50 Powerful Journaling Prompts for Healing and Self Soothing

Writing can be a powerful tool when you’re in need of self-healing. Today I’m sharing my favorite journaling prompts for healing to nurture your mind, body, and spirit’s ability to self-repair. You deserve to thrive in all ways! These writing prompts will help you to grant yourself permission to heal and move forward.

What Are Journaling Prompts for Healing?

Journaling prompts are suggestions to help spark ideas on what to write in your personal journal. Healing journal prompts focus on exploring thoughts, feelings, and goals that support your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Some of the prompts I share below will be a mix of the following:

  • Questions for you to answer
  • Incomplete statements for you to complete
  • Suggested activities

Feel free to read through this list of healing writing prompts and work with one or two that feel right to you in this moment. Next time you visit this post, you may be drawn to a totally different prompt, and that’s just perfect.

50 journaling prompts for healing to find relief from pain and trauma

How Writing Prompts Can Help You Heal

Journaling prompts can help you to heal by gently guiding you toward topics that will allow you to process and release emotions that no longer serve you.

Every part of you is sacred, and that includes negative emotions and thoughts. After all, your shadow emotions point out what’s important to you, and allow you to appreciate the light in your life.

But you were never meant to dwell in negativity for the long term. Journaling about your feelings, experiences, and dreams for the future can help you to find the lessons in your challenges so you can heal and move forward.

The main goal of these healing journal prompts is to gently guide you up the emotional scale, so you can feel emotional relief. When this happens, even your physical body will begin to respond and self-heal.

Journal Prompts for Self-Healing

  1. Write about a time when you healed from a painful situation.What did you find the most comforting and effective in those moments?
  2. Make a list of names of the people (an animals) who make you feel the most loved, safe, and peaceful.
  3. List 3 activities that make you feel your best when you do them.  
  4. What are 3 things you love about your physical appearance?
  5. Consider your self-talk. Is it loving and kind or harsh and judgmental? Explore. 
  6. Ask your body what it wants you to know at this moment.
  7. If you’re in pain, ask the pain what it’s here to teach you. 
  8. What areas of your life need more balance? 
  9. Are you food and drink choices based in self-love? What opportunities do you have to make upgrades?
  10. List 3 things you’re grateful your body can do. 
  11. What are some ways you can make your physical body more comfortable as you move through the day? 
  12. Imagine yourself healed, whole, and thriving. Describe what it looks and feels like.
  13. Write yourself a letter to yourself with the words of comfort you need to hear.
  14. Ask your body what it needs in this moment, without overthinking. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?
  15. If you could go back in time and comfort a past version of yourself, where would you go and what would you say?
journaling prompt for healing: If you could go back in time and comfort a past version of yourself, where would you go and what would you say?

  1. How have you grown and changed as a result of this experience?
  2. How can you honor yourself as you move through the self-healing process?
  3. What resources/books/subject matter experts help you feel encouraged and hopeful?
  4. Consider your fears around the worst-case scenario. How likely are they to ever happen?
  5. Write about something good that happened today.
  6. Choose a positive healing affirmation and use it as a writing prompt.
  7. Write about any improvement you feel today, no matter how small.
  8. Describe a time when someone was kind to you and how it made you feel.
  9. What would you do with your day if you woke up healed tomorrow?
  10. Do the stories you tell affirm your pain or your wellness?
journaling prompt for healing: Do the stories you tell affirm your pain or your wellness?

Journal Prompts for Healing Trauma

  1. Choose a gratitude affirmation and write about what it means to you.
  2. Do you need to forgive yourself for anything? 
  3. How has this trauma made you stronger?
  4. In what ways are you proud of yourself in regard to this situation?
  5. Pick a Brene Brown shame quote and write about what comes to mind.
  6. How can you remind yourself that you are worthy of peace and healing?
  7. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, how can you self-soothe?
  8. Name 3 things you can do to bring more self-love into your life.
  9. Are you carrying anger? Write about how it’s affecting your ability to experience peace.
journal prompt for healing trauma: Are you carrying anger? Write about how it’s affecting your ability to experience peace.

  1. Do you feel unsafe in your world? Write about what triggers you to feel on edge.
  2. Consider how you might use this experience to uplift others someday.
  3. What coping mechanisms do you use when you’re feeling upset? 
  4. Do you feel any guilt or resistance toward healing? Explore without judgment.
  5. Write about someone you admire who’s overcome trauma.
  6. List 3 ways you can show up as your own self-nurturer.
  7. Try a cord cutting ritual if you feel the need to cut ties with a person or situation. Write about your experience.
  8. Write about your healthiest relationship.
  9. Are there any patterns, relationships, or habits you’re ready to release?
  10. When do you feel your best?
  11. What activities make you feel strong?
  12. Where does your trauma live in your physical body? How can you bring it healing and comfort?
  13. List 3 positive traits you developed as a result of your challenges.
  14. Are there any words of comfort your inner child needs to hear? Write them a love letter.
  15. Are there things you needed from a parent figure you didn’t receive as a child? How can you give those things to yourself?
  16. What are your dreams for the future? What emotions surface as you consider them?
journal prompt for healing trauma: What are your dreams for the future? What emotions surface as you consider them?

More Self-Healing Tools

Practice Mindfulness.

Staying in the present moment is a powerful way to relieve your hurting on all levels. As you bathe, prepare your meals, drive to work, etc, set intentions to keep your mind focused on what your body is doing. 

Engage your 5 senses to get fully immersed in the moment. What do you feel, hear, smell, taste, and see? It’s very difficult to be mindful and focus on suffering at the same time!

Mindfulness is an easy and helpful way to reduce stress and anxiety. These affirmations will get you started: 65 Mindfulness Affirmations to Be Present, Calm + Grounded

Meditate Daily.

There’s a famous saying that goes,

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Haruki Murakami

Suffering takes place 100% in your mind, and it makes pain so much worse.

In a way, this is wonderful news because you can learn to master your mind, allowing you to self-heal much faster, and making your pai much more manageable in the meantime. 

Every day, whether it’s first thing in the morning or just before falling to sleep, try focusing all your attention on white noise or on your breath (whichever’s easier).

When you notice your mind wandering (and it will – that’s totally ok), just come back to your focal point. 

Repeat this daily for a couple of weeks, just for 5 minutes or so. Then notice if your thoughts become easier to direct as you go about your day. 

Use Healing Oils.

I’ve been a certified Aromatherapist for many years, and essential oils are some of othe most powerful tools in my holistic healing toolbox. 

There is a powerful connection between your emotions and sense of smell. Essential oils can help you unlock the part of your brain that holds onto trauma.

This is a beautiful blend that ushers in deep emotional healing. It’s like a soothing balm for ragged nerves.

They also have oils you can use topically for physical pain for all sorts of issues. Their site is pretty good at matching you up with the right oils if you type an ailment into their search box.

Explore Holistic Healing Methods.

There are many ways to naturally bring yourself healing, I’ve tried just about all of them! I have my favorites and I’ve documented everything I’ve tried in the post to below. 

Self-healing can actually be a very soothing, even enjoyable process. Treat yourself to some of these holistic options and notice how they make you feel. Your mind and body will respond readily to your loving acts of self-care: 9 Natural Remedies for Healing Pain

If you try any of these, use the experience as a journaling prompt!

Practice Gratitude.

Appreciation makes you a magnet for a happy, healthy life. If you can retrain your brain to notice the good things in your day, that painful things become smaller and eventually fade away altogether.

You try these positive affirmations to get started with your gratitude practice: 115 Powerful Gratitude Affirmations to Feel Happy and Thankful


I hope these journaling prompts for healing bring you comfort and peace on your healing journey. Please share this post if you found it helpful, so others who need healing can find it, too. 💙

Sending you love!

XO, Andrea

To view a slideshow of the images in this post, visit the healing journal prompts web story.

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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