What Are Angel Numbers? Easy Beginner’s Guide

So exactly what are angel numbers? Have you ever noticed a repeating number, like 111, over and over again and wondered what it meant? Then you’re in the right place! This is your guide for spotting and decoding messages from your spirit team using our complete angel number index. 

What Are Angel Numbers

In numerology, which is the study of numbers through a spiritual lens, angel numbers are any sequence of numbers that show up in your world and catch your attention.

Each number sequence carries a specific message from your spirit team, to assist in your current situation.

They can take any of the following forms: 

  • a single repeating number, such as 11:11 on the clock
  • meaningful number sequences, like ‘234’
  • a series of numbers you see repeatedly, like ‘953’

In a nutshell, if a number catches your eye and you find yourself wondering what it means, then it’s an angel number. This means it holds divine guidance for you that applies to your current situation. This is one of the many ways your spirit team communicates with you throughout your life. 

Now that you know what angel numbers are, you can begin to recognize them and understand their meanings.  

Who Invented Angel Numbers

Where do angel numbers come from? For as long as humans have roamed the earth, they have used numbers as a tool for interpreting messages from a higher power.

Number meanings are rooted in Numerology, which was introduced to the world by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, in 570 BC. He discovered that numbers are the makeup of everything in the natural world. Today we know meaningful sequences can be found in everything from human DNA to musical notes. 

So while we consider Pythagoras the father of numerology, numbers have been the foundation of our world, literally since the beginning of time (Pythagoras just noticed it first). Numbers are at the root of all that exists, which means we can find meaning in everything that crosses our path, when we know how to interpret them.  

Fast forwarding to modern day, spiritual seekers affectionately refer to meaningful numbers as ‘angel numbers’. This term is just a way of honoring the sacred advice your angels and spirit team send via repeating numbers. 

Why Are Angel Numbers Important

Oh goodness, these numbers can add such richness to your life! If you have ever felt alone, unsure, or as though you prayers have gone unanswered, you can find a great deal of comfort in them. 

Through the law of attraction, you are always attracting things that match your vibration. So when you are focused on a subject that’s  important to you and spot a number sequence, it must contain a meaningful and relevant message – it’s a universal law, plain and simple.

The meanings behind numbers remind us that life is not random. You are being lovingly guided every step of the way, you just need to practice recognizing your guidance when it comes through.  

How Do Angel Numbers Appear

Wherever there are numbers, your spirit team will use them to communicate with you! Here are some common places for your angel messages to show up:  

  • Noticing the clock at a significant time, like 11:11 
  • License plates in traffic containing a sequential number
  • Number of ‘likes’ on a spiritually significant Instagram or Facebook post
  • Dollar amounts on a sales receipt
  • The page number of a book that you open randomly
  • House or apartment numbers
  • Auto-generated numbers assigned to you for jury duty or other activities

Your spirit team can be very creative about slipping their advice into your everyday routine! So keep an eye out.

How Do You Use Angel Numbers

I’m so glad you asked! Once you acknowledge your angel numbers, it’s time to look up what they mean and honor the wisdom that comes through.

Your spirit team loves to send their advice and encouragement through numbers because it’s a subtle, yet concrete way of sending you their love. 

When you read the meaning of your number, notice which situation, relationship, or issue comes to mind. Then, notice how you feel, as well as the ideas you get.

Angel number meanings always come from a place of love, compassion, and spiritual truth. With that said, the truth isn’t always what we want to hear! So if you ignore your messages and continue to see the same number over and over, that’s your angels’ way of jumping up and down, trying to get your attention.

You can use angel numbers as a way to lift your spirits, find clarity, and strengthen your intuition. 

What Do Angel Numbers Mean

The meaning of every number is special and unique. Below you’ll find a complete angel numbers list containing their meanings, based on my interpretations of the numbers. Each number builds on the last one, so you’ll attract numbers that are relatable to you at this point on your path. 

Take a moment to pin or save this now so you can reference it whenever you need it. Also  note this is a work in progress, so check back soon if you’re looking for a number that isn’t available yet. Or leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to share the meaning of the number you’re interested in.

Angel Number Index

Here’s an easy index to angel numbers and their meanings.

Single Digit Angel Numbers

1  ·  2  ·  3  ·  4  ·  5  ·  6  ·  7  ·  8  ·  9     

Double Digit Angel Numbers

00  ·  10  ·  11  ·  12  ·  13  ·  14  ·  15  · 16  ·  17  ·  18  ·  19

20  ·  21  ·  22  ·  23  ·  24  ·  25  ·  26  ·  27  ·  28  ·  29

30  ·  31  ·  32  ·  33  ·  34  ·  35  ·  36  ·  37  ·  38  ·  39

40  ·  41  ·  42  ·  43  ·  44  ·  45  ·  46  ·  47  ·  48  ·  49

50  ·  51  ·  52  ·  53  ·  54  ·  55  ·  56  ·  57  ·  58  ·  59

Triple Digit Angel Numbers






818  ·  838  ·  868

More Popular Angel Numbers

1155 · 3737 · 4040 · 4242 ·4545 · 4646 · 33333333

Angel Number Guide pin

What Are My Angel Numbers?

Since they are meant to offer loving advice, your angel numbers will change as you go through life. They reveal important messages and guidance that apply to your current situation. So depending on what you’re going through, the numbers that intuitively catch your eye will be different. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to know your life path number and its spiritual meaning, use the Life Path Number Calculator. This will calculate your ‘master number’ based on your birthday. Unlike angel numbers, your life path number does not change. You’re assigned one for life!

Both angel numbers and your life path number are based in numerology. The difference is, angel numbers show up in your daily life to give you advice. Your life path number represents the energy your soul came into the world with.     


Now you have all the tools you need to decode your secret angel messages! Share a comment with your experiences!

XO,  Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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