you feel satisfied, and pull a card.

You’ll be surprised to find that the card you pull usually confirms what you already know.

There are so many beautiful decks to choose from! This post shares a roundup of my favorites: The Best Ever Oracle Decks + How To Use Them

Goddess of the moon card from energy oracle deck

Goddess of the Moon card invites you to tap into your divine feminine energy, which is all about intuition, abundance, and receiving. This card is from the Energy Oracle Cards deck.

7. Chakra Balancing

There are two main chakras that come into play when you’re learning how to tap into your intuition.

First, as I’ve mentioned, your third eye chakra is home to your intuitive ability. So, any third eye chakra healing work will have a direct effect on your intuition. Read this post to learn how to open the third eye: How Do You Open Your Third Eye? 13 Best Ways

Second, your solar plexus chakra is also very closely tied to your third eye. This is your center for confidence, self-trust, and worthiness.

Think about the highly successful people that you admire. They’re likely confident, trust their gut, and always seem to be in the right place at the right time. These are all signs of a strong solar plexus and an open third eye.

It takes quite a bit of confidence to trust your gut! 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen clients receive clear intuitive guidance, and then brush it off because of self-doubt. 

So, the more you can build up your self-trust and embrace your personal power, the easier it’ll be to acknowledge your intuitive hits when they come.  

This post covers how to build strength in your solar plexus chakra: 10 Ways to Heal a Solar Plexus Chakra Blockage

woman and child in warrior yoga pose

Warrior yoga poses are a great way to strengthen your solar plexus chakra. In fact, any activity that makes you feel physically strong will help you tap into your confidence and personal power. 💛

8. Journal Your Experiences

Do you keep a manifesting journal? Documenting your intuitive guidance is so helpful in helping you to advance your skills.

Write down every hunch, feeling, sign, and dream you have in your journal. This gives you physical confirmation of just how much guidance you receive, especially on days when you’re feeling disconnected or doubtful of your progress.

Journaling also provides you a safe place to tinker with your predictions. Remember, nobody’s going to see it but you, so write freely and often!

Don’t worry about whether you’re ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Intuitive guidance is often symbolic, and it’s up to you to interpret your unique way of receiving; writing your encounters down will help you do this.

Find your perfect manifestation journal! ✨

17 Best Manifesting Journals in 2023: Attract Your Dreams Now

9. Intuition Exercises + Games

Any physical exercise where you cross from one side of your body to the other will help to balance the left and right sides of the brain. 

For example, give this a quick try:

  • Raise your right knee and touch it with your left hand.
  • Place your foot back on the ground.
  • Then raise your left knee and touch it with your right hand.
  • Repeat on each side for 60 seconds or so.

This simple exercise helps to get your right and left brain into alignment, which is super helpful for tapping into your intuition.

Now try this little intuitive brain game.

  • Grab a few index cards.
  • Draw a circle on one, a square on the second, and a triangle on the third.
  • Shuffle the cards and lay them out in front of you, face down.
  • Try to ‘guess’ which shape is on each card.

You can also play this game with a partner to work on your telepathy; have the other person choose a card, look at the shape and think of it, without telling you what it is.

Can you pick up on what they’re sending you? If you have trouble with this, drink some water, do your brain balancing exercises and try again.

You can also buy a deck of telepathy practice cards, if you prefer.

10. Do a Moon Ritual

The moon represents intuition and emotional awareness. So if you’re working on tapping into your intuitive ability, then there’s no better time than on a full moon.

During the full moon, your intuitive ability is naturally more acute. You may have trouble sleeping or feel more emotional than usual. That’s totally normal – but you can channel that lunar energy intentionally to connect with your inner guidance.

The full moon is a time for releasing what doesn’t serve you. So think about what may be blocking you from fully connecting with your intuition: fear, stress, indecision are a few examples.

You can set full moon intentions to let go of anything holding you back. When you do this, your intuition will naturally become stronger. This post has everything you need to get started: Powerful Full Moon Rituals to Let Go and Make Room

11. Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were asleep, and perhaps you were even able to control your dream? This is known as lucid dreaming, and it’s an amazing experience.

If you can master this skill, you can work with your spirit team in your dreams, ask your higher self/guides questions, practice your telepathy – the possibilities are limitless.

The best ways to encourage lucid dreaming is through lucid dreaming affirmations and dreamwork crystals. It may take some practice but it’s worth it.

12. Acknowledge Your Intuitive Hits

The single, most important aspect of learning how to tap into your intuition is to acknowledge the guidance you’re already receiving, no matter how small.

Even when our instincts are dead on, we’re still tempted to rationalize away our inner knowing as a lucky guess.

Doing this stunts progress.

The more you can condition your brain to recognize synchronicities, intuitive feelings, and signs from the universe, the more often and easily your guidance will come.

So every time your intuition speaks to you, thank it for showing up.


Did you pick up some new tips and ideas on how to tap into your intuition? Please share this post if you found it helpful!

XO, Andrea

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