Angel Number 838: Confidence Is Key To More Abundance

If you checked the clock at 8:38 or noticed this number somewhere during your day, your angels have an empowering message for you. See the meaning of angel number 838 below!

Angel Number 838

Is there a situation that’s challenging your confidence, especially when it comes to financial success? Angel number 838 is a loud and proud reminder that you are perfectly capable of great things. In fact, 838 is a sign that financial assistance is on the way.

So if you have any concerns about money, your spirit team is setting your mind at ease by sending you this number. 

Angel Number 838 Meaning

So exactly what does 838 mean? It’s a positive message that comes with bit of advice.

Abundance is ready to show up in your life, but outdated beliefs about your ability to accumulate wealth can block it. So, now is the time to retire old thought patterns about money, so you can redefine your relationship with abundance. 

Take a moment now to examine your beliefs about your desire. What is it that you want at this point in your life? Do you believe you’re worthy and capable of steering your life toward these upgrades, or does it seem like an unrealistic dream?

Your angels are sending you the number 838 to let you know they’re helping you reframe your belief system so you can attract more abundance into your life.

Angel number 838 infuses you with confidence, personal power, and most of all, worthiness. So if you’ve picked up the belief that asking for more is somehow an expression of greed, it’s time to let that go. Those types of beliefs only hurt you and nothing could be further from true!

Through number 838, your spirit team reminds you that when you have more prosperity, you are better positioned to inspire and uplift others. You are supposed to be able to create whatever it is you desire! This is your sacred right, and it’s nothing to shy away from. It’s time to embrace your worthiness so you can receive.

pinnable angel number 838message

838 Numerology

As you may already know, number 8 represents infinity.

In the case of angel number 838, this is referring to your limitless ability to create more abundance in your life. It appears twice in this angel number, which is a very strong indicator that you should be setting your sights higher, because a great deal of abundance is ready to show up for you, if you’ll allow it.

You can read the full meaning of number 8 here: Angel Number 8: You Have Infinite Possibilities

In addition, number 3 is a direct call to boost your feelings of self worth. Confidence, decision-making skills, and your sense of personal power live in your solar plexus chakra. So if you’re seeing 838, it means you have an opportunity to do some self-healing in this area.

Let’s start with a reminder that you are amazing! You deserve a life filled with positive experiences, especially in regard to material comforts. So know that as you work on boosting your 3rd chakra, you will begin to attract more abundance into every area of your life.

In other words, your sense of personal power and confidence is directly tied to how much abundance you can manifest. So if you’re open to working on your beliefs about your own worthiness, these resources will help:

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838 Twin Flame Meaning

In love, angel number 838 invites you to focus on your self-respect by retiring any negative self-talk or beliefs that you are unworthy of love. Do you believe you deserve a fulfilling, faithful, and happy partnership? Your spirit team agrees that you most certainly do!

But unhealthy thoughts that you may have picked up from past relationships need to be release before you can manifest it. The more you embrace your personal power, the more easily you will attract a healthy relationship.

Number 838 is often a sign that you’re close to attracting a strong and meaningful connection with someone special.

When you feel an instant connection with someone, it’s often referred to as your twin flame. Don’t get too hung up on trying to chase down this person. When you focus on your own worthiness and ability to manifest your desires, they’ll show up in perfect timing.

This is especially important because law of attraction is going to bring you people who are a vibrational match to you. In other words, the people you attract into your life are a reflection of your beliefs about yourself.

So, as you nurture your self worth and practice confidence, you’ll begin to attract people who treat you with respect and appreciation.

As I mentioned above, this is a great time to focus on claiming your personal power with solar plexus affirmations. When you feel strong and empowered, you’ll cross paths with people who appreciate your healthy sense of self.

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What a powerful message for you. All you need to do to open the floodgates of abundance is believe that you’re worthy!

The universe will show up with unexpected gifts as soon as you upgrade your opinion about what you deserve.

XO,  Andrea

Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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Self-care starts here!

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