Angel Number 18: Abundance Is Flowing To You

Hooray for more abundance! Angel number 18 is a blessing in every sense of the word.

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Angel Number 18 Meaning

Angel number 18 is all about incoming cashflow. So if you’ve been worrying about your finances, give yourself permission now to release those concerns. As your worry melts away, it’ll be replaced with an inflow of prosperity to support and uplift you. If you struggle to think positively about money, try these positive affirmations for money, and ask your angels to take care of the situation on your behalf. Turn over your stress, anxiety, and worry to them, and let yourself be light. If you do this, you’ll be amazed by the results. 

Number 18 actually holds the energy of abundance in all areas of life. It’s also your angels’ way of letting you know that higher powers are swooping in to help you carry out ideas. This is such a powerful number! You’ve accomplished a great deal already and have much to be proud of. 

Angel Number 18 in Love

Abundance and accomplishment are the vibes that come through with angel number 18. So make sure you give your love generously at this time – throw your love around everywhere! Especially if you’re trying to attract romance into your life. Express love and appreciation for your friends, fur babies, even for nature. The more generous you are with your affection, the more love will flow back to you. Plus, number 18 is a sign that you’re just about there – your relationship goals are nearly in the bag.


You’re so close to the finish line so keep it going! Enjoy this abundant time of your life.

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pinnable angel number 18 message

XO,  Andrea

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