The Best of Taurus Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

If you were born under the Taurus zodiac sign, you’re a powerful and determined soul! Today we’re exploring Taurus strengths, spiritual gifts, and self-care tips to keep you in tip-top shape.

  • Birth Dates: April 20 – May 20

  • Symbol: The Bull

  • Birth Stone: Diamond (April), Emerald (May) 

  • Ruling Planet: Venus

  • Element: Earth

  • Chakra: Heart

  • Duality: Divine Feminine/Receptive

Taurus Strengths

The people in your world know they can always lean on you, dear Taurus. You’re a strong yet gentle soul and we love you for it! 

Just like the bull that represents the Taurus zodiac sign, you’re an incredibly hard worker with the ability to focus on a single task until it’s complete.

You shine in areas that require detailed or repetitive work because you can set your sights on the end goal and perservere until you’re satisfied with the results.

Failure is not an option for you, Taurus! When others give up or get bored, you double down. You’ve got a bit of a stubborn streak and it serves you quite well when you apply it to manifesting your desires.  

Taurus Spiritual Gifts: Dependability, Kindness, Strength

Taurus is a special sign because its people have a very soft and loving side, but they’re also incredibly tough when they need to be.

That’s how Taurus manages to align with the energy of the powerful bull, as well as the planet Venus, which is all about love and gentleness. Basically, you’re a lover and a fighter, depending on what the situation calls for.

In addition, you take your leisure time just as seriously as your work. Have you ever tried forcing a bull into action when he doesn’t want to be bothered? Good luck with that! True to form, you have no problem hanging up the ‘do not disturb’ sign whenever you feel called to rest, or be at home.

Others may take it the wrong way when you say no to social invitations, but that’s okay with you. When your body and mind crave solitude, you make it a priority to answer that call. Bravo to you for honoring your guidance in this way. 

Taurus Weaknesses

Taurus, you truly are a patient soul, but once you’re finally at the end of your fuse, watch out!

In other words, you have a bit of a temper, especially when someone pushes your buttons. But those ‘raging bull’ vibes need to be released sometimes, so who could blame you!

The Taurus zodiac sign aligns with the root chakra, which is all about feeling secure in your world.

So, you take the safety of your crew and material possessions quite seriously. This can be a beautiful quality, but make sure you don’t let it create too much worry or anxiety within you.

Your loved ones are safe, dear Taurus. It’s okay to grant them the breathing room they need to explore their world. Remind yourself daily that all is well. 

As we’ve said, you can really dig your heal in when you feel strongly about something. When you’re at your best, you use this quality as a tool for manifesting just about anything you set your mind to. 

But do remember to stay open to the perspectives of the people who love you. They need you to acknowledge where they’re coming from, even if you don’t see eye to eye. 

Drawing of Taurus Bull
Taurus zodiac symbol is the bull

Taurus Best Match

Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

First and foremost, Taurus is an Earth sign, which means you’re naturally grounded and practical. So, you easily connect with people who relate to your down-to-earth side.

You’ll find these qualities in other Earth signs like Capricorn and Virgo.

But as we know, you’ve also got that influence of Venus going on, which means you have a sensual, romantic side too.

For this reason, you may also enjoy the company of a Water sign, like Cancer, Pisces, or even Scorpio. Just like in nature, things come to life when earth and water combine.     

Regardless of sign, your ideal match is someone who’s level headed and still knows how to honor your artistic, romantic streak.

Being in love brings out all your best qualities, Taurus!  When you find a partner who fits your criteria, embrace them. 

Do you find yourself attracted to earth/water signs, Taurus? Leave a comment and share! 

How To Attract a Taurus

If you’re reading this because you have your sights set on Taurus, here’s a tip for you: don’t be afraid to make the first move! 

Tauruses will take their sweet time before they decide to get serious with someone, and their standards are high. Tauruses make excellent partners because they are loyal, protective, and reliable. They expect the same in return, and any sign of instability is a turnoff. 

Of course Taurus can enjoy casual relationships, but if they’re really considering a partnership with substance, they are going to keep you at arm’s length for awhile until you prove yourself. 

Slow and steady wins the race with Taurus, as they need time to decide that you’re a suitable mate before they allow you into their heart. But my goodness, it’ll be worth the wait! 

Taurus on Friends + Family

You are a true blue friend, Taurus. You love being around family, and are a natural with kids. You’re quite selective when choosing those for your inner circle.

So when someone makes the cut, they should feel honored! In fact, you’re likely to keep your besties from youth throughout the course of your life.

Once you you’re bonded up, others will enjoy the benefit of your company for the long haul. You also have a strong sense of duty, and will go out of your way to support the people you love. 

In case you don’t hear it enough, people really do appreciate you ‘showing up’ for them when they need you most, often without being asked. You make the world feel like a safer place for your tribe, and that is a beautiful gift.  

Taurus Career and Life Purpose

You know what you stand for, and you’re comfortable taking on responsibility as well as handling money. So, you’re bound for success with whatever career you choose.

Whether you develop your earthy side and work with your hands, numbers, or in public service, or find a path that taps into your artistic ability, you’re likely to tackle financial and career goals the way you do everything else: one step at a time over the long haul. 

Since you value structure, loyalty, and familiarity, you may find yourself with the same employer for many years at a time.

While your dependability makes you an excellent employee, you also make a strong leader, especially when you’re doing work that feels meaningful.

You’re probably already doing this, but consider setting up a schedule for retirement savings, or start exploring the stock market.  It’ll help you to feel more in control of your financial future.   

How have you put your spiritual gifts to work, Taurus? Leave a comment below and tell me what you do! 

Taurus’s Tarot Card

The Taurus zodiac sign is represented by the ‘Unity’ in Angel Tarot (my favorite tarot card deck by Radleigh Valentine). But you may recognize it as ‘The Hierophant’ from traditional tarot.

This is a card of duality, which speaks perfectly to your spiritual gift of being both strong and gentle. to the dual nature of Taurus.

The first meaning of the Unity card is all about doing things your own way and staying true to yourself – an area you excel in, Taurus.

But the other meaning of this card represents community. We all know how important your tribe is to you, Taurus. Be sure to make time for like-minded people who bring out the best in you!

unity tarot card
Here’s a picture of the Unity card from Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Deck. It honors your respect for tradition and deep connection with your tribe.

Archangel Connected to Taurus

Each zodiac sign is assigned an Archangel, and Taurus is under the loving guidance of Archangel Chamuel.  

Chamuel’s name translates to ‘he who sees God’ and his main vibe is peace and love, especially when it comes to relationships.

Since your tribe is so important to you, Chamuel fits right into your spirit team. He’ll foster harmony and understanding in your relationships by helping to keep your heart chakra open.

As a Taurus, maintaining healthy connections with the people who matter most plays an important role in your well being. Feel free to call on Archangel Chamuel whenever you want to usher more love into your life. 

Self-Care for Taurus

Healthy Habits for Taurus

  • Ground yourself daily – do some earthing or try this quick body scan meditation to balance your root chakra. It’s help you keep calm and settled throughout the day.
  • Stick to your routine – Some signs enjoy flying by the seat of their pants, but for you, uncertainty causes stress. Plan your days to create as much predictability as possible.  
  • Honor your creative side – Your creative gifts will help you relax! Whether you’re guided to create art, music, a delicious meal, or make your home beautiful, one of the best things you can do for your mental health is make time for the activities that bring you joy.
  • Connect with your tribe – Sometimes your hard working bull side can pull you away from connecting with your crew. Be sure to work them into your schedule!

Best Crystals for Taurus

  • Smoky Quartz neutralizes negative energy and soothes fear
  • Hematite helps you feel focused and stable
  • Rose Quartz opens your heart chakra and will help you connect to the ‘Venus’ energy of your sign
  • Turquoise eases anxiety and fosters healthy communication 
  • Lapis Lazuli helps with spiritual growth and creative expression 

Taurus Chakra Healing

Chakra balancing for you will focus on the heart chakra.  You are a gentle and loving soul and that means you deserve regular heart healing!

Taurus is aligned with the planet Venus, which is all about love and pleasure, so those you love play a very important role in your life. In order to keep those encounters healthy, work some heart chakra healing into your self-care routine. 

To learn more about heart chakra healing, read this next: The Best Guide To Healing Your Heart Chakra

Affirmation for Taurus

It is safe to be flexible. All is well.

Taurus affirmation: It is safe to be flexible. All is well.

Spiritual Leaders With Taurus Zodiac Sign


Taurus, you have a knack for bringing order to chaos. Whether you’re making tough business decisions, or rounding up your favorite people for a good meal, your strength, stability, and loving nature make you a powerful force.

Keep slinging your Taurus magic, because the world needs you! 

Did you learn something new about Taurus strengths and spiritual gifts? Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed my interpretation of the very special Taurus Zodiac Sign!

XO,  Andrea

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