Angel Number 16: Time To Get Creative

Angel  number 16 means it’s time to share your unique energy with the world. Miracles occur when you express yourself in authentic and creative ways.

Angel Number 16 Meaning

If you’ve been seeing angel number 16 it’s time to get creative! This number brings your attention to an existing circumstance that’s asking you to be more authentic when it comes to expressing your point of view. In fact, doing so will be the key to your success. All of the steps you’ve taken to get to this point have resulted in a more genuine, spiritually aligned version of you, and that’s a wonderful thing. Now it’s time to share the real you with others by infusing your personal truth into your words and actions.

Through angel number 16, your spirit guides also remind you that your words have incredible power. So make sure what you talk about is what you want to bring about. One way to remind yourself of this is to consider everything you say a prayer. In other words, if you don’t want it to come true, don’t talk about it. You literally have that much influence over how events unfold.

Angel Number 16 in Love

So in regard to romance, make sure you’re talking about what you want to experience: if you have a partner already, tell them what you love about them and express gratitude for even the smallest gesture of love. Notice and acknowledge gestures of kindness, generosity, and abundance that you see in other people’s relationships. As you begin to sincerely celebrate love everywhere you find it, you’ll become a magnet for more romance yourself. 

Also, be sure to clean up any complaints or negative self-talk because the universe is listening! Act on any ideas that come to you when you’re in a relaxed and inspired frame of mind, because that is guidance straight from your spirit team. 


You can overcome anything with just a little shift in perspective. Keep an eye out for evidence of sweetness in your life and watch more love flood into your experience.

XO,  Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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Self-care starts here!

We’ll help you remember just how worthy you are.

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