Angel Number 25: Major Changes Bring Big Blessings

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You are going through some major life changes right now and angel number 25 is the Universe’s way of letting you know it has your back.

Angel Number 25 Meaning

The energy of number 2 is soothing, like a warm hug assuring you that everything is OK. The number 5 represents change. So combined, these numbers work together to let you know big changes are in store for you, and they’re perfectly safe. In fact, this is a major blessing in disguise. 

There is no need to stress about the shifts ahead, because they will unfold in a staggered way, so that your energy can keep up with them. Your soul would never flood you with more changes than you can handle at once, even if they’re all positive.

So if at any time you feel overwhelmed, just talk to your angels and ask them to pull back the throttle a bit, so can catch up. They promise that you will gradually adjust even though things may seem daunting right now. You are more ready than you know!

Angel Number 25 in Love

In love, number 25 also represents a big change that’s in your best interest. What comes to mind? Whether you feel guided to redefine your current relationship, end a partnership, or start a new one, there’s a big romantic change coming up, and it’s going to serve you well. 


You are accompanied by countless angels and other helpers. Trust that it’s safe to let go of what is, so that you can discover what can be.

XO,  Andrea

pinnable angel number 25 message
Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea is a certified Aromatherapy and Reiki Master in Central NY. She’s been featured in publications such as Energy Magazine and Forbes.

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