Angel Number 868: Sky’s The Limit So Dream Big

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Do you seem to be noticing the number 868 lately?  If this number caught your eye and you felt guided you to search for its meaning, you have an incoming message from your spirit team! Learn the meaning of angel number 868 below. 

Angel Number 868 Meaning

Angel number 868 holds an encouraging message related to whatever topic is important to you at this time: fine-tune your mental focus because the more positive attention you give to your desire, the faster it will flow into your life. 

On its own, number 8 represents infinite possibility. Many associate it with karma, but a more accurate way to think of this number is through the lens of law of attraction. In other words, whatever you truly expect regarding your situation will drive its outcome. Your angels see an opportunity for you to use this to your advantage – your imagination is limitless! So know that if you can dream it, you can do it. Since the number eight occurs twice in this angel number, this is the backbone of the message coming through for you.

In addition, number 6 represents your material needs and financial situation. So when we marry these two numbers together, it’s a soothing reminder to worry less about how things will  unfold, and focus more on enjoying the ride. The universe will provide you with exactly what you need need at just the right time as long as you focus on eagerness and excitement as opposed to worry and doubt.

Take this time to examine how you’re feeling about your desires. Do believe that your dreams can come true or are you in a pattern of complaining about not having enough time, money, or resources to make things happen? 

Now more than ever, it’s important to find a way to feel content about where you right now, at this point in your journey. When you do this, it will get the energy of your situation ‘unstuck’, and allow everything you need to find its way to you.  

Angel Number 868 in Love

Angel number 868 holds a very similar message for romance. If you feel like your love life has been lacking in some sense, here is your message to shift your perspective.

Do something that fills your heart with joy, and surround yourself with people you love even if it isn’t romantic love. When you begin to notice the different ways love shows up in your life. you plant a seedling for new love to grow.  


Gratitude acts as a magnet for all the things you deserve and desire. So trust that you deserve success, and as long as you expect the best, the universe will deliver everything you need. Dream big and expect miracles!

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XO,  Andrea

Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea is a certified Aromatherapy and Reiki Master in Central NY. She’s been featured in publications such as Energy Magazine and Forbes.

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