Angel Number 21: Your Next Phase Is Unfolding

What does angel number 21 represent? It means your angels are hustling and bustling behind the scenes to deliver you the best outcome possible.

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Angel Number 21 Meaning

Angel number 21 means you’re making good decisions. This is a deeply spiritual number and it often has to do with an existing situation in your life, that has a new chapter unfolding. So whatever comes to mind, know there is absolutely no need to second-guess yourself. When your angels send you number 21, it’s asking you to trust that any conflicts that arise on your paths are intended to give you a crystal clear vision for your desires. Cherish your roadblocks and challenges because they are leading you toward your happy outcome!

Sometimes what you think you want isn’t nearly as good as what your your angels have in store for you. So relax, have faith, and rest assured this situation is top priority for your spirit team. 

Angel Number 21 in Love

In love, angel number 21 marks beginning of an important new phase. Your angels are helping you move through any conflicts or concerns you have at this time, so stay optimistic and go with the flow. This would be a great time to practice love affirmations because the more you reach for positive words emotions, the better results you’ll attract.


Give yourself permission to tweak your vision as you gain more experience and knowledge. Your spirit team has your back!

XO,  Andrea

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