What is a Chakra?

What is a Chakra?

A chakra is an area of concentrated energy located in your subtle body. The word “chakra” is from the ancient Hindu language of Sanskrit and translates to “wheel”. 

There are seven main chakras that make up your chakra system, which run the length of your energetic body. Each chakra is represented by a different color, and together they form the colors of your aura, or energy field. Here’s an illustration to give you a visual:

Labelled illustration of chakra system
Your chakra system makes up the colors of your aura.

Chakra Color Quiz

Each chakra relates to a specific set of emotions and area of your physical body. You can tell which of your chakras need healing simply by the way that you feel. Try this quick intuitive exercise. 

Ask yourself: which color does my body need in this moment? 

Check the chakra meanings below to see what your color represents. If you got a color that’s not listed, leave a comment and I’ll help you interpret your results.

Chakra Meanings

Each chakra relates to a specific set of emotions and area of your physical body.  

Every experience you’ve ever had has been recorded in one of these chakras! So its perfectly normal for them to need healing on a regular basis. When you heal your chakras, you bring these invisible wheels back into balance, so energy can flow through them freely. As a result, you can release emotions and trauma that no longer serve you.

Chart of the seven main chakras and their corresponding colors, emotional themes, and body areas

This chart will help you identify and connect with the seven primary energy centers within your body. You can bring balance and healing to your chakras with reiki, music, aromatherapy, affirmations, and color healing. By doing so, you’ll gain new insights into yourself that can help you transform all areas of your life.

A Closer Look at the Seven Chakras

Root Chakra - Red

The root, or Muladhara in Sanskrit, is the foundation of your energetic system. It’s all about your tribal connections, so this includes your family, religious community, and work life. All experiences that affect your sense of physical safety, survival, and loyalty live in this energy center. This chakra is a reflection of your sense of belonging in the world. When it’s in balance, you’ll feel grounded. You can find a complete root chakra assessment, symptoms of blockages, and healing methods in the Ultimate Guide To Your Root Chakra.

Sacral Chakra - Orange

The sacral, or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, focuses on your interpersonal relationships, passion, and sexuality. So any project, cause, or person that you’re passionate about will affect the energy of your sacral chakra. The balance of physical power comes into play in this energy center as well. Did you ever notice someone clasping their hands over their sacral area? That body language is a sign they’re feeling inadequate or less powerful than the person they’re interacting with. The sacral chakra deals with some powerful themes and can drain your energy significantly when it’s out of balance. Find out more in the Ultimate Guide To Your Sacral Chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow

Your solar plexus, or Manipura, represents your sense of personal power and worthiness. So, this energy center is a reflection of your relationship to self. Are you confident and assertive? How’s your self esteem? If you struggle in these areas, then you need solar plexus chakra healing.

Heart Chakra - Green, Pink

The Anahata is your love center. All matters of the heart, from romance and compassion to self-forgiveness and grief, affect this energy center. Are there heartaches that you need to heal from? Heart wounds can drain your energy and steal your joy. If you feel your heart chakra could use some attention, learn how to assess your blockages and heal them here. You deserve peace!

Throat Chakra - Blue

This is your communication center. The Vishuddha is special because it’s the halfway point within your energy system, where physical meets spiritual. It represents the assertion of your will, and ability to speak your truth. Are you comfortable expressing your authentic self? If you need a boost in this area, focus on throat chakra healing. As you may have noticed, the chakras build on each other, and the state of the solar plexus has a close relationship to the throat chakra, because it takes courage to be honest.  

Third Eye Chakra - Indigo

The 3rd eye, or Ajna, is your psychic center. So if you’re drawn to the inky blue indigo color that represents this chakra, you’re ready to expand your intuition. Tapping into your psychic gifts requires you to accept there’s more to life than what you experience with your 5 senses. A balanced third eye affords us the wisdom to recognize life’s lessons. It takes quite a bit of confidence to trust your guidance, so again, the balance of this energy center is affected by the lower chakras.

Crown Chakra - Violet, White

Finally, the Sahasrara is all about your spiritual connection. This energy center is a reflection of your faith in divine guidance and ability to feel connected to all life forms here on earth, and beyond. Benefits of an open crown chakra include clarity about your life purpose, and the ability to quiet your mind at will. If you have a tendency to overthink, read more about balancing your crown here.  

Science Behind The Chakras

Remeber Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc²?  It tells us that energy equals mass, times speed. So, if something has mass, it also has energy, and that includes you!

In basic terms, everything is energy. Some things vibrate at a slower speed, allowing us to experience them with our five senses, like our physical bodies, or the device you’re using to read these words. Other things vibrate at a higher frequency are therefore have less mass, like sound waves or electricity.

Now think of this concept within your own body. You have tangible systems like your circulatory and digestive systems, and you also have a high frequency, invisible energy system. Your chakras are the energetic layer of who you are, and they are very real.


Be proud of yourself for your interest in the chakras! This is a sign that you’re on your spiritual path. I strongly encourage you to read the ultimate guides for any of the chakras that caught your attention. That is your intuition at work, guiding you toward a healing opportunity.  Feel free to leave a a comment with your reflections, experiences, or questions.  I’m here to support you – sending love!

Read more about the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

XO,  Andrea

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